“He who careth not from whence he came, careth little whither he goeth.” Daniel Webster

VOL. XXI, NO.14 MARCH, 1973

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THE SPARKS QUARTERLY, published by The Sparks Family Association.

Paul E. Sparks, President, 155 North Hite Avenue, Louisville, Kentucky (40206)
William P. Johnson, Historian-Genealogist, Box 1770, Raleigh, North Carolina (27602)
Russell E. Bidlack, Secretary-Treasurer & Editor, 1709 Cherokee Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan (48104)

The Sparks Family Association was founded in March, 1953, as a nonprofit organi- zation devoted to the assembling and preserving of genealogical and historical materials pertaining to the Sparks family in America. Membership in the Asso- ciation is open to all persons connected in any way with the Sparks family, whether by blood, marriage, or adoption, and to persons interested in genealogical research. Membership falls into three classes: Active, Contributing, and Sustaining.  Active membership dues are three dollars per year,  Contributing membership dues are four dollars per year,and Sustaining membership dues are any amount over four dollars which the member wishes to contribute for the support of the Association. All members receive THE SPARKS QUARTERLY as it is published in March, June, September, and December.  Back issues are kept in print and are available for seventy-five cents per issue. The first issue of the QUARTERLY was published in March, 1953. Three indexes have been published, the first covering the first five years of the QUARTERLY 1953 -1957, 1958 to 1962; and 1963 -1967. Each of these is available for $1.00. A complete file of all issues of the QUARTERLY (1953 -1972) with the three indexes may be purchased for $48.00.
The editor of the QUARTERLY from March 1953 to September 1954 was Dr. Paul E. Sparks; since September 1954 the editor has been Dr. Russell E. Bidlack, 1709 Cherokee Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan (48104). Back issues and applications for membership are available through Dr. Bidlack. The QUARTERLY is printed by off-set at the Edwards Letter Shop, 711 North University Ave., Ann Arbor, Michigan.


The original of the portrait that has been reproduced on the cover of this issiue of the QUARTERLY is owned by Mrs. Mary Ellen Reeves of Sacramento, California. It was taken in 1895. The elderly lady in black sitting in the middle row was Catherine (Sparks) Reed, daughter of Archibald and Sarah (Lewis) Sparks; she was born March 24, 1829 (she had one eye removed as a result of a city fire works accident in Camsville, Missouri). Seated on Catherine’s left was her brother, William Lewis Sparks, born February 10, 1827, a son of Archibald and Sarah (Lewis) Sparks. He was visiting his sister in Cainsville, Missouri, when this picture was taken. Everyone else in the picture was a member either of Catherine’s family or that of her half-sister, Martha Eliza (Dietz) Clegg, sitting next to William Lewis Sparks.

In the back row, from left to right, were Bert Reed, son of Catherine; Sadie Reed Chambers, daughter of Catherine; Dave Chambers, husband of Sadie; Matilda Reed Glives, daughter of Catherine; Albert Glives, husband of Matilda; Ellen (Cain) Clegg, wife of Richard M. Clegg, with infant son Lewis 0. Clegg who was born July 5, 1895; and Richard Marion Clegg, son of James and Martha Clegg and a grand son of Catherine’s half-sister, Martha Eliza (Dietz) Clegg.

In the second row was Ava Reed, wife of Bert Reed, holding their infant son Harvey, sitting on her left was Catherine (Sparks) Reed whose husband had been Alexander Harvey Reed; William Lewis Sparks; seated on the left of William Lewis Sparks was his half-sister, Martha Eliza (Dietz) Clegg; and seated at the end of the middle row, wearing a full beard, was James Allen Clegg, Martha’s husband.



THE FAMILY PORTRAIT ON THE COVER, identity of individuals continued:

The seven-year old boy sitting at the far ieft of the bottom row was Dean Olives, son of Matilda and Albert Olives; Alice Reed Wilson, daughter of Catherine (Sparks) Reed, had her arm around Jean; the eight-year-old girl with the lace collar was Lea Olives, daughter of Matilda and Albert Olives, born 1887, and the only member of the group who is still living; the lady in black sitting on Lea’s left was Mary Allen (Clegg) Brown, daughter of James and Martha Clegg; the boy sitting on the box at the far right of the picture was Joel Roy Brown, son of Mary Allen (Clegg) Brown.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

ARCHIBALD SPARKS (born ca. 1790, died ca. 1836)

With a List of His Children

In the QUARTERLY of December 1964  (Vol. XII, No. 11, Whole No. 48, p. 862) we published a query regarding Archibald Sparks, who was born about 1790 and died about 1836. Although we still do not know his parentage, Mrs. Mary Ellen Reeves of 2649 7th Ave., Sacramento, California (95818), has provided us with additional information as well as the family photograph appearing on the cover of this issue of the QUARTERLY in which two of Archibald ‘s children appear, William Lewis Sparks and Catherine (Sparks) Reed. Mrs. Reeves descends from Sarah (Lewis) Sparks, who was born April 23, 1806, and was Archibald’s second wife. After his death, Sarah married as her second husband, John Dietz II in 1838. Mrs. Reeves descends from a child of this union between Sarah and John Dietz.

Archibald Sparks was probably born in Virginia, but he was living in Woodford County, Kentucky, in 1814 when he was married to his first wife, Elizabeth Carter. The marriage bond is dated June 18, 1814. She was a daughter of John B. and Elizabeth (Mosby) Carter.   Archibald and Elizabeth (Carter) Sparks are known to have had three children:

1. Georgeann Sparks, born about 1815; married Allen Carter in Woodlord County, Kentucky, on January 9, 1838.
2. John Sparks, born about 1817.
3. Berry F. Sparks, born about 1819; married Sarah Simmons in Woodford County, Kentucky, on June 21, 1849.
Archibald’s name appears on the tax records of Woodford County, Kentucky, for the first time in 1815. It was recorded as “Arch’ Sparks” and he was taxed as a white male over 21; he was also taxed for one horse. His name appeared as “Archibald Sparks” on the tax lists of 1816 and 1817. The list for 1815 has been lost, but his name appears on the list for 1819. This was the last year he was taxed there; his name did not appear on the 1820 census of Woodford County.

While living in Woodford County, Archibald Sparks was a close neighbor of James Sparks, Martin Sparks, and Humphrey Sparks, Jr.  It seems probable that they were related to him. Martin Sparks and Humphrey Sparks, Jr., were sons of Humphrey and Milly (Nalle) Sparks. The elder Humphrey Sparks, who was born about 1749, was a son of Thomas and Mary (Towles) Sparks of Culpeper County, Virginia, (see the QUARTERLY of June 1956, Vol IV, No. 2, Whole No. 14, pp. 132-137, for a record of this family). The elder Humphrey Sparks and his wife Milly (whose parents were Martin and Isabel Nalle) moved from Virginia to Scott County, Kentucky, in 1795. (Scott and Woodford Counties adjoin, Scott having been cut off from Woodford in 1792.) Humphrey and Milly (Nalle) Sparks are known to have had daughters named Caty, Mareba, Fanny, Isabelle, and Milly in addition to their two sons, Martin


ARCHIBALD SPARKS (born ca. 1790, died ca. 1836), continued:

and Humphrey, Jr., and it is possible that Archibald could have been their son also.  Humphrey Sparks, Sr., had a brother named Thomas Sparks, born about 1755, who left Virginia prior to 1784 and probably settled in Kentucky. We have learned nothing about his family; it is quite possible that Archibald was a son of this Thomas Sparks.

Among the early Sparks marriage bonds recorded in Woodford County, Kentucky, in addition to that of Archibald Sparks, are the following:

Martin Sparks and Catty Middleton, October 3, 1801 (bondsman: Lewis Sullivan)

James Sparks and Rachel Petty, August 18, 1804 (bondsman: Jacob Wilson)

Madison Sparks and Fanny Sparks, February 12, 1818 (bondsman: Humphrey Sparks, father of Fanny)

(Madison Sparks, born Aug. 10, 1795, died Aug. 13, 1873, was a son of Henry and Lucy (Clark) Sparks; Fanny Sparks was his first cousin, i.e., his father, Henry Sparks, and Fanny’s father, Humphrey Sparks, were brothers.)

Archibald Sparks sold land in Fayette County, Kentucky, to William Metcalf on July 19, 1821. Fayette County adjoins both Woodford and Scott Counties.

Sometime prior to 1826, Elizabeth (Carter) Sparks, Archibald’s first wife, died. Archibald subsequently moved to Jefferson County, Kentucky. Apparently ha left his three children with Elizabeth’s parents in Woodford County; they were named in their Grandfather Carter’s will in 1834 and two of them are known to have married in Woodford County.

On April 7, 1826, Archibald Sparks was married in Clark County, Indiana, to his second wife, Sarah Lewis.   Jefferson County, Kentucky, and Clark County, Indiana, are directly across from each other, separated by the Ohio River. Sarah Lewis was born April 23, 1806, and died on November 5, 1873, in Monroe Township, Clark County, Indiana.

Archibald Sparks was living in Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky, when the 1830 census was taken. A near neighbor was a Nimrod Sparks who was aged between 30 and 40 with a wife between 20 and 30 and a boy under 5 years. Archibald Sparks is known to have been in Louisville also in 1832 when, on November 3, 1832, he served as a bondsman for George McCumber and Almyra Row. Sometime between 1832 and 1838, Archibald Sparks died. Mrs. Reeves remembers the story of his death, as told by older members of the family: “Archibald Sparks and a partner owned a flat boat and made trips to New Orleans carrying freight. Several other men of that time and area did likewise. Archibald failed to come back from one of these trips. His partner explained that Archibald died and that he had had to sell the boat to get funds to bury him in New Orleans.”

Mrs. Reeves is quite certain that Archibald Sparks had relatives in Clork County, Indiana, or in Louisville, Kentucky, for these relatives rallied around. Sarah (Lewis) Sparks when her husband failed to return and helped her to keep their children together. In 1838, Sarah married as her second husband, John Dietz II.  He had been married before, to Catherine McDonald.  Sarah. (Lewis) Sparks Dietz died on November 5, 1873, at the age of 67.

Mrs. Reeves recalls a family story about a George Sparks, probably a relabive of Archilbald’s, who went west with another man. As they were returning, they ran out of food and killed a calf. They were caught and prosecuted for this offense and were not heard from by the rest of the family for rnny years.


ARCHIBALD SPARKS (born ca. 1790, died ca. 1836), continued:

Archibald Sparks and his second wife, Sarah Lewis, had three children. Mrs. Reeves found the dates of their birth recorded in the family Bible of her grandfather, James Allen Clegg.

1. William Lewis Sparks was born in Clark County, Indiana, on February 10, 1827, and died in Liberty, Missouri, on January 30, 1914.  A son, John I. Sparks, stated in a letter that he wrote in 1938 that the family had moved from Kentucky to Missouri in 1852.

2. Catherine Davis Sparks, born March 24, 1829, in Clark County, Indiana, died January 18, 1901, in Cainsville, Harrison County, Missouri. She married Alexander Harvey Reed in Clark County. Their children were:

(1) Bert Reed, married Ava;
(2) Sadie Reed, married Dave Chambers;
(3) Matilda Martha Reed, married Albert Glives Glines; and
(4) Alice Reed, married - - - - - Wilson.
3. Thomas D. Sparks, born February 10, 1832.  When the 1850 census was taken, he was living with the family of Thomas Louis in Clark County, Indiana. Thomas Louis (which is an alternate spelling for Lewis and was probably written incorrectly by the census taker) was 36 years old in 1850. Living in the same household was Martha Louis (or Lewis) aged 73, born in Tennessee. She may well have been Sarah’s mother and the grandmother of the above Thomas D. Sparks. We have no other information regarding Thomas D. Sparks.

Scanner's note:  For additional information on this family and reference to the above corrections, see the Quarterly for September, 1978, Whole No. 103, page 2042.  Also see the Quarterly for June, 1980, Whole No. 110, page 2213, for a repeat of that information and some additional information.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *


In the QUARTERLY of December 1973 (Vol. 19, No. 4, Whole No. 76) pp. 1449-52, we published a sketch of Thomas Sparks, born about 1750-60, died before 1830, of Hardin County, Kentucky. In reviewing our very limited data on Thomas Sparks, we noted that the tax records of Hardin County indicated that he owned land on Knob Creek in that portion of the county that eventually was cut off to form LaRue County. We also noted that he lived near Thomas Lincoln, father of President Abraham Lincoln. We have recently noted a reference to Thomas Lincoln’s family in 1816 when they moved from Kentucky to Indiana. The author of this article, entitled “Lincoln Migration to Indiana” (Indiana Magazine of History, Vol. 33, 1973) noted that:

 “It is logical to believe that Thomas Lincoln, on his departure from. Knob Creek, would select the road to Elizabethtown that ran near his home as well as because it was the most direct route of travel. Such a road was located about three miles northeast from his farm, having been established in the year 1793 and kept in repair up to and after the year of the migration. Traditional evidence, concerning this road, relates that THOMAS SPARKS, an early settler in this community, was one of the first residents of the county to blaze a trail from Knob Creek to Elizabethtown, which eventually became a wagon road and was used by the pioneers in their travels to the county seat. The Lincoln Knob Creek Farm was located on the Nolin-Bardstown road, which was commonly called the Old Cumberland Trail from Louisville and Bardstown to Nashville. At the point where Knob Creek flows into the Rolling Fork of Salt River, the Springfield-Elizabethtown road crossed the Old Cumberland Trail, and at this junction the Lincoins left the ancient highway and traveled in a northwesterly direction to Elizabethtown. . ." (pp.396-7)



In the QUARTERLY of March 1966 (Vol. XIV, No.1, Whole No. 53) pp. 970-73, we published the text of the will of Thomas Sparks (1775-1866) of Clark County, Ohio, and gave information regarding his descendants based on census records and other sources. Since that time, we have obtained considerably more information regarding the family of Thomas Sparks from a great-great-granddaughter, Lillian Blair of Mackinaw, Illinois. Mrs. Blair owns the family Bible which belonged to Richard Sparks, son of Thomas. From the information provided by Mrs. Blair, we are now able to provide a much more detailed and accurate account of this family.

From research done of the Sparks family of Salem County, New Jersey, by the late Evelyn Cole Peters and Hazel B. Simpson, which Mrs. Simpson has recently shared with us, we believe that Thomas Sparks was a son of Richard and Ann (Sinnickson) Sparks of Lower Penns Neck, Salem County, New Jersey. Richard Sparks, father of Thomas, was born between 1741 and 1749. He died without leaving a will; administration of his estate was given to his widow, Ann, in 1800. It is believed that, in addition to Thomas Sparks (born January 4, 1775), Richard and Ann (Sinnickson) Sparks had:

(1) Sinnickson Sparks, born 1774, died April 2, 1850, married Mary - - - - -;
(2) Richard Sparks, born 1780, died 1859, married (1st) Lydia Fowler in 1803 and (2nd) Margaret Callahan, in 1844;
(3) Peter Sparks, born about 1780, died 1830, married Ann Casperson in 1803, and
(4) Rebecca Sparks, married Robert Walker in 1807.
According to the family Bible now owned by Mrs. Blair, Thomas Sparks was born in Salem County, New Jersey, on January 4, 1775. On June 4, 1801, he was married in Salem County to Abigail Shaw. Since their second son was named Ephraim Shaw Sparks we may conjecture that Abigail’s father was probably named Ephraim Shaw. According to the family Bible, she was born July 21, 1780. Between 1805 and 1809, Thomas Sparks moved to Greene County, Ohio; he was living in Sugar Creek Township when the 1820 census was taken. By 1850, he had moved to Clark County, Ohio, where he died in 1866. Thomas Sparks’s will was published on page 970 of the QUARTERLY as cited at the beginning of this article.

Thomas and Abigail (Shaw) Sparks were the parents of nine children; their births are recorded in the family Bible owned by Mrs. Blair:

1. Sarah Sparks, born March 22, 1802, died March 27, 1802, age 5 days.
2. Mary Sparks, born September 6, 1803, died September 20, 1804, age 1 year, 14 days.
3. Richard Sparks, born August 19, 1805. (See below)
4. Charlotte Sparks, born July 7, 1807, in Ohio. She was mentioned in her father’s will in 1861 as Charlotte Clark.
5. Ephraim Shaw Sparks, born April 27, 1809, in Ohio, died March 12, 1880, in Springfield, Ohio. He was married in Clark County, Ohio, to Mary Elwell on January 27, 1831. (See page 972 of the QUARTERLY for more information on this family.)
6. Ann Sparks, born February 18, 1811. She was married in Clark County, Ohio, on August 14, 1834, to Joseph Davidson.
7. Rebecca Sparks, born September 30, 1812, died August 16, 1867. She married Matthew Houston in Clark County, Ohio, on October 23, 1834. (See page 972 of the QUARTERLY for a list of their children.)
8. Robert Walker Sparks, born July 17, 1814. No further record.
9. David Sparks, born December 24, 1817. (See page 973 of the QUARTERLY for data on his three marriages and his children.)



By Lillian Blair

Richard Sparks, third child of Thomas and Abigail (Shaw) Sparks (see preceding page) was born on August 5, 1805, in Salem County, Hew Jersey. He was married to Lucy DeVore on March 13, 1828, in Ohio. It is not imown for sure just when he moved to Ohio, but Richard and Lucy came to Illinois in October 1854. Lucy DeVore (or Devore) was raised by the Shakers in a colony in Ohio. Her mother died when she was three years old and her father died when she was ten. Lucy had a brother named Jack and a sister named Mary. The girls ran away to marry.   Mary married a David Judy, I believe in Illinois. Lucy DeVore was born on May 17, 1808, and died on May 5, 1883. Richard Sparks died on April 13, 1884.

When Richard and Lucy came to Illinois, they settled on a farm about four miles south-east of Mackinaw. After his death, the farm was auctioned and the sale biII was printed on linen. It has been framed and is in the possession of a great-granddaughter, Lillian Blair, the author of this sketch.

Richard and Lucy (DeVore) Sparks were the parents of ten children:

1. John H. Sparks, born December 28, 1828.
2. Mary Judy Sparks, born March 14, 1830.
3. Robert Walker Sparks, born February 1, 1832.
4. Charlotte C. Sparks, born August 3, 1834.
5. Francis Marion Sparks, born August 25, 1837.
6. Lucy Jane Sparks, born November 16, 1839.
7. Thomas W. Sparks, born April 11, 1842.
8. Abigail Leatherine Sparks, born December 12, 1844.
9. Richard Sparks, Jr., born March 3, 1847.
10. Laura Catherine Sparks, born January 27, 1850.
1. John N. Sparks, son of Richard and Lucy (Devore) Spnrks, was born December 28, 1928, and died on April 24, 1829, age three months.
2. Mary Judy Sparks, daughter of Richard and Lucy (DeVore) Sparks, was born March 14, 1830. She married Felix Lindsey, a farmer; they lived in Wenona, Kansas. She died on February 15, 1901, at the age of 70 years, 11 months and 1 day. Their children were:
(1) Florence Lindsey; she married Will Marker.
(2) Eve Lindsey; she married Zach Davis.
(3) Charlie Lindsey.
(4) Lenna Lindsey; she married Ed Hazel and had a son Lyle.
3. Robert Walker Sparks, son of Richard and Lucy (Devore) Sparks, was born February 1, 1832, and died on March 27, 1905. He married Sarah Sargent. Their children were:
(1) Maggie Myrtle Sparks, born July 30, 1869, died September 14, 1873.
(2) Bertha Imogene, born August 11, 1872, died August 20, 1945. She married James Franklin Williams on December 17, 1902. He died on September 28, 1946. Their children were:
(a) Robert Wayne Williams, born Aug. 20, 1905, married Laura Dale Potter;
(b) Anna Lucille Williams, born Sept. 12, 1909, married Clarence (Larry) Maus;
(c) Lenore Isabel Williams, born Feb. 29, 1912;
(d) Lillian Margaret Williams, born Oct. 25, 1913; and
(e) an unnamed baby lived 3 days.




 Children of Robert Walker Sparks, continued:
(3) Robert Leslie Sparks, born July 6, 1875, died April 27, 1964. He married Pauline DeGraff on January 18, 1934. No children.
(4) Lelia Winifred Sparks, born September 15, 1878, died May 8, 1963. She married Charles Otis Bennett on June 5, 1902. He was born July 18, 1878, and died January 1, 1957. Their children were:
(a) Margaret Clair Bennett, born June 2, 1903; she married Otto Von Boeckman; he died Dec. 26, 1952. They had two children:
(1) Margaret Louise, born April 6, 1923, who married A. Agacucci and had children named Marcus and Cynthia; and
(2) Mary, born July 18, - - - -, died Sept. 26, 1966, who married Robert Genseal and had children named Robert Joseph and Suson.
(b) Arthur Jansen Bennett, born September 6, 1906. Not married.
(c) Charles Vernon Bennett, born October 19, 1908; he married Evelyn Schwarzentruber on Sept. 7, 1929. She died March 6, 1971. They had children named:
(1) David Norman Bennett, born Sept. 4, 1933, who married Patricia Windson and had a daughter Rhonda;
(2) Danny Lee Bennett, born Jan. 12, 1938, who married Shirley Weindel and had children named Donald Lee, Gary Lee, and Douglas Lee; and
(3) Roy Charles Bennett, born Oct. 10, 1942, who married Lois Dewey and had children named Natalie Sue and Julie Ann.
(d) Helen Louise Bennett, born Nov. 10, 1909; she married Roy Kilby; no children.
(e) Jack Miller Bennett, born March 6, 1912; he married Frances Bruce and had children named June Ellen and Carter.
(5) Gertrude Melinda Sparks, born October 3, 1880, died December 1, 1880.
(6) A baby whose name is not known, apparently died at birth.
4. Charlotte C. Sparks, daughter of Richard and Lucy (DeVore) Sparks, was born August 3, 1834, and died September 10, 1834, at age 1 year 1 month.

5. Francis Marion Sparks, son of Richard and Lucy (DeVore) Sparks, was born April 25, 1837, and died at Buffalo, Illinois, on August 11, 1903. He married Rebecca Jane Walker. Their children were:

(1) Lucy B. Sparks, born - - - -, died April 29, 1864 at age 1 year, 10 months and 2 days.
(2) Richard Sparks, born in 1866, no record of death.
(3) Charles Sparks, born in 1864 and died in 1939. He married Cora Penner (1879 -1953). They are both buried in the old section of Mackinaw Cemetery. (Nearby are the graves of Elmer H. Sparks (1886 -1938) and Lou Sparks (1895 -1953); these may be children of Charles and Cora Sparks, but I cannot state this as a fact.)
(4) Frank (Francis Marion) Sparks, married Grace Leyton. They had a son named Guy was was reared in the home of some people named Kinsey and carried their name.
(5) Lora or Laura or Lauradette Sparks, born 1868.
(6) Amos Sparks, born in 1873; lived in Mahomet, Illinois.
(7) Lewis Sparks, born in 1875.


6. Lucy Jane Sparks, daughter of Richard and Lucy (DeVore) Sparks, was born November 16, 1839, died January 15, 1918. She married Amos Stoner, a flour miller. Their children were:
(1) Lucy Ann Stoner, died at 7 months;
(2) Joseph Stoner;
(3) Richard Stoner;
(4) Del Stoner; and
(5) Buford Stoner.
7. Thomas W. Sparks, son of Richard and Lucy (DeVore) Sparks, was born on April 11, 1812, and died at Camp Crook, South Dakota, on June 28, 1895. He married Mary Adilade Parmele who was born May 7, 1818, and died May 23, - - - - -.  Their children were:
(1) Adah Alice Sparks, born Dec. 3, 1870, died Feb. 4, 1884, age 13 years and 2 months.
(2) Mabel Emily Sparks, born Feb. b, 1873 (she was called May).
(3) Horace Wabb Sparks, born August 4, 1875.
(4) Oral Seth Sparks, born Sept. 23, 1877, died Feb. 3, 1884, age 8 years 11 months.
(5) Lucy Merab Sparks, born June 4, 1879, died March 12, 1880, age 9 months.
(6) Richard Lucius Sparks, born March 16, 1881, died July 18, 1881, age 4 months.
(7) Julia Bell Sparks, born July 9, 1883, died March 11, 1885.
(8) Dellia Adilade Sparks, born July 9, 1883 (twin of Julia Bell) and died Feb. 18, 1884.
(9) Louis Thomas Sparks, born January 18, 1884.
(10) Addie Rosetta Sparks, born July 4, 1887, died December 4, 1888.
(The information on the children of Thomas and Adilade Sparks was taken from a letter that Adilade wrote to Richard Sparks, brother of Thomas. The letter was found in the family Bible. Only three of the ten children lived to become adults.)
8. Abigail Leatherine Sparks, daughter of Richard and Lucy (DeVore) Sparks, was born December 12, 1844, and died on January 14, 1873. She married Lewis Hittle. Their children were:
(1) Sophanna Blanche Hittle, born May 15, 1866, died January 14, 1921. She married Jesse Wilson who was born October 23, 1871, and died August 17, 1940. Their children:
(a) Walter  E. Wilson, born March 14, 1889, died April 10, 1948; he married, first, Jessie Caton and, second, Bertha Duran; and
(b) Orvetta Wilson, born May 26, 1891, died May 22, 1949; she married Charles Phipps who died Oct. 6, 1934; they had two children, Orvette Florine born May 20, 1913, and Walter Harold, born April 11, 1916.
(2) Orval Eugene Hittle, born January 11, 1870, died August 21, 1950. He married Ada Huff. Their children were
(a) Florence Annette Hittle, born Nov. 15, 1902, who married James Clark; and
(b) Franklin Robert Hittle, born Oct. 12, 1919, was killed on Sept. 16, 1944, during the Battle of the Bulge in World War II.
(3) Maude Pearl Hittle, born May It, 1873, died August 30, 1948. She married Benjamin F. Miller, who was born March 20, 1873. Their children were:
(a) Hazel Juanita Miller, born April 30, 1895; she married, first, Ernest Stent and, second, Ray Fluegal;
(b) Sophanna Marie Miller, born Aug. 9, 1899, married Charles Johnson; and
(c) Philip Teaford Miller, born Oct. 30, 1907, died Oct. 29, 1972; he married, first, Edith White and, second, Mrs. Helen Gorden.


Children of Abigail Leatherine Sparks and her husband, Lewis Hittle, continued:
(4) Roy Lee Hittle, born January 30, 1878, died October 15, 1918. He married Edna Davidson who was born June 9, 1878, and died November 25, 1963. Their children were
(a) Vernon Carlyle Hittle, born July 31, 1902; and
(b) Dorothy Lee Hittle, born October 14, 1918.
9. Richard Sparks, Jr., son of Richard and Lucy (DeVore) Sparks, was born in Greene County, Ohio, on March 3, 1847; he died on October 3, 1916. He married Cassandra Finks on September 10, 1873. She was the daughter of Robert Sanford and Lucy McQueen Finks and was born October 16, 1855. She died February 6, 1889. They had three children. Richard Sparks, Jr., then married Susan Wilson who was born April 17, 1857, and she died December 29, 1922. The children of Richard and Cassandra Sparks were:
(1) Claude G. Sparks, born January 9, 1875, died October 6, 1945. He married Ethel Puterbaugh, daughter of Hartzell and Puella Puterbaugh. They had one child, Dorothy Sparks, who was born Nov. 30, 1902 and died July 25, 1971. She married Francis Stillman. Both died the same day, just an hour apart, of heart attacks. No children.
(2) Sanford Hugh Sparks, born October 25, 1876, died April 2, 1938. He married Florence Broyhill on November 28, 1901. She was born May 30, 1880, and was a daughter of Charles and Frances Broyhill of Aflentown, Illinois. She died July 18, 1909, from burns suffered while singeing a chicken. They had the following children:
a. Lillian Cassandra Sparks, born Sept. 20, 1902; married William Bryan Blair on Nov. 29, 1924. He was born April 7, 1896, the son of David and Annie Blair. He died Nov. 29, 1957. They had eight children:
1. Florence Annette Blair, born Sept. 5, 1925; married James McFadin and had children named Michael James, born Jan. 31, 1958, and Linda Annette, born Oct. 31,1959.
2. William Bryan Blair, Jr., born Feb. 4, 1928. He married, first, Margaret (Peggy) Pollack Rapp who died Feb. 22, 1956; he then married Doris Hett, born April 16, 1927. By his first wife he had a son named William Bryan Blair III, born Jan. 22, 1954.  By his second wife he had David Scott Blair, born June 12, 1961, and Shelley Lynn Blair, born Dec. 10, 1966.
3. Dorothy Ellen Blair, born Dec. 25, 1929; married
 Cloyed Johnson. They had three children:
 Cassandra Sue Johnson, born Oct. 21, 1948;  John William Johnson, born Aug. 9, 1953; and  Lora Donelle Johnson, born Sept. 10, 1954.
4. Marilyn Louise Blair, born Nov. 17, 1931;married Walter E. King; no children.
5. Donald Robert Blair, born Sept. 10, 1933; married Mary Lee Garmers. They have four  children: Mark Douglas Blair, born Aug. 9, 1955; Jamine Kay Blair, born Sept. 3, 1956; Rebecca Lynn Blair, born Apr. 29, 1958; and
Jill Elaine Blair, born Feb. 15, 1962.


Children of Sanford Hugh Sparks’s daughter, Lillian Cassandra Sparks and her husband, William Bryan Blair, continued:
6. Richard Warren Blair, born April 25, 1937; married Maribel M. Meiner. They have two children: Joseph Warren Blair, born Dec. 8, 1965; and Pamela Jane Blair, born Apr. 19, 1968.
7. Judith Ann Blair, born Feb. 12, 1939; she married Carl Meiner. They had three children: Sheryl Leigh Meiner, born April 2, 1958; Randall David Meiner, born Feb. 9, 1960; and Peggy Sue Meiner, born April 7, 1961.
8. Ellis Wayne Blair, born July l4, 1941; married Delores Thames. They had two children: Bryan Shaun Blair, born June 23, 1966; and Christopher Alan Blair, born Nov. 2, 1969.
b. Inez Day Sparks, daughter of Sanford Hugh and Florence (Broyhill) Sparks, was born Oct. 30, 1904. She married James Stanley Towers who was born Nov. 19, 1903, and died Dec. 16, 1953. They had one son, James Hugh Towers, who was born April 5, 1938, and married Karen Parish; their children are Stanley Michael Towers, born Aug. 6, 1969, and Jennifer Ann Towers, born Feb. 28, 1971.
c. Robert Leonard Sparks, son of Sanford Hugh and Florence (Broyhifl) Sparks, was born Sept. 11, 1906, and died Nov. 28, 1969. He married Ruby Miller who was born Sept. 17, 1900. No children.

d. Bertrand Houston Sparks, son of Sanford Hugh and Florence (Broyhill) Sparks, was born Jan. 18, 1908. He married Doreen Futerbaugh who was born Nov. 25, 1909, daughter of Ralph and Stella Puterbaugh. They had one daughter, Carolyn, who was born Jan. 22,1914, and married Larry McCoy.

(3) Glenn Roecee Sparks, son of Richard Sparks, Jr., and his first wife, Cassandra Finks, was born Nov. 17, 1878, and died on Oct. 11, 1884, at the age of 5 years and 11 months, of diphtheria.
By his second wife, Susan Wilson, Richard Sparks, Jr., had two children:
(4) Benjamin Richard William Sparks, born April 3, 1882, and died February 16, 1943. He never married.

(5) Sallie Mary Lucy Sparks, born Oct. 23, 1883, and died May 30, 1966. She never married.

10. Laura Catherine Sparks, daughter of Richard and Lucy (DeVore) Sparks, was born January 27, 1850 and died in 1934. She married George Phillips who was killed in a train wreck. Their children were:
(1) Leota Phillips, married George Field.
(2) Georgia Phillips, married, first,- - - - -  Hess; second Chester Hamilton.
(3) Jessie Phillips, married John Barnard and had a daughter named Gertrude. She married, second, a man named Richards.



Mrs. R. E. Greene, 9201 211 Ave. East, Sumner, Washington (98390) is searching for information on JAMES MONROE SPARKS who was born in June 1833 in Kentucky. She does not know where in Kentucky he was born, nor the names of parents, brothers, or sisters. He was married in March 1856 to Sara A. McPhearson (or McPherson) who was born in Kentucky in December 1831. Nothing is known of her parentage.

James Monroe Sparks and his wife, Sara, settled in Hardin County, Illinois, sometime prior to 1860. He was postmaster in the small hamlet of Sparks Hill for a time.  In all probability, Sparks Hill was named for him. It is known that he either lived in or visited relatives in Peoria, Illinois, at one time. His wife, Sara A. McPhearson Sparks, died in 1874, perhaps in Illinois.

James Monroe Sparks married as his second wife, a widow named Melissa Jane Helm Jones. She had two small children by her previous husband when they were married. She is believed to have been born near Walpole, Illinois, in 1852. She had a brother named Russell Helm, but nothing is known of her parents. James Monroe Sparks eventually moved to Pittsburg, Kansas, date not known, where he died in
1906. His second wife, Melissa, died in Piggott, Arkansas, in 1897.

James Monroe Sparks and his first wife, Sara, were the parents of:

(1) Jenetti Sparks, born May 8, 1857, died October 10, 1857.
(2) John William Sparks, born June 25, 1859.
(3) Nancy Ellen Sparks, born December 18, 1860.
(4) Thomas J. Sparks, born August 14, 1862.
(5) Mary J. Sparks, born March 31, 1864.
(6) William Sherman Sparks, born January 28, 1867.
By his second wife, Melissa, James Monroe Sparks had the following children:
(7) Eliza May Sparks, born April 6, 1876, died March 17, 1897, in Kansas.
(8) James A. Sparks, born October 28, 1878.
(9) Bessie Lavina Sparks, born August 31, 1881, died August 1966, in Missouri.
(10) Charlie R. Sparks, born March 5, 1885, died March 3, 1950, in California.
(11) Lottie R. Sparks, born October 19, 1888, died July 10, 1889.
(12) Lucy Pearl Sparks, born July 9, 1890, in Arkansas.
(13) Elsie Fay Sparks, born August 13, 1893.
* * * * * * * * * * * * *


A volume published in 1968 by the University of Oklahoma Press entitled Penny-an-Acre Empire in the West, edited by Edgar I. Stewart, contains a letter written from Fort Buford, Dakota Territory, on September 6, 1874, by an army contractor named James Leighton. It was addressed to General W. B. Hazen. This letter contains the following interesting paragraph:  “I have been talking with Mr. Joseph Sparks, who has been employed by the contractors at this post and at Fort Stevenson for the past six years, and he says that, in an average season at Stevenson, they would generally get about 300 tons [of hay], and any amount above this they had to haul not less than twenty-five miles.”

Fort Buford was located where the town of Buford is now, on the western edge of what became North Dakota. Fort Stevenson was located 89 miles above Bismarck on the of the Missouri River. Who was this Joseph Sparks?



Mrs. Mae P. Hinton, 630 Linden Street, Chico, California (95926) has asked us to publish a query regarding her branch of the Sparks family.

Jemima Sparks, born August 20, 1806, in New York City, N.Y., was a daughter of Christopher and Abigail Sparks. She was married in New York City to George W. Bacon, who was born in Vermont on November 20, 1803. Their children were: Emma, Samuel, Saline, Sarah J., Cordelia, Fidelia, Mark, and one other daughter. Mrs. Hinton descends from the daughter Sarah J. Bacon. Jemima Sparks Bacon and her husband, George W. Bacon, and family moved to Green Lake County, Wisconsin, in 1851; in 1856 they moved to Marquette County, Wisconsin, where Sarah J. Bacon married John Murray Hinton (or Henton) on April 8, 1858. In 1863 they moved to Nashville Township, Martin County, Minnesota, where they both died.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

WILLIAM ASTOR SPARKS, born about 1873


Richard K. Sparks, 2020 West Paul Ave., Fesno, California (93705) has been a member of the Association for a number of years. He wrote recently that, as he has read the issues of THE SPARKS QUARTERLY as they have been published, he has kept hoping that one might contain a clue regarding his father, WILLIAM ASTOR SPARKS. He believes that his father was born either in New York or Connecticut about 1873. He attended New York University School of Architecture, possibly graduating sometime between 1895 and 1897. He studied in France, probably in Paris, following (or during) his work at New York University. William Astor Sparks was married about 1911 or 1912 to Mildred Cuthbert Hopkins; this marriage took place, probably, in New York or Connecticut. He worked as an architect in San Francisco prior to and/or during his marriage to Mildred Cuthbert Hopkins. He may have resided for a period of time in Los Angeles sometime around 1914 or 1915, followed by a separation from his wife. Beyond this point, all traces seem to vanish.

In requesting us to publish this query, Richard K. Sparks has noted: “We realize that these data are rather old and somewhat vague. They are derived from bits and pieces related by my mother, Mildred Cuthbert Hopkins Sparks, prior to her death. We would be most grateful for any suggestions you may have which might help to extend our knowledge beyond the items listed above. There are grandchildren and now, great-grandchildren, who need to know something more about their background. You may be certain that any assistance will be greatly appreciated.”

We hope that someone may, indeed, have a record of WILLIAM ASTOR SPARKS.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *


 On page 1487 of the June 1972 issue of the QUARTERLY, Vol. XX, No. 2, Whole No. 78, we published some biographical data on Thomas Marshall Sparks, son of Joseph and Isabella (Ellis) Sparks, who was born in Lewis County, Kentucky, and died in Scotland County, Missouri, Our President, Dr. Paul E. Sparks, recently found a genealogical work called the Searight Family by William Seawright published in 1893, and on page 72 of this work the wife of Thomas Marshall is identified as Elizabeth J. Searight, daughter of William and Mary (Knox) Searight; she was born December 2, 1848, and died March 22, 1912. They had one child, Mary Isabella Sparks, born November 10, 1881.



By Paul E. Sparks

In 1717, the English Parliament enacted a law which permitted the government to sentence persons convicted of certain crimes to serve that period of time in the American colonies. Records of a small portion of the total number of persons transported to America under this law have been edited by Marian and Jack Kaminkow and have been published by the Magna Carta Book Company, Baltimore, Maryland, The title of the book is Original List of Emigrants in Bondage from London to the American Colonies, 1719 -1744. The Kaminkows hope eventually to publish all known names of these transportees.

The Act of 1717 provided that a person could contract with the English government to transport certain law offenders to America for a fee which would be paid by the government. In addition, the contracting person would have a vested interest in the services of the transported person for a period of time ranging from seven to fourteen years. These services could be sold to a third party after reaching America.

The fee paid by the English government for transporting a person to America was originally set at three pounds, but eventually the fee was increased to five pounds. The fee remained at this figure until the law passed out of existence in 1773.

At the destination, an ordinary male person was sold for about ten pounds, while his female counterpart brought slightly less. A skilled worker, such as a carpenter or a blacksmith, might bring as much as fifteen to twenty-five pounds.

The offenses for which these unfortunate persons were banished from their native land ranged from trivial misdemeanors, such as cutting down a tree on an avenue,  to a major crime, such as murder. The list totaled at least 150 different crimes.

The voyage to America was generally a miserable one for the transportees. Inadequate food, clothing and ventilation, coupled with the cruelty of the overseers, caused many to perish on the long journey. An interesting sidelight of the voyage is that some offenders could arrange to pay the ship’s owner for their passages and thus have a cabin to themselves.  In addition, these persons were free to pursue their own fortunes after landing. These people were the exception, however, and not the rule.

One-third of the transportees were women. In some instances, an entire family was involved. The list of banished persons obviously contains a large number of aliases and nicknames.

After the transportee had served his or her period of service, he or she was given a suit of clothes, the necessities of life for a year, and seeds and tools. Many of them became farmers and planters in their own accounts. Many became useful citizens of a new society.

Five persons named Sparks were transported to America under this law during the period 1719 -1744. Three of these came from Newgate which was the jail for London and Middlesex. Records of the five are as follows:



ALICE SPARKES. From: Surrey. To: Maryland. Name of Ship: Alexander.
Name of Captain: John King. Number of Persons: 14.
Date Received on Board: 4 July, 1723,
Public Records Office Number T53/30, Page 340.
JOHN SPARKES From: Newgate. To: Maryland. Name of Ship: Forward, Firgate.
Name of Captain: Dan Russell. Number of Persons: 97.
Date Received on Board: 10 Oct. 1721.
Public Records Office Number P53/31, page 376.
MARGARET SPARKES. From: Newgate. To: Maryland. Name of Ship: Patapscoe.
Name of Captain: Darby Lax. Number of Persons: 53.
Date Received on Board :18 April 1734
Public Records Office Number T53/37, page 304.
WILLIAM SPARKES From: Newgate. To: Maryland or Virginia. Name of Ship: Forward.
Name of Captain: John Magier. Number of Persons: 120.
Date Received on Board: 2 June 1738.
Public Records Office Number T53/39, page 248.
WILLIAM SPARKES. From: Surrey. To Maryland or Virginia. Name of Ship: Essex.
Name of Captain: Ambrose Cock, Number of Persons: 20
Date Received on Board: 4 June, 1710.
Public Records Office Number T53/40, page 205.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *


Ellen Brozska of 402 W. Nob Hill Blvd., Yakima, Washington (98902) has written to inquire about a POLLY SPARKS whose death on June 23, 1816, is recorded in the family Bible that once belonged to Levi Cline. (We may assume that “Polly” was a nickname for Mary.) Levi Cline, who married Elizabeth McClaskey (born 1799) in 1816 in Shelby County, Kentucky, was living in Jefferson County, Kentucky, in 1810; about 1816 the family moved to Jefferson County, Indiana. Also recorded in this family Bible is the death on October it, 1816, of Martha Cline, whose maiden name was McClaskey and whom Mrs. Brozska believes to have been the first wife of Aaron Cline; they had been married in 1813. Another entry in the Bible records the death of Martha McClaskey who died at the age of 72 on March 27, 1827. Still another entry records the death of Nancy Ventioner on March 23, 1834.

Because of these several McClaskey records in the Bible, it seems probable that the Polly Sparks who died on June 23, 1816, was the Mary McClaskey whose bond to marry Henry Sparks was recorded on January 15, 1807, in Gallatin County, Kentucky. This is the only Sparks marriage bond recorded in Gallatin County, and we have not succeeded in identifying this Henry Sparks. Gallatin County was formed in 1798 from Franklin and Shelby Counties. It is not far from Jefferson County, Kentucky, nor from Jefferson County, Indiana, where Levi Cline lived. It seems highly likely that Mary (Polly) McClaskey who married Henry Sparks was a sister of Elizabeth McClaskey who married Levi Cline in 1816 and of the Martha McClaskey who married Aaron Cline in 1813 and died in 1816. Perhaps Nancy Ventioner who died in 1834 was still another sister. Does anyone have knowledge of this family?



By Paul E. Sparks

(Editor’s note: In the March 1963 issue of the QUARTERLY, Vol. XI, No. 1, Whole No.41) beginning on page 719, appeared Paul E. Sparks’s article on early records of Sparks marriages in Kentucky. In that and successive issues, Dr. Sparks presented Sparks marriage records from some forty Kentucky counties as he had found them recorded in a variety of sources. Following are some additions to this collection.)


Copied by Paul E. Sparks

(Note: these are in addition to those recorded on page 720 of the QUARTERLY, March 1963, Whole No. 41.)

J. Sparks and S. Dooley, 1854 (Book 2)
Josiah Sparks and Mahinda Shirley, December 25, 1856. His age 31, her age 31. (Book 4, page 129)
Greenup Sparks and Mary A. England, December lit, 1865. (Book 2)
Ann Sparks and Meredith Roach. (Book 2)
C. W. Sparks and Nancy Royse, October 5, 1865. (Book 2)
Cyntha Sparks and Sidney B. Richard. (Book 2)
Biddy Ann Sparks and Franklin McKinney. (Book 2)
Margaret Sparks and James Romines. (Book 3, page 174)
Liza Jane Sparks and William Cumpton. (Book 3, page 198)
Ernehine Sparks and Samuel L. Moore. (Book 2, page 6)
Harriet Sparks and Isaac Henegar. (Book 3, page 214)
Emeline Sparks and James L. Moore. (Book 4, page 5)
Pohhy A. Sparks and Adison Henegar. (Book 4, page 77)


Copied by Paul E. Sparks

Elizabeth Sparks to Jeptha Preston Cox, July 21, 1835. (Book A, page 78) License issued by order of S. B. Petty, present guardian of said Elizabeth Sparks; Cox and Petty make bond of 50 pounds on 13 July 1835. Married by Jas. H. Walker on July 21, 1835. License returned on July 22 and filed by J. H. Walker, Clerk.

Mary Katharine Sparks to John Wilson, November 3, 1836. (Book A, page 107) License issued on the written certificate of Mary Katharine Sparks giving her consent which was proven by the oaths of Jepthah P. Cox and James Sparks. License issued November 2, 1836. Married by James H. Walker. Return filed with James H. Walker, Clerk.


Copied from Microfilm by Paul E. Sparks

Thomas Sparks and Nancy Horshey, April 22, 1813. (Book A, page 15)
Louisa Sparks and William Todd, May 14, 1836. (Book B, page 9)
Washington C. Sparks and Sarah Songer, May 24, 1836. (Book B, page 9)
Reuben Sparks and Rosanna Worrell, December 19, 1836. (Book B, page 13)
Mary Sparks and Abraham Swing, April 10, 1839. (Book B, page 29)
Lucy C. Sparks and Franklin Trester, January 7, 1841. (Book B, page 40)
Dehihia Sparks and Charles Tuttle, June 8, 1850. (Book C, page 309)




Copied by Paul E. Sparks

Henry Sparks and Elizabeth Rouse, September 26, 1861. (Book 1a, page (124)
He single, age 23, born Lawrence County, Ky., father born in North Carolina. She single, age
 23, born Greenup County, Ky., permission proved by Sam’l. Rouse. W. W. Craft, bondsman.

John Sparks and Nancy Jane Jackson, Jane 5, 1870. (Book 3a, page (420)
He single, age 23, born Johnson County, Ky., father born in North Carolina. She single, age 
27, born Russell County, Virginia, father born in Virginia.

John W. Sparks and Ehiza Musser, January 29, 1874. (Book 4a, page 502)
He widower, age 29, born Chestchester County, New York (? was this intended to be 
Westchester ?), father born in France. She single, age 18, born in Smith County, Virginia.

Lulie Bell Sparks and Obe Dixon, July 8, 1899. (Book 16a, page 567)
She single, age 16, born Mason County, Ky., father born in Ky.  He single, age 25, born in 
Boyd Co., Ky.

Fernando Sparks and Annie Horn, March 22, 1900. (Book 17a, page 136)
He single, age 21, born Johnson County, Ky. She single, age 19, born in Scioto County, 
Ohio. Nathan Sparks, witness.

Ahhie Sparks and Robert Hood, September 19, 1900. (Book 18a, page 41)
She single, age 23, born Elliott County, Ky.; father, G. W. Sparks, born in Ky.; mother, Lula 
Sparks, born in Kentucky. He single, age 26, born in Fairfax County, Va.; father, J. J. Hood,
born in Virginia; mother, Mary A. Hood, born in Virginia.

 E. W, Sparks and Mary L. Miller, 1905. (Book 23a, page 493)
He single, age 27, born in Elliott County, -Kentucky; father, G. W. Sparks, born in Kentucky;
mother, Louisa J. Creech, born in Kentucky. She, single, age 15, born in Lawrence County,
Ky.; father, William Miller, born in Kentucky; mother, Alley Cambell, born in Kentucky.
Witness, Rettie Sparks.


Copied by Paul E. Sparks

(Note: these are in addition to those recorded on page 721 of the QUARTERLY, March 1963, Whole No. 41.)

Orson Sparks and Peggy Burdett, September 3, 1811. Married by Simeon Hall. (Book 1, page 15)

Walter Sparks and Nancy King, January 5, 1820. (Book 1, page 44)

William Sparks and Lucy E. Peirce, February 21, 1855. She a daughter of John Peirce. Married by P. B. Samuel, minister, Baptist Church. (Book 1, page 133)

James Sparks and Sarah C. Davis, August 26, 1880. His age 26, born Spencer County, Kentucky, second marriage. Her age 16, born Jefferson County, Kentucky, first marriage. (Book 5, page 112)

James Sparks and Juliet Gentry, April 5, 1886. His age 32, widower, born in Spencer County, Ky. Her age 33, single, born in Bullitt County, Ky. (Book 5, page 34)




(Note: the following Sparks marriage records have been taken from Kentucky Pioneers and Their Descendants, published by the Kentucky Society Daughters of Colonial Wars, 1941-1950. The Caldwell County, Kentucky, courthouse burned in 1864, but all the records were saved.)

Jane Sparks and Sherwood Savage, January 23, 1828. Married by Isaac Grubbs, J.P. (Page 293)

Mary Ann Sparks and William Erwin, January 3, 1833. Married by Coleman Radcliff. (Page 300)


Copied by Myrtice C. Kraft, 1961

Patsey Sparks and William Rice, December 7, 1815. Bond, Richard Wells. (page 13)

Betsey Sparks and Frederick Imhoff, November 2, 1816. (page 14)

James Sparks and Betsey Wells, May 30, 1819. Bond, Richard Wells. (page 20)


Copied by Paul E. Sparks

(Note: these are in addition to those recorded on pages 721-722 of the QUARTERLY for March 1963, Whole. No. 141.)

Rebecca Sparks and John Burchfiehd, March 15, 1855. (Book B, page 27)

Solomon Sparks and Miss Helen Jane Burchfiehd, 1856. (Book B, page 37)

David Sparks and Dova E. Hamilton, January 14, 1885. (Book 2, page 242) His age 21, born Lewis County, Ky. Her age 16, born Carter County, Ky.

Lucy Sparks and Squire Bryant, January 14, 1886. (Book 2, page 284) Her age 35, born Johnson County, Ky. His age 60, born in Alabama.

W. N. Sparks and Martha S. Binion, February 27, 1902. (Book 9, page 422) His age 24, born Elliott County, Ky. Her age 21, born Elliott County, Ky. They were married by Frank Sparks.

Joel W. Sparks and Dora Bear, February 9, 1903. (Book 10, page 191) His age 20; father, J. E. Sparks; mother, Elizabeth Boggs. Her age 18; mother, Rebecca Bear.  Witness: Millard Sparks.

Frank Sparks and Sydnia Collins, June 11, 1903. (Book 10, page 327) His age 28, born Elliot County, Ky.; father, L. C. Sparks; mother, Mervy Jane Binion. Her age 20, born Greenup County, Ky.; father, Frank Collins; mother, Louisa Swaim.

Lanta Sparks and William Hicks, January 1, 1904. (Book 11, page 51) Her age 23, born Pactolus, Ky.; father, J. J. Sparks; mother, Alice Curry. His age 26.

Rebecca Sparks and William Roe, June 27, 1907. (Book 12, page 51) Her age 21, born Elliott County, Ky.; father, Booner Sparks; mother, Ella Sparks.

H. T. Sparks and Sarah Green, February 6, 1908. (Book 12, page 175) His age 23, father, W. H. Sparks; mother, Rachel S. Sparks. Her age 20; father, S. L. Green; mother, Ellen Green.

Robert Sparks and Josephine Salyers, May 30, 1908. (Book 12, page 241) His age 23; father, William Sparks; born Lawrence County, Ky.; mother, Leon Rose. Her age 22.

Green Sparks and Fannie Dickson, October 9, 1905. (Book 12, page 187) His age 24; father, Andy Sparks; born Johnson County, Ky.; mother, Bethena Adkins. Her age 21.




Thomas Sparks and Litha Knipp, June 8, 1907. (Book 13, page 445) His age 22; father, J. Sparks; mother, Eliza Roe. Her age 15.

Lillie Belle Sparks and Leonard Elam, January 24, 1907. (Book 13, page 307) Her age 17; father, A. J. Sparks; mother, Eliza Roe. His age 22.

Ora S. Sparks and John Gilbert, August 1, 1909. (Book 14, page 52)

Sarah E. Sparks and N. J. Smith, May 21, 1909. (Book 14, page 283)

W. S. Sparks and Mary Salyer, July 8, h909. (Book 14, page 49)

Thomas Sparks and Lillie Emma Fults, August 30, 1909. (Book 14, page 65)

George Sparks and Maudie Isom, December 16, 1909. (Book 14, page 150)

Everett Sparks and Hattie Haywood, July 30, 1910. (Book 14, page 335)

Pearley Sparks and John James, November 5, 1910. (Book14, page 405)


(Note: the following bond, copied by Paul E. Sparks, is in addition to those recorded on page 746 of the June 1963 issue of the QUARTERLY, Whole No. 42.)

Thomas Sparks and Dosha Thomas, September 16, 1812. (Book B, page 52)
   [Scanner's note:  Item added to page 746]


(Note: the following bond, copied by Paul E. Sparks, is in addition to those recorded on page 761 of the September 1963 issue of the QUARTERLY, Whole No. 43.)

Cyntha Sparks and Thomas Newcomb, November 14, 1838. (Book A, page 99)
   [Scanner's note:  Items added to page 761]

(Note: the following bonds, copied by Paul E. Sparks from records in the Louisville Public Library, are in addition to those recorded on page 762 of the September 1963 issue of the QUARTERLY, Whole No. it3.)

Elizabeth Sparks and Leonard Smither, January 8, 1800.
Mary Sparks and Joshua Wilhoit, April 2, 1806. Her father, Henry Sparks.
William Sparks and Kitty Peel, December 6, 1813.
   [Scanner's note:  Items added to page 762]


From copies in the Louisville Public Library

William Sparks and Elizabeth Cochran. Bond dated July 19, 1825, William Sparks and William
 England. Consent, July 19, 1825, by Thomas Cochran, father. Witnesses: James Lawrence
and William England. Consent, July 15, 1825, by Matthew Sparks, father. Witness: William 

William Speaks (sic) and Maria Eads. Bond dated November 19, 1836, William Sparks and
Charles Eads. Consent, Robert C. Eades, father. Witness, Charhes Eads.


(Note: the following bond was copied by Paul E. Sparks from a record in the Filson Club; the Harlan County courthouse burned in 1864, but some records saved.)

Julia Sparks and Barret Arnette, February 10, 1840, Married by Elijah Green, pchr.




Copied by Paul E. Sparks

James B. Sparks to Harriet J. Johnson, August 16, 1855, Bondsman, Dr. Granville W. Rose,
(No book; license filed in a box.)

 Mary Catherine Sparks to John L. Conan, June 17, 1862, Bondsman, Richard Scott.
Oath of Mary Catherine Sparks that she was 21 years of age and upward. (No book;
filed in box.)


Copied by Paul E. Sparks

George T. Sparks, and Ida F. Stapleton, October 11,1889.

James Sparks and Laura B. Green, April 7, 1892.

(Note: The Rowan County, Ky., courthouse burned in 1864; the building burned again in 1880 and all records were destroyed.)


(Note: the following bonds were copied from Eurie P. W. Neel’s History of Trigg County, published in 1961, page 17. See also the marriage bonds from Christian County, Ky., as recorded on page 722 of the QUARTERLY, March 1963, Whole No. 141.  The Trigg County courthouse burned in 1864 but all records were saved.)

Alsey Sparks and James Bourhand, May 6, 1820.
Zeriah Sparks and Jacob Morris, December 24, 1812.
Sally Sparks and Martin Savage, May 28, 1818.
Susan Sparks and Richard Savage, May 28, 1818.
Mary Jane Sparks and Edward Griggs, March 9, 1876.


Copied by Paul E. Sparks from Records in the Louisville Public Library

Nancy A. Sparks and William W. Magnaw, February 11, 1862. (Book 1)
William Sparks and L. J. Grayson, January 22, 1869. (Book 4)
Martha J. Sparks and H. L. Head, December 11, 1873. (Book 5)
Joel Sparks and N. J. Grayson, November 25, 1880. (Book 9)
L. M. Sparks and Silvanis Sheffer, December 27, 1883. (Book 10)
Sarah Sparks and W. B. Wiseman, January 31, 1888. (Book 12)
Julia A. Sparks and Ebenezer Cobb, July 25, 1888. (Book 12)
W. R. Sparks and Hallie Cobb, February 22, 1899. (Book 17)
Lucy Sparks and R. L. Minor, November 18, 1900. (Book 18)

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

AN INTERESTING HISTORICAL NOTE: It is worth remembering that Thomas Jefferson returned on foot from his inauguration as President, to his boarding house.  When he arrived, he found that all the seats at the dinner table were occupied, and he waited his turn.
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