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VOL. XVIII, NO. 1  MARCH, 1970

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Born February 8, 1827, in Schoharie Co., New York
Died January 7, 1913, in Plainfield, Wisconsin

Son of Thomas and Mary (Howe) Sparks

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THE SPARKS QUARTERLY, published by The Sparks Family Association.

Paul E. Sparks, President, 155 North Hite Avenue, Louisville, Kentucky (40206)
William P. Johnson, Historian-Genealogist, Box 531, Raleigh, North Carolina (27602)
Russell E. Bidlack, Secretary-Treasurer & Editor, 1709 Cherokee Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan (48104)

The Sparks Family Association was founded in March, 1953, as a non-profit organization devoted to the assembling and preserving of genealogical and historical materials pertaining to the Sparks family in America. Membership in the Association is open to all persons connected in any way with the Sparks family, whether by blood, marriage, or adoption, and to persons interested in genealogical and historical research. Membership falls into three classes: Active, Contributing, and Sustaining. Active membership dues are three dollars per year; Contributing membership dues are four dollars per year; and Sustaining membership dues are any amount over four dollars which the member wishes to contribute for the support of the Association. All members, whether Active, Contributing, or Sustaining, receive THE SPARKS QUARTERLY as it is published in March, June, September, and December. Libraries, genealogical and historical associations, and individuals may subscribe to the QUARTERLY without joining the Association at the rate of three dollars per year. Back issues are kept in print and are available for seventy-five cents per issue. The first issue of the QUARTERLY was published in March, 1953. Three indexes have been published, the first covering the first five years of the QUARTERLY (1953-1957); the second covering the years from 1958 to 1962; and the third covering the years from 1963 through 1967. Each of these is available for $1.00. A complete file of all issues of the QUARTERLY (1953-1969) with the three indexes may be purchased for $38.00.
The editor of the QUARTERLY from March 1953 to September 1954 was Dr. Paul E. Sparks; since September 1954 the editor has been Dr. Russell E. Bidlack, 1709 Cherokee Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan (48104). Back issues should be ordered from Dr. Bidlack. The QUARTERLY is printed at the Edwards Letter Shop, 711 North University Ave., Ann Arbor, Michigan.



By M. Ward Wilson

(Editor’s Note: The following record of this branch of the Sparks family is taken from a genealogical compilation made by Marcus Ward Wilson of 2092 Jefferson Ave., St. Paul, Minn. (55105). It has not been possible to produce Mr. Wilson’s entire manuscript here, but we shall be glad to loan the entire record to any member of the Association interested in this branch of the family. An extensive record of the Pickering family is included in this manuscript, but has not been given here. Mr. Ward was born in 1891 at Ashland, Wisconsin. He retired in 1956 after a lifetime of Railway service. He served in France with a U.S. Railway Engineers Unit during World War I. He married Ruth Kulaas in 1917. She was born in 1896, the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. T. P. Kulaas. Ward and Ruth have two children, Thomas Marcus Wilson, born in 1918, and Helen Clarise Wilson, born in 1920.)



In 1961, a cousin, Marion Ellis, informed me that she was working on the Thomas and Mary (Howe) Sparks family tree and asked me to assist her. Thus I became interested. Marion lived in the Plainfield, Wisconsin, community to which Thomas and Mary immigrated in 1854. from Great Bend, Pennsylvania. Other family members either accompanied them or followed later.

At this late date, 1961, the wanted information had to be obtained from greatgreat-grandchildren. Although Marion sent out numerous questionnaires and visited many of these descendants, the responses were few; they either did not have the information or were not interested. The needed records were unavailable. When in my teens, I remember my parents conversing about so and so, but I never paid attention, nor asked questions. Now I wish I had. Those who have the answers are now sleeping in the Plainfield Cemetery.

In 1963, Marion passed away and the records she had compiled were unavailable. With the information she had given me, however, I decided to continue the search. My main object has been to “dig” into the heritage of Thomas and Mary. With this in view, Cousin Edris King Loveny and I made trips in 1967 and 1968 to that country of Summitt, New York, and Great Bend and South Gibson, Pennsylvania, where our records first list Thomas and Mary. Although my search netted some information, it was not what I had hoped to find.

Our meager family records had shown that Thomas Sparks was born Oct. 5, 1790, and Mary Howe, his wife, on Feb. 6, 1795. It is believed they were married in Suimmit, N.Y., in 1811. We know that Thomas Sparks died Sept. 17, 1869, and Mary died on Nov. 22, 1862; both are buried in the Plainfield Cemetery in Wisconsin.

In 1968, we learned that a record of the birth of a Thomas Sparks, son of James and Elizabeth (Freeman) Sparks, had been preserved among the archives of the “Congregation of Helderberg, Jerusalem and Salem” in Albany County, New York. This was discovered in the D.A.R. Library in Washington by Carrie Grant Heppen who has done so much research for the Association. I have been informed that these were three separate churches served by the same minister. Later I succeeded in getting in touch with Van Buren Lamb, Jr., Director and Genealogist of the Dibble Memorial Library at Summit, New York, .concerning the children of James and Elizabeth (Freeman) Sparks while they were evidently living in Albany County, New York. This information was obtained from the Montgomery Department of Archives and History at Fonda, New York. They have the church listed as the Reformed Dutch Church of Guilderland, Helderburgh and Princeton. Following is the record of the children of James and Elizabeth (Freeman) Sparks as copied by Mr. Lamb:

(1) Thomas Sparks, born October 6, 1790, and baptized December lii., 1790.
(2) Rebecca Sparks, born July 23, 1792, and baptized July 3, 1792. (These two dates have evidently been reversed.)
(3) John Sparks, born May 20, 1795, and baptized July 19, 1795.
(4) Elliner Sparks, born July 16, 1797, and baptized December 17, 1797.
(5) Nancy Sparks, born September 20, 1799, and baptized March 9, 1800.
(6) Sarah Sparks, born June 26, 1803, and baptized March 11, 1804.
No record has been found of James Sparks, father of the above children, on the 1790 census of New York, but on the 1800 census of Albany County we find him listed as between 26 and 45 years of age; living with him was a female also aged between 26 and 45 who was doubtless his wife, Elizabeth. There were also 2 males under 10 years of age (John and one other not known), one male aged between 10 and 16 years (no doubt Thomas), and one female under 10, who would have been



Rebecca. It would appear that Thomas was the oldest son, and Rebecca the oldest daughter, with two more sons (John and one other whose name we do not have) and two daughters, Elliner and Nancy, born between 1793 and 1800. It has been thought that Thomas had a brother named James, who could well be the unknown son listed on the 1800 census.

When the 1810 census was taken, James Sparks was not listed in Albany County, but just over the line in Schoharie County a James Sparks was listed; until proven otherwise, we can assume that this is the father of our Thomas. James was listed in 1810 as over 45. Living with him was a male aged 16 to 26 (Thomas would have been almost 20 as the census was taken during the summer months); also one male between 10 and 16 years (this would have been John); also three males under 10 (unknown and apparently born after 1801); James’s wife, Elizabeth, was listed as a female aged 26 to 45; there was one female aged 16 to 26 who would have been Rebecca, and there were three females under 10 (Elliner, Nancy, and Sarah).

Thomas Sparks, son of James and Elizabeth (Freeman) Sparks, was married to Mary Howe either in late 1810 or in 1811, after the 1810 census was taken. The 1820 census of Schoharie County lists Thomas as head of a family consisting of a wife and five children. The same census also lists his father, James Sparks, with his wife (Elizabeth), both aged over 45; living with them in 1820 was one male under 10 (name unknown), three males between 10 and 16 years of age (names unknown), and one female aged 16 to 26, who may have been either Elliner, Nancy, or Sarah. The other two daughters perhaps had married by 1820.

The 1825 local census of Schoharle County shows Thomas Sparks living in Cobleskill, adjacent to Summit, as head of the following family: one male between 13 and 45 (Thomas himself, who was then 35 years old); one male eligible to vote (Thomas); one female under 45 (Mary, his wife, who was 30); 5 females unmarried under 16 (Sarah, Elizabeth, Charity, Nancy, and Mindwell); 1 male unmarried under 16 (James Freeman Sparks, aged 7). This census also shows that Thomas Sparks owned 20 acres of improved land, two meat cattle, two hogs, 15 yards fulled cloth and 23 yards unfulled cloth.

James Sparks, father of Thomas, apparently died prior to 1830. Elizabeth Sparks was listed as head of a household in Schoharie County in 1830 and it is believed she was James’s widow. Living with her was a male between 15 and 20; another male between 20 and 30; one female between 5 and 10; and one female between 10 and 15.

Thomas and Mary (Howe) Sparks, with their unmarried children, left Summit in 1838 for Great Bend, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, located 15 miles south of Binghamton, New York. Why the family moved, we do not know, as the terrain is similar to that of Summit - - hills and valleys, streams and forests. Thomas is listed as a farmer. There is no record that he owned land, so he must have rented.

The first federal census to list the name of each member of every household was that of 1850. Thomas Sparks was listed in Great Bend as 59 years old (a farmer) and his wife Mary was listed as 55. Living with the family was a four-year-old boy named William Davis; also Elizabeth Sparks, aged 79 and Sally How, aged 46. Who is William Davis? A daughter of Thomas Sparks, Charity, married Chauncey Davis in 1837, but their record shows no child named William.   Elizabeth was no doubt the mother of Thomas, while Sally Howe could be Mary’s sister.



Thomas and Mary (Howe) Sparks were the parents of twelve children:

  1. Sarah Sparks, born December 14, 1812, died March 17, 1885.
  2. Elizabeth Sparks, born May 19, 1814, died December 8, 1863.
  3. Charity Sparks, born December 23, 1815, died 1894.
  4. James Freeman Sparks, born July 23, 1818, died June 1, 1902.
  5. Nancy M. Sparks, born August 17, 1820, died February 23, 1907.
  6. Mindwell Sparks, born June 2, 1823, died February 2, 1903.
  7. Robert Davenport Sparks, born February 8, 1827, died January 7, 1913.
  8. Rebecca Sparks, born July 29, 1829.
  9. Susan Sparks, born August 19, 1831.
10. Amanda Sparks, born 1836, died 1856.
11. Asena Sparks.
12. Trewath Sparks, born June 9, 1839.
Following is a more detailed record of these children of Thomas and Mary (Howe) Sparks:

1. Sarah Sparks, daughter of Thomas and Mary (Howe) Sparks, was born on December 14, 1812, in Summit, New York, and died on March 17, 1885. She was married in 1836 in Summit to Job Bound, Sr. He was born on May 14, 1803, and died on June 7, 1898. They came to Wisconsin like Sarah’s parents and and both buried in the Plainfield Cemetery. They had six children:

(1) Job Bound, Jr.
(2) Freeman Theodore Bound, born August 30, 1838.
(3) Baltus Bound.
(4) Thomas Bound.
(5) Jerome Bound.
(6) Francellia Bound.
2. Elizabeth Sparks, daughter of Thomas and Mary (Howe) Sparks, was born on May 19, 1814, in Summit, New York, and died on December 8, 1863. She was the second wife of John Blessing, who was born on March 25, 1806, and died on December 8, 1863. Both are buried in the Mormon Cemetery near Great Bend, Pennsylvania. The 1850 census of Great Bend lists the following children of John Blessing; whether Elizabeth, his second wife, was the mother of all of these children is not known:
(1) John W. Blessing, born about 1839.
(2) Harlow Blessing, born about 1841.
(3) Margaret Blessing, born about 1843.
(4) James Blessing, born about 1845.
(5) Frederick William Blessing, born 1850.
3. Charity Sparks, daughter of Thomas and Mary (Howe) Sparks, was born on December 23, 1815, in Summit, New York, and died in Gibson, Pennsylvania, in 1894. She was married to Chauncey Davis on November 19, 1837. He was born on July 17, 1813, and died on February 14, 1883; he was a son of Ezekiel and Rachael (Pool) Davis. They were the parents of the following children:
(1) Ezekiel Davis, born October 8, 1838, died April 2, 1865, in the Civil War.
(2) Mary Terressa Davis, born February 10, 1840, died November 14, 1842.


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Born Dec. 4, 1812, died March 17 1885
Eldest child of Thomas & Mary (Howe) Sparks

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Born June 2, 1823, died Feb. 2, 1903
Daughter of Thomas & Mary (Howe) Sparks

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Born Jul 23, 1818, died June 1, 1902
Son of Thomas & Mary (Howe) Sparks

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Wife of James Freeman Sparks
Born September 5, 1813
Died January 23, 1871

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Children of Charity Sparks and Chauncey Davis, continued:

  (3) Mindwell Maria Davis, born June 5, 1841, died January 11, 1923; she married Alonzo Tiffany on August 3, 1861.
  (4) Sarah Terressa Davis, born November 11, 1842, died January 19, 1859.
  (5) George Thomas Davis, born May 23, 1844, died Nay, 1911; he married Eunice Jennette Holley.
  (6) Franklin Duane Davis, born November 24, 1845, died January 2, 1859.
  (7) Rachel Clara Bell Davis, born October 23, 1848.
  (8) Elmer Delmont Davis, born September 3, 1854.
  (9) Charles Frederick Davis, born May 29, 1857.
(10) Alonzo Herman Davis, born October 19, 1862.

4. James Freeman Sparks, son of Thomas and Mary (Howe) Sparks, was born on July 23, 1818, at Summit, New York, and died on June 1, 1902, at Nevins, in Clark County, Wisconsin. He was buried in the Sherwood Cemetery. He was married to Sylvia Calkins on August 20, 1837. She was born September 5, 1813, and died on January 23, 1871, in Plainfield. They immigrated to Plainfield in 1869. After Sylvia died, James went to Nevins to live with his oldest daughter, Elizabeth. The portraits of James and Sylvia appear on page 1292. They were the parents of eight children:

(1) Sarah Elizabeth Sparks, daughter of James F. and Sylvia (Calkins) Sparks, was born May 8, 1838, in Sullivan Co., New York. She was known as “Aunt Lib.” She married David Sparks, a first cousin, on October 26, 1857, in Sullivan County, N.Y. No further information concerning him except he died on May 28, 1860. They had two children:
(A) Ascenith Sparks, born Nov. 3, 1858, in Great Bend, Penna., died Jan. 5, 1929. She married Andrew Lawson on Nov. 3, 1878; he was born Feb. 16, 1849, in Denmark and died in 1929; both are buried in Sherwood Cemetery. They were married by her great uncle, the Rev. Robert D. Sparks, evidently in Plairifield. Having no children, they adopted a boy, Ralph, who was born June 10, 1895; he now lives near Neillsville with his wife, the former Nettie Lauderville. Two sons, Arlo and Howard.
(B) David Sparks, Jr., was born Jan. 7, 1860; he died in 1943. He married Clara Crawford of Plainfield on Sept. 28, 1886. She was born Feb. 22, 1868, and died in 1954; she was a granddaughter of Nancy (Sparks) Wood and was thus a cousin of David. They had four children: Mabel, Gladys, Vernon, and Ascenth.
Sarah Elizabeth, following the death of her husband, David, married a Mr. Bennett; this marriage ended in divorce without children. She later married a widower and farmer, David St. Germain, on Jan. 14, 1880; no children.
(2) Emily Sparks, daughter of James F. and Sylvia (Calkins) Sparks, was born July 10, 1841, in Sullivan Co., N.Y., and died Apr. 11, 1881. She married Charles McNally on Nov. 28, 1857. He was born May 27, 1837, in Bangor, Maine. Both are buried in Binghampton, New York. They had the following children:


Children of Charles and Emily (Sparks) McNally:
(A) Amy Sylvia McNally, born Nov. 28, 1858, in Sullivan Co., N.Y.

(B) James Richard McNally, born Apr. 8, 1861, in Sullivan Co., N.Y.

(C) Amanda McNally, born Feb. 9, 1863, at Lenox, Susquehanna Co., Penna.; died Oct. 7, 1942, at Wyoming, N.Y. She married William King on July 28, 1881. He was an express messenger for the Baltimore & Ohio R.R. He died June 8, 1935; both are buried in Rochester, N.Y. They had a son who died as a young boy and a daughter named Edris King; she married Arthur Loveny on Feb. 17, 1914, who died in Dec., 1965. They had three daughters:

(1) Janet Loveny, born Apr. 8, 1917, married Edward L. Davies in 1936;
(2) Helen Loveny (adopted) born March 17, 1918; she married Charles Adair in 1935; and
(3) Phyllis Loveny, born Feb. 21, 1925; she married Robert E. Ritz on July 29, 1942.
(D) Fannie McNally, born Nov. 2, 1869, at Glenwood, Penna. She married E. E. Thornton.

(E) Charles Sherwood McNally, born June 27, 1872, at Glenwood, Penna.

(F) Idella McNally, born Aug. 5, 1865, at Lenox, Penna.; died Jan. 12, 1898. She married a Mr. Caswell.

(G) Jerome McNally.

(H) James Richard McNally, born April 8, 1861, in Sullivan Co., N.Y.

(3) Thomas Sparks, son of James F. and Sylvia (Calkins) Sparks, was born July 12, 1845, in Sullivan Co., N.Y.; died Feb. 8, 1911. He was married to Bloomy Ellis on Aug. 22, 1869, at Plainfield, Wisc. She was born Aug. 22, 1850, in Winnebago, Wisc., and died Oct. 28, 1917. Both are buried in Sherwood Cemetery. They lived on a farm near the Sherwood town hall, in a log house, one of the last in the vicinity. They were known as Uncle Tom and Aunt Bloomy. They had the following children:
(A) Elnora Sparks, born June 9, 1870, at Pine Grove Township, Portage Co, Wisc., and died April 30, 1937, at Jamesville, Wisc. She married Gilbert Ellis on July 5, 1888; he was born Feb. 27, 1867, and died March 17, 1924. Both are buried in Plainfield Cemetery. They first lived in Sherwood, thence in 1893 moved to Pine Grove Township where he farmed and also had a grocery store. Later they moved to Bancroft, Wisc., where he and his sons operated a livery and dray line, first with horses, thence autos. The following children were born to them:
(1) Viola, born April 17, 1889;
(2) Minnie, born May 27, 1890;
(3) Bertha, born Aug. 31, 1891;
(4) Albert, born Feb. 12, 1893;
(5) Sylvia, born Sept. 25, 1894;
(6) & (7) Earnie and Vernie, twins, born Aug. 22, 1896;
(8) Sarah E., born Dec. 30, 1897;
(9) Belle, born Feb. 3, 1900;
(10) Thomas I., born Apr.. 2, 1903;
(11) Elmer, born June 29, 1906; and Earl, born Aug. 27, 1908. (It was Albert’s wife, Marion, who did considerable work on this family tree before she died.)


Children of Thomas and Bloomy (Ellis) Sparks, continued:
(B) William Dexter Sparks, born May 5, 1872, at Pine Grove Twp.; died Dec. 3, 1948, at Wisconsin Rapids, Wisc. He was married to Cora Murray on Oct. 21, 1894. They lived at both Pine Grove and Sherwood. She died in 1967. They had the following children:
(1) Bert, born July 21, 1895;
(2) Thomas, born Dec. 1, 1897;
(3) Gertrude, born Feb. 7, 1900;
(4) Stella, born Mar. 13, 1904;
(5) Melvin, born Apr. 10, 1905;
(6) Orros, born Aug. 12, 1912; and
(7) Earl, born April 19, 1915.
(C) Emily Sparks, born Aug. 24, 1876, in Sherwood; died 1968. She married Clark Calkins in 1894. He was born Aug. 12, 1869, in Sullivan Co., N.Y., and died May 11, 1940. Both are buried in Sherwood Cemetery. He was a son of Isaiah and Phoebe (Whipple) Calkins, also the nephew of Sylvia Calkins, wife of James Freeman Sparks. When living in Sherwood, he operated a grocery store near the town hall. Their children were:
(1) Jennie, born May 18, 1895;
(2) Maud Joy, born Mar, 31, 1896;
(3) Isaiah Whipple, born Apr. 1, 1898;
(4) Ward Leon, born Jan, 28, 1900;
(5) Guy, born Mar. 24, 1902;
(6) Hays Eugene, born Mar. 3, 1905;
(7) Hannah Amanda, born June 17, 1910; and
(8) Harold, born May 11, 1913. All were born in Sherwood, except Harold who was born in Almond, Wisc. There was also a son named Donald, who died in infancy in 1908.
(D) Jessie Sparks, born Aug. 9, 1878, in Sherwood; died Apr. 10, 1961, in Wisconsin Rapids. He married Amelia Diehn Meddough on Dec. 14, 1916. She was born Dec. 3, 1880, and died Aug. 3, 1918, in St. Paul, Minn. No children.
(E) George Sparks, born Sept. 30, 1880, in Sherwood; died June 22, 1958. He married Coral Belle Schenck on Sept, 24, 1905. She was born July 3, 1884, in Pine Grove and died Jan. 27, 1961. Both are buried in Plainfield Cemetery. Their children were:
(1) Fern, born Apr. 12, 1906;
(2) Vera, born Nov. 10, 1907; and
(3) Dora, born Apr. 22, 1911. All born at Pine Grove.
(F) Arthur Sparks, born Oct. 20, 1883, in Sherwood; died Apr. 9, 1952. He married Sophia Eggen on July 10, 1911, She lives now in Wisconsin Rapids. They had two children:
(1) Henry, born May 14, 1913; and
(2) Vivian, born Dec. 29, 1917.
(G) Sylvia Sparks, born Sept. 10, 1888, in Sherwood; died Apr. 13,1921; buried in Sherwood Cemetery. She married Dave James,a cousin. Their children were:
(1) Edna Mae, born July 21,1907;
(2) Ellen Marie, born Mar. 18, 1910;
(3) Irma Blooiny,born July 31, 1911;
(4) Joseph Arthur, born Sept. 13, 1912; and
(5) Arnold, born July 24, 1915.
(4) Hannah Sparks, daughter of James F, and Sylvia (Calkins) Sparks, was born May 18, 1848, in Sullivan Co., N.Y., and died Jan. 1, 1917, at Crane, Montana, She married Byron Potter Pickering on Sept, 28, 1866, at either Great Bend or South Gibson, Penna, Byron was born Dec. 31, 1840, at South Gibson, Penna., and died Jan. 11, 1920, at Crane, Mont. Both are buried in a private cemetery on their son‘s Myron farm.



(Editor’s note: Mr. Wilson has prepared a detailed sketch his grandparents, Byron P. and Hannah (Sparks) Pickering, and their children; we shall publish this separately in a future issue of the QUARTERLY.)

(5) John Sparks, son of James F, and Sylvia (Calkins) Sparks, was born on October 10, 1851, we believe in Sullivan Co., N.Y. lie died at Sherwood (date not known) and was buried at Sherwood. He was married in 1885 to Augusta Messing at Sherwood. She was born Aug. 29, 1868, and died in 1946 at Sidney, Mont. Their children were as follows:
(A) Herbert Sparks, born Jan, 22, 1886, in Sherwood. He left there about 1906, married, and lived on a farm near Tomahawk, Wisc. Although his wife passed away several years ago, he is still living on his farm (1969). There were three children:
(1) Harold,
(2) Maxine, and
(3) Gale.
(B) Hanford Sparks, born Oct, 3, 1887, in Sherwood; died about 1965,  He settled in Merrill, Wisc,, about 1906. He married Lilly Wagsland in 1916. Their children were:
(1) Irene Carol, born Sept. 14, 1921;
(2) Harlow Everett, born Sept. 22, 1922;
(3) Lloyd John, born June 12, 1924;
(4) Bernice lone, born Feb. 19, 1926;
(5) Marjorie Elaine, born Sept, 18, 1927;
(6) Gertrude Arlene, born June 14, 1929; and
(7) George frank, born May 25, 1933.
(C) Frank Lewis Sparks, born June 27, 1889, in Sherwood; died Feb.,1969, in Sidney, Mont, He married Helen Myers in 1936; she was born Mar. 28, 1912, Children:
(1) Loren Frank, born May 30,1937;
(2) Lloyd Albert, born July 17, 1938, and
(3) Wayne, born Feb. 21, 1941. All born in Sidney.
(D) Mindwell Sparks, born April 12, 1892 at Sherwood; died Feb. 3, 1945, at Sidney, Mont. She married Everett Baldwin on AugustOctober 4, 1912, at Sidney. He was born June 5, 1892. died June 13, 1957. Children:
(1) Myrtle Vivian, born Aug. 24, 1913, married Lester Rozell on Dec. 8, 1930;
(2) Evelyn Bernice, born Apr. 10, 1915, married Guy Ensign, Nov. 24, 1938, he died on September 26, 1967.  She married, 2nd, Robert George McMakin on June 2, 1968.;
(3) Wesley Earl, born Aug. 30, 1918, died April, 1952;
(4) Agnes Augusta, born June 28, 1922, married Glen Howard, Dec. 31, 1938; married (second) James McCluland, and married (third) William Mueller;
(5) Beulah Mindwell, born Feb. 23, 1928 1925, married Kenneth Ketchum Feb., 1944.
(E) Florence Sparks, born June 22, 1896, at Sherwood; died in 1956 or 1957. She married Lou Nicolls and they lived near Custer, S.D., in the Black Hills region. They had four children:
(1) Vivian;
(2) Robert Lee
(3) Lee;
(4) Lake lone; and
(5) Corben Carlton.

[Scanner's note:  Corrections are made above at D, D(2), and E (2) & (3) per SQ p. 1361.]

(F) Clifton Sparks, born Feb. 2, 1901, at Sherwood. He died in 1966, He married Loma Brigs and they lived near Sacramento, Calif. Children:
(1) Augusta;
(2) Wilbur;
(3) Beatrice lone;
(4) Mildred;
(5) Elery;
(6) John;
(7) Martha; and
(8) Roger.
(G) Elery Sparks, born June 27, 1903, at Sherwood; died in 1918.
(H) Bernice Amanda Sparks, born Dec. 26, 1906, at Sherwood. She married James Cunduff in December 1922. Children:
(2) Helen;
(3) Cora Bell; and
(4) Ruth Rebecca.


Children of John and Augusta (Messing) Sparks, continued:
(I) Clarice M. Sparks, born Jan. 31, 1911, at Sherwood; married Shorty De Vries in 1929 at Sidney, Mont. He died on April 1, 1940. Children:
(1) Johnsie;
(2) Siebrigje;
(3) Phyllis; and
(4) Milton.
Clarice M. Sparks remarried in 1945 and had four more children.  She died in 1969.  Her last four children were:
(5) Sally
(6) Rose
(7) Frank
(8) Samuel.
(J) Robert Sparks, born March 27, 1913, at Sherwood. He married Mildred Boggs at Sidney. Children:
(1) Robert Clifton;
(2) Virginia Lee;
(3) Myrtle; and
(4) James.
(6) James Sparks, son of James F. and Sylvia (Calkins) Sparks, and a twin of John Sparks, was born Oct. 10, 1851, in Sullivan Co., N.Y. He died on Jan. 11, 1928, at Beloit, Wisc., and is buried in Plainfield Cemetery beside his mother, Sylvia Sparks. For several years, he lived at the home of his brother, John. In 1901 he married Ada Hall, a widow, at Nevins, Wisc., where she and her daughter Emaline were staying. She was born on Sept. 3, 1865, James and Ada had two daughters:
(A) Jewell, born Oct. 10 18, 1903, married Donald Scott and they have one son:
(1) Kenneth Scott born April 12, 1936.  He married Karen Sally Corlett, born August 13, 1937.  They have two children:

[Scanner's note:  Correction and addition made per SQ p. 1361.]

(a) Donald Kenneth Scott born July 1, 1959, and
(b) David Alan Scott born March 27, 1962.
(B) Dolly Marie, born Mar. 23, 1906, died 1963; she married (first) Keith Hill and (second) Robert Behrens.
(7) Jesse Sparks, son of James F. and Sylvia (Calkins) Sparks, was born Nov. 18, 1854, in Sullivan Co., N.Y., and died in 1940. He married Laura Messing in 1892. She was born June 28, 1873, at Almond, Wisc., and died in 1938. Both are buried in the Sherwood Cemetery. Their children were:
(A) Hattie May Sparks, born Jan. 214, 1893; died May 23, 1963. She married Reuben Fields, who died in April 1968. Both are buried in the Sherwood Cemetery. They had two sons:
(1) Wilbur, who is married and lives in Granton, Wisc.; and
(2) Alfred, who teaches school.
(B) Edith Ethel Sparks, born Dec. 31, 1894, at Sherwood. She married Bert Todd, who died on Feb, 27, 1969. Children:
(1) Mildred;
(2) Elaine;
(3) James Robert;
(4) Russell;
(5) Maxine; and
(6) Rebecca.
(C) Esther Naomi Sparks, born March 16, 1897; died Jan. 26, 19214; buried in the Sherwood Cemetery. She married Alfred Anderson.
(D) Helen Sparks, born May 31, 1899, at Sherwood; died May 14, 1963. She led a colorful life as a school teacher in the nearby district schools. She never married.

(E) Hazel Sparks, twin of Helen, born May 31, 1899; died 1951.

(F) Daniel Sparks, born Feb. 28, 1904, at Sherwood.

(8) Robert William Sparks, son of James F. and Sylvia (Calkins) Sparks, was born on Feb. 28, 1859, in Sullivan Co., N.Y.; he died on Sept. 14, 1936, at Hood River, Oregon. He married Julia Messing on Oct. 3, 1883. She was born Nov. 14, 1861, at Almond, Wisc., and died Aug. 13, 1939, at Hood River. They lived on a farm at Nevins, Sherwood Twp., for many years where all their children were born, In 1905 the family, with all the children except the oldest daughter, migrated to Oregon, settling in the Hood River district. They had two children:



 Children of Robert William and Julia (Messing) Sparks:

(A) Laura Grace Sparks, born Sept. 22, 1884; died July 28, 1909, in Wisconsin Rapids, where she lived after marrying Michael Mason in June 1903. They had two children:
(1) Lloyd, born June 8, 1904 at Nevins; and
(2) Margaret, born July 22, 1906, at Wisconsin Rapids.
(B) Myra Viola Sparks, born March 30, 1886, at Nevins; died July 8, 1968; she married Grover McKee on July 3, 1908, at Vancouver, Wash. He was born March 9, 1885, and died Nov. 25, 1951. Children:
(1) Edyth, born June 1, 1911, married Isaac Bowman on Jan. 10, 1940;
(2) Kenneth, born June 1, 1911, married Ruth L. Larson on Aug. 9, 1941;
(3) Grace, born Sept. 8, 1918, died Nov. 10, 1918;
(4) Robert, born Apr. 25, 1921, married Theda Hall on Aug. 3, 1944; and
(5) Margaret, born Sept. 21, 1924, married Earl Jorgenson on Oct. 8, 1948.
(C) Edna May Sparks, born May 27, 1887, at Nevins. She went west with her parents and married a Charles Dickson in Oct. 1907. She died May 28, 1926, from an accident, walking in her sleep, she stepped out of a second story window. They had one son, Harold Clifford, born Sept. 2, 1908, died Jan. 6, 1926.
(D) Bessie Naomi Sparks, born Oct. 28, 1888, at Nevins; died Dec. 12, 1962. She married Ernest Monroe, March 14, 1913.

(E) Cyrus Clyde Sparks, born April 8, 1890, at Nevins; died Feb. 6, 1921, at Hood River. Never married.

(F) Margaret Elizabeth Sparks, born Dec. 1, 1892, at Nevins; died Nov. 8, 1918, at Hood River.
(G) Inez Lillie Sparks, born Nov. 8, 1894, at Nevins; died May 18, 1928, at Hood River. Never married.
(H) Walter George Sparks, born Aug. 25, 1898, at Nevins; he married Eva Getchel.
(I) Kenneth Rollin Sparks, born Dec, 17, 1900, at Nevins, He married Lillian Lucille McDonald. Children:
(1) Virginia, born July 28, 1925, married Kenneth Jubb;
(2) Earl, born Aug. 8, 1926, married Betty L. Osentowski;
(3) Mike, born Oct. 9, 1946.
(J) Loren Milton Sparks, born Aug. 20, 1902, at Nevins; married Edith Mae Harper. They have one child, Julia LaVelle, born July 14, 1924; she married William Frank Seebauer.
John, Jesse, and Robert Sparks (all sons of James Freeman Sparks) lived on small farms in the vicinity of my grand-parents, Byron and Hannah (Sparks) Pickering. They were her brothers. The farms were unprofitable and with their large families, had difficulty providing food and clothing. Byron and Hannah were their "mainstays”, providing food when necessary. When Grand-dad operated his mill, he would employ them, thus giving them much needed cash. He also at times would hire them or their sons to help on his farm.

Nevins or Sherwood was just a farming community, with no employment possibilities for the young people. The farms not being able to support them, when they were old enough, they left home to better themselves, seeking employment in the nearby larger villages and towns. Many of the girls would try to better themselves by getting married.



Robert tried his hand in various ways to supplement his small farm income, but he was not very successful. When the Pickerings moved, Robert and his family also left, going to the West Coast and settling on a homestead claim near Hood River, Oregon.

John Sparks stayed on at Nevins and after his death, his wife Augusta, with the younger children and third son, Frank, moved to Sidney, Montana, where previously the oldest daughter had settled. It was also near the place where the Pickerings had settled. Augusta again married.

Jesse Sparks stayed on at Nevins. With the help of his children, the farm was improved. His daughter Helen became a teacher in the nearby schools and lived at home helping the family.

James Freeman Sparks, known as Grandpa Sparks to the inhabitants of his locality, was a loveable and colorful character. Although he called home the house and family of his oldest daughter, Elizabeth, he also had a daughter Hannah and four sons, along with other nearby relatives, with whom he would frequently visit, thus breaking the monotony of living in one place. It was not unusual to see him trudging along the dusty road carrying a carpet bag valise, containing a few personal belongings plus a supply of  “Grand-dad’s Liniment”, some pills and salve, which he would sell along the way, thus obtaining some spending money.

When James Freeman Sparks died, he was survived by seven children and approximantely one hundred grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces, and nephews.

5. Nancy M. Sparks, daughter of Thomas and Mary (Howe) Sparks, was born at Summit on August 17, 1820; she died February 23, 1907. She married William B. Wood at either Summit or Great Bend. He was born on March 14, 1814, and died on February 15, 1897. Both are buried in the Plainfield Cemetery. They were the parents of nine children:

(1) Andrew Wood, born January 4, 1837.
(2) Lucy Wood, born May 5, 1840; she married Thomas Baker.
(3) Sarah R. Wood, born March 27, 1842; she married - - - - - Crawford.
(4) Hiram C. Wood, born August 2, 1844.
(5) James Wood, twin of Jane, born May 30, 1847.
(6) Jane Wood, twin of James, born May 30, 1847; married - - - - -  Ferdon.
(7) David Thomas Wood, born October 15, 1849.
(8) Asaneath Wood, born March 27, 1859; married George Ellis on Feb. 20, 1876.
(9) Mary Wood, born July 8, 1863; married Frank Perry.
6. Mindwell Sparks, daughter of Thomas and Mary (Howe) Sparks, was born at Summit, New York, on June 2, 1823, and died on February 2, 1903, at South Gibson where she lived with her daughter, Mindwell Charity Howell. She married Henry Manzer on February 3, 1842, at South Gibson. He was born on December 14, 1819, at Fly Creek, Otsego Co., New York. He died in November 1902. They are buried in the Manzer Cemetery on what was his father ‘s farm and now operated by a nephew. This farm has been in the family for more than a century. This cemetery was started by Henry’s father, the Rev, Lawrence Manzer, a minister and farmer. It was first a family cemetery, then enlarged to accommodate neighbors.

Henry Manzer was a member of an honored pioneer farming family. They were very prominent in the community as farmers and business men. They were active in



politics and the church. Henry served three years in the Union Army during the Civil War and was discharged because of a service connected disability.

Mindwell led a colorful life as an evangelist in the Methodist Episcopal Church and later became the first ordained lady minister in the Free Methodist Church. She was so prominent that during the Chicago World Fair in 1893 she was invited to attend and preach. Because of her advanced age and travel difficulties, she did not accept. The children of Mindwell Sparks and Henry Nanzer were:

(1) Charles H. Manzer, born March 31, l8W.i. While in service with the Union Army during the Civil War, he died in Georgetown Hospital, Washington, D.C., on Nov. 22, 1861.
(2) Mindwell Charity Manzer, born June 18146, died 1920. She was named named after her mother and her Aunt Charity. Her first husband was Henry Hobert Davis who was born in 1846 and died in 1872. No information as to children. She later married a widower named Silas Howell who died in 1908. There was a daughter named Grace Howell.
(3) Mary Manzer, born Dec. 6, 1849, died Oct. 23, 1850.
(4) Truman C. Manzer, born April 23, 1852.
(5) Harriet Manzer, born May 26, 1856, died March 1859.
7. Robert Davenport Sparks, son of Thomas and Mary (Howe) Sparks, was born in Schoharie County, New York, on February 8, 1827; he died on January 7, 1913. He accompanied his parents when they moved to Great Bend, Susquehanna County, Penna. On December 25, 1847, he married Armina Pickering, daughter of Potter and Silona Pickering; she was a brother of Byron Potter Pickering who married Hannah Sparks, sister of Robert Davenport Sparks. Armina was born March 16, 1828, in Susquehanna County and died on November 8, 1865, at Plainfield, Wisc.

In 1854, Robert Davenport Sparks and his wife and son Eugene moved to Plainfield, Wisc. Although he lived on a farm, he was a carpenter by trade, Later he became a Baptist minister, preaching in the district school houses, He became so well known and liked, that he performed marriages for miles around.

Following the death of his first wife, Robert married (second) Nancy Janes Holmes, a widow, in March 1866. She was born January 14, 1843, and died in June 1882. In 1884, Robert married for the third time - - he married Mrs. Margaret Lahy Wilson, a widow. She was born on May 17, 1834, in Cobourg, Ontario, Canada. Her first husband had been James Wilson who had migrated with his brother Mark from England about 1850 and had become a sailor on the Great Lakes where he was drowned in a shipwreck in September 1871. Margaret was known far and wide as “Aunt Maggie”. She died February 18, 1923.   Although she was a Roman Catholic and Robert was a Baptist minister, everything worked out smoothly and she aided him in his work.

Robert Davenport Sparks organized the first Sunday School in the vicinity of Campbell’s Corners and was its Superintendent for three years. During this time he felt a call to preach, but ignored it and kept farming and doing carpenter work, In 1845 he had joined the Free Will Baptist Church at South Gibson, Penna., while his sister, Mindwell, became an evangelist minister in the Methodist Church at South Gibson.

He enlisted in the Union Army early during the Civil War and served three years until he was seriously wounded at the Battle of Vicksburg. He was



placed on deck of a steamboat and left for dead near the smokestack. In the night a heavy shower came and water that hit the smokestack spattered off onto the wounded soldier. This water warmed and revived him, and it was then that he made a promise to God that if He would spare his life, he would become a minister of the Gospel and preach for the rest of his life. In the morning, the officers, amazed to find him still alive, dressed his wounds and cared for him. After recovering enough to come home, he was given an honorable discharge. He did not forget his promise to God and began to preach, using the district schools as his chapels. According to church records in a church clerk’s book, which Robert’s granddaughter, Vesta Sparks Cain, now has, a church was organized on February 25, 1871, called the First Free Will Baptist Church of Plainfield, Wisconsin. Robert was one of the first deacons of the new church and was granted a license to preach for one year. In 1873 he was ordained to this ministry. He filled that office with honor and preached as long as his health permitted. In those days, the minister’s salary was what he received at a service by passing the hat. The parishioners, however, were usually good about donating of their farm produce.

My father, Marcus J. Wilson, was a son of Margaret by her first husband, James Wilson. For several years when I was a youngster and in my early teens, it was a “must” that Dad take our family to visit his mother and his step-father (Robert Davenport Sparks) at Thanksgiving. (My mother was a daughter of Byron and Hannah (Sparks) Pickering, and was thus a niece of Robert Davenport Sparks, but so far as we children were concerned, he was our real Grand-dad.) Grandmother raised turkeys and always had a good one ready, with all the trimmings, for the occasion, and what a feast it was. There would be other aunts, uncles, and cousins, some for the day only, while others like us stayed up to a week. To sleep it was necessary for some to go to neighbor Campbell’s across the road. It was a good place to go, for Mrs. Campbell could pop the best popcorn. It was also fun to hitch a ride with Mr. Campbell and his sleigh, when he went to the field to bring fodder for the cattle. As much as our grandparents were glad to see us come, I am sure that after a few days they glad to see us go. As members of both families would get together, you would never know but that they were all brothers and sisters, they thinking so much of each other and getting along so well. Never a dissension,

Grandmother, with her Irish ways, provided a lot of fun. She was always saying things that could be taken differently than what she meant and of course she would be kidded about it, but she also took the kidding in fun. Once we were all in the wagon, about twelve of us, to go to the train depot about four miles, and waiting for the driver, Cousin Sumner, she said: “Sum, hurry, I would not want them to miss the train for anything.” She did not want to get rid of us, but was thinking of all the commotion, etc., it would cause if we missed out. She could never get used to the telephone. Once a neighbor called and wanted to borrow the potato bug sprayer. She answered and said he could, then with the receiver still in her hand she said, "they never bring a thing back.” She wondered for a long time thy they did not come after it.

In Grandmother ‘s days, their spare time was used in knitting socks or mittons, or piecing quilts and then have quilting parties. After Grand-dad passed away, she spent a lot of her time at our home in Minneapolis. To keep her busy, mother supplied material for piece quilts. I have several of them waiting to be quilted.

Robert Davenport Sparks and his three wives are buried side by side in the Plainfield Cemetery. By each of his first two wives, Robert had three sons. There were no children of the third marriage.



(1) Eugene E. Sparks, son of Robert Davenport Sparks and his first wife, Armina Pickering, was born on Aug. 6, 1849, in Susquehanna Co., Penna.; he died on Sept. 10, 1930, at Brockett, N.D., near Devils Lake where he farmed. He married Lillian lone Perry of Plainfield on July 23, 1871. He was a drummer boy in the Union Army during the Civil War.  Eugene E. and Lillian lone (Perry) Sparks had twelve children:
(A) Estella, born April 25, 1872;
(B) Inez, born April 3, 1874;
(C) Minnie, born Nov. 12, 1875;
(D) Armina, born (date not known);
(E) Elizabeth, born July 13, 1878;
(F) Wendell, born Mar. 9, 1880;
(G) Vernon, born June 30, 1882;
(H) Margaret, born Sept. 25, 1885;
(I) Harry, born Feb. 14, l889;
(J) Cora, born June 15, 1893;
(K) Grace, born Jan. 21, 1894; and
(L) Gladys, born Apr. 7, 1896.
(2) Charles F. Sparks, son of Robert Davenport Sparks and his first wife, Armina Pickering, was born Aug. 26, 1856, in Plainfield and died in Stevens Point, Wisc. He worked as a custodian in the public schools and also at one time was a mechanic in the railroad shops there before they were moved. He married Mamie Sievright. Their children were
(A) Robert Samuel, born Dec. 2, 1877, in Portage Co., Wise.; and
(B) Nida Nancy Marie, born May 23, 1889, at Nevins, Clark Co., Wise.
(3) Winfield Scott Sparks, son of Robert Davenport Sparks and his first wife, Armina Pickering, was born on May 18, 1861, in Plain.field and died on Oct. 18, 1887, at Grefton, N.D., where he was farming. He married Flora Harris of Plainfield who, after Winfield’s death, returned to Plainfield where she married a Mr. Castler. She was born Sept. 9, 1858 and died in 1952 and is buried in Plainfleld. Winfield and Flora had two sons:
(A) Edward, born Sept. 114, 1884, died July 13, 1952, in Bellingham, Wash.; he was married but there were no children.

(B) Frank, the second son, was born Apr. 3, 1887, at Grafton, N.D. He became a dentist and settled in Alabama or Georgia where he also raised cattle. He married and there was one daughter, Virginia.

(4) Freeman James Sparks, son of Robert Davenport Sparks and his second wife, Nancy Janes, was born Jan. 12, 1869, in Plainfield and died on March 3, 1937. He married Alice Lane of Wild Rose, Wise., on March 26, 1891. She was born in 1863 and died Feb. 27, 1927.  Both are buried in Plainfield Cemetery. Freeman farmed near Plainfield. They had two children, a son who died at birth on Sept. 29, 1892, and a daughter, Vesta Jewell who was born May 3, 1894, at Springwater, Waushara Co., Wise. She graduated from the Plainfield publie schools, then attended the Stevens Point Normal School, taking the teacher examinations of the state and received teaching certificates in Portage, Waushara, and Adams Counties. After teaching awhile, she married Vernie E. Campbell on Oct. 26, 1916. He died on Aug. 8, 1918, and she resumed her teaching until her marriage to Lyle Stephen Cain on Apr. 14, 1927. They now live on her father’s farm, plus her original farm, a total of 180 acres. She does substitute and private teaching and both are active church and Sunday school workers. They have one son, adopted, Marvin Alson Cain, born Jan. 12, 1928. He married Alice Buege of Stevens Point and they have four children: David Charles, born July 14, 1951; Lynn Stevens, born Aug. 29, 1953; Keith Allen, born Sept. 25, 1954; and Judy Mae, born March 14, 1959.


(5) Sumner Sparks, son of Robert Davenport Sparks and his second wife, Nancy Janes, was born on June 18, 1871, in Plainfield; he died in 1931. He was married to Naomi Thickey on November 15, 1892. She was born April 24, 1872, and died October 24, 1895. They had two children:
(A) Edna Mabel Sparks, born Sept. 11, 1893, and died in 1936 in Milwaukee; she married Robert Wood and had two children:Zelda and Shirley;

(B) Ethel Sparks, died in infancy on Sept. 12, 1895.

Sumner Sparks married (second) Viola May Schenck on February 2, 1905; she was born Dec. 18, 1886. By his second wife, Sumner had three more children:
(C) Maude Irene Sparks, born Oct. 9, 1906; she married Ollan Praeger on Sept. 26, 1927, and they have a son named Calvin Edward;

(D) Robert Glenn Sparks, born April 19, 1913; he married Edith Madge Rice in 1940 and they have children named Robert Sumner, born 1941, Sandra Kay, born 1943, Nancy Lucille, born 1949, Norrine Bertha, born 1950, and Claudette Margaret, born 1951; and

(E) Margaret Esther Sparks, born Aug. 29, 1916; she married Roger Roy Krueger and they have four children, Robert Roy, born 1936, Richard Walter, born 1938, Wayne Lee, born 1941, and Donna Kay, born 1943.

(6) Willie Sparks, son of Robert Davenport Sparks and his second wife, Nancy Janes, died on December 24, 1873, in infancy.
8. Rebecca Sparks, daughter of Thomas and Mary (Howe) Sparks, was born on July 29,
1829. No further record.

9. Susan Sparks, daughter of Thomas and Mary (Howe) Sparks, was born on August 19,
1831, at Summit. No further record.

10. Amanda Sparks, daughter of Thomas and Mary (Howe) Sparks, was, according to the inscription on her gravestone in Plainfield, Wisconsin, born in 1836 and died in 1856. It is said that she was the first person buried in the Plainfield Cemetery, at least she is the first of record. Later information gives her date of birth as December 1, 1830, and her death date as November 11, 1857. Plainfield records were destroyed by fire some years ago, so we are unable to check that source. Family records indicate that she married a Mr. Young. The 1850 census of Great Bend shows an Amanda Young, aged 17 years, the wife of Nathan Young, aged 20 years. In all probability, this is our Amanda. If her age was given correctly on the 1850 census, which was taken during the summer, she may have been born December 1, 1832. (Note that Susan was born August 19, 1831, therefore Amanda could not have been born December 1, 1830, as suggested above.)

11. Asena Sparks, possibly a daughter of Thomas and Mary (Howe) Sparks, is listed as a deceased daughter in a volume entitled “Biographical Record of Northeast Pennsylvania" published in 1900. No other record of this child.

12. Trewath Sparks, possibly a child of Thomas and Mary (Howe) Sparks, was born June 9, 1839. Several members of the family doubt that she was a daughter. Note that Mary (Howe) Sparks was 44 years old in 1839.



While the name SPARKS is an English name, not everyone bearing this name can trace his ancestry to the British Isles. We noted in the QUARTERLY of December 1965 (Vol. XIII, No. 4, Whole No. 52, p. 954) how a young immigrant from Sweden, unable to spell his difficult Swedish name to the satisfaction of the naturalization board in 1880, adopted the easily understood English name SPARKS, and thus a new Sparks line came into existence. An instance where the German name SPOCK was changed to SPARKS has recently been brought to our attention by Mrs. W. W. Anderson of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

As early as 1740, a family named SPOCK was living in Westchester County, New York. The head of this family is believed to have been Jonas Spock, a French Huguenot who, after the Edict of Nantes in France, fled to the Palatinate in Germany where, to hide his identity, had assumed the German name Spock. What his original French name may have been is not known. Jonas Spock was in New Rochelle, New York, in 1741 and was certified as a French Huguenot by members of St. Peter’s Church in Peekskill. He was a tavern keeper and made his will on March 10, 1758, in Westchester County, dividing his property between his four children, Mary Ann, Catherine, Mary, and James. The will was probated on March 29, 1758.

James Spock, son of Jonas, was born in 1740; he became a miller in Peekskill and married Mary Smith, who was born in 1715 and died in Peekskill on February 27, 1805. James Spock was a private in the American Revolution, serving in the Third Regiment of Westchester County Militia. He died in Peekskill in 1805. A daughter of James Spock was Catherine Spock, who was born July 14, 1783, and died in 1855. On April 25, 1802, she married Peter Romer (born January 27, 1781), a son of Henry and Mary (Jennings) Romer.

On November 6, 1799, Stephen Spock, believed to have been a son of James and Mary (Smith) Spock, was married to Elizabeth Romer. Stephen Spock was born on April 6, 1775, and died on September 26, 1859. Elizabeth (Romer) Spock, his wife, was born December 5, 1782, and died June 30, 1853; she was a daughter of Henry Romer (1755-1830) and his first wife, Mary Jennings (1759-1806) and was thus a sister of the Peter Romer who married Catherine Spock. Henry Romer was a soldier of the American Revolution and received a pension by special act of Congress on May 30, 1830.  A number of his descendants have joined the D.A.R. on the basis of this service. (The father of Henry Romer was Captain Jacob Romer, born in Switzerland, married Frena Haerlager in August 1754.)

Stephen and Elizabeth (Romer) Spock had a son named Jonas, who was born on December 22, 1816. This Jonas Spock adopted the name of Sparks. As Jonas Sparks, he married Cornelia Bogert, who was born December 7, 1820, and died April 2, 1887. They had at least one child, a daughter named Cornelia Sparks, who was born on October 2, 1854, and died on July 14, 1937. She married William T. Estabrook on October 14, 1886; he was born December 19, 1850, and died December 6, 1926. Cornelia was his second wife. A daughter, Elsie Cornelia Estabrook married Walter C. Martin of New York City.

Jonas Sparks must have died prior to 1873, for in a Westchester County directory of 1873, Cornelia Sparks is listed as a widow of Jonas Sparks and was living in the town of Morisania at 169th St. near Franklin Ave. With her was living Peter Sparks, probably a son, whose occupation was listed as “Music.”

It is quite probable that other members of the Spock family of Westchester County also changed their names to Sparks. For example, when a Westchester County directory was published in 1866, in the town of Peekskill a John B. Sparkes was



listed as a shoemaker living on Centre Street near Union Street; and a Steward Sparks was listed as a moulder living on Main Street near Spring Street. Also living in Peekskill in 1866 was a Daniel J. Spock who was a moulder living on Washington Street near Hudson Street; also a Daniel Spock, a moulder, living on Brown Street near James Street.

The 1873-75 directory of Westchester County, New York, lists two Sparkses as residents of the town of Peekskill: George Sparks, moulder, living on Park St. near Charles Street, and William Sparks, moulder, living on Main Street near Spring Street. No one named Spock was listed.

According to the 1879 directory of the town of Peekskill, the following men named Sparks were residents:

Charles Sparks, mechanic, home at 25 Howard St.
Daniel Sparks, moulder, home on Park Street near Broad Street.
Jasper Sparks, inoulder, home at 76 Broad Street.
John Sparks, mechanic, home on Lincoln Terrace near Grant Ave.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *


About fiften years ago, Mrs. Clifton Wolfe of Knoxville, Tennessee, copied a family record from a Bible owned by Mrs. Charley Farley of Monterey, Tennessee. This is a record of the children of J.W. and Rosia Sparks. We know nothing about this family other than what is given here, although we believe they were part of the family discussed in the article “Tree-of-Life Quilt” which appeared in the QUARTERLY of December 1956 (Vol. IV, No. 4, Whole No. 16, pp. 170-71).

J. W. Sparks was born November 3, 1860, died April 26, 1948 Rosia Sparks was born October 29, 1863, died December 9, 1919
 They were married on October 26, 1886, & had the following children:
1. C. L. Sparks, born October 5, 1887, died October 17, 1918.
2. Lula Ann Sparks, born August 14, 1889.
3. Ader May Sparks, born December 14, 1892.
4. L. L. Sparks, born November 28, 1894.
5. J. C. Sparks, born November 7, 1896.
6. G. H. Sparks, born June 17, 1899.
7. Doary Vler Sparks, born September 29, 1901.
8. Daisy C. Sparks, born August 18, 1904.
9. Effey Jewell Sparks, born March 11, 1909.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *


Recent correspondence has been returned from the following members of the Association, with the note “Moved, left no address.” Does anyone have their addresses?

Fred L. Sparks, 10269 Dacey Dr., St. Louis, Missouri.
George A. Sparks, 626 Geneva St., Huntington Beach, Calif.
Mrs. Franklin E. Adkins, Box 474, Meadows, Idaho.
Mrs. Edna Briggs, 1257 Detroit, Denver, Colorado.



On December 20, 1969, death claimed Charles F. Sparks of Martha, Kentucky, a great-great- great-grandson of John Sparks (1753-18140/141) whose life was sketched in the QUARTERLY of December 1955 (Vol. III, No. 4, Whole No. 12, pp. 94-105). His descent from John Sparks was through the following line:

The eldest son of John and Sarah (Shores) Sparks was Levi Sparks, born Oct. 2, 1778, in Surry Co., North Carolina, died Oct. 21, 1851, in Lawrence Co., Kentucky. Levi Sparks married twice, first to - - - - - Walsh in 1801, and second to Sarah Lyon. By his first wife, Levi Sparks had a son named Jarrett Sparks (also spelled Garried), who was born Sept. 15, 1802, and died Sept. 1, 1873, in Lawrence County. Jarrett Sparks married Elizabeth Boggs in 1825 in Virginia and they were the parents of Levi J. Sparks, M.D., born Feb. 19, 1831, died Jan. 14, 1897; he married Mary (Polly) Gambill and they were the parents of Laban T. Sparks, born Nov. 29, 1860, died 1941. Laban Sparks was married twice, first to Emily Lyon on Dec. 9, 1880, and second to Trinville Lester. Laban and Emily (Lyon) Sparks were the parents of Charles F. Sparks, who was born on April 16, 1885, and died on Dec. 20, 1969. Charles F. Sparks married Virgie T. Sparks in 1905; she was born March 9, 1889, and died April 20, 19314. Her parents were John Calvin Sparks and Mary Elizabeth (Green) Sparks. She was also a descendant of John and Sarah (Shores) Sparks.

Charles F. Sparks was a retired school teacher, a member of Central Christiani Church in Portsmouth, Ohio, a former supervisor at the Whitaker & Glessner Steel Corp. (now Detroit Steel) at Portsmouth, and a Kentucky Colonel. During his years of teaching in the Lawrence County, Kentucky, school system he was rated among the top teachers, having made the highest grade on the teacher examinations in 1920. After leaving the Kentucky school system, he and his late wife, Virgie, moved to Portsmouth, Ohio, where he remained until retirement. Since that time he had made his home with a daughter, Mrs. Otis (Tressie) Bailey at Martha, Kentucky. He had been in failing health for some time; however death came shortly after he entered a hospital at Paintsville, Kentucky, for a check-up. He died on Dec. 20, 1969. Funeral services were conducted at the Lewis-Ferguson Funeral Home at Sandy Hook, Kentucky, on December 23, 1969, with the Rev. Charles Vansant officiating. Interment was in the family cemetery on the home place of his birth at Martha, Kentucky.

Mr. Sparks is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Otis (.Tressie) Bailey of Martha, Ky, and Mrs. M. A. (Maxine) Bilby of Vienna, Virginia; and five sons: Bert L. Sparks of Akron, Ohio; William D. Sparks of Portsmouth, Ohio; Russell V. Sparks of Sacramento, Calif.; Lowell H. Sparks of Huntsville, Alabama; and the Rev. Charles K. Sparks of Muskegon, Michigan. He is also survived by thirteen grandchildren, nineteen great-grandchildren, one great-great-grandchild; two sisters, Mrs. 0. B. (Hattie) Kazee of Martha, Ky., and Mrs. Emory (Maude) Fannin, of Portsmouth; and two brothers, Paul Edison Sparks and Edward Morton Sparks, both of Ashland, Ky.

Information for this sketch was supplied by Bert L. Sparks, the eldest son of Charles F. Sparks. Photographs of Charles F. Sparks and members of his family appear on the following page.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *


We have been informed by Roy Sparks of Omaha, Nebr., that Sidney Rossiter of Dewitt, Nebr., the husband of Mrs. Luala (Sparks) Rossiter, passed away on July 27, 1969, aged 100 years, 9 months, and 11 days. Mr. Rossiter was mentioned in the article on Calvin and Mahala (Carmichael) Sparks which appeared in the QUARTERLY of March 1969 (Vol. XVII, No. 1, Whole No. 65, p. 1207).


[Note:  Here appear four photographs, beneath which are the following captions:]


Son of Laban & Emily (Lyon) Sparks

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Wife of Charles F. Sparks, 1885-1969
Daughter of John C. & Mary E. (Green) Sparks
.Picture taken in 1905

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CHARLES F. SPARKS, with his sons and daughters; picture taken June 22, 1969.
Seated: Son W. D. Sparks & Charles F.
Standing: Sons Russell V., Bert L., & Lowell H.; Daughters Maxine and Tressie; and Son C. K. Sparks

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CHARLES F. SPARKS, 1885-1969

 Picture taken "at the well" in 1960 showing his beloved Kentucky hills.

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It is with deep regret that we report the passing of another long-time member of the Association. On February 21, 1970, Dr. John S. Sparks died suddenly at his home, “Mount Airy,” at White Post, Virginia. Dr. Sparks was born on June 23, 1904, in Waco, Texas, He was a graduate of Dallas University School of Pharmacy and was a registered pharmacist for over 40 years in Texas, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. He was a member of the Northern Virginia, Virginia, and the District of Columbia Pharmaceutical Association. He served with the U.S. Navy’s medical service corps as a pharmacist during World War II in the South Pacific.

Dr. Sparks is survived by his widow, Elizabeth Fritts Sparks; one daughter, Mrs. Sydney Elgin, Oakton, Va.; one brother, Sidney Sparks, Dingman ‘s Ferry, Pa., and two grandchildren.

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Since 1936, Mr. Edwin P. Hill, 314148 West 10th St., Indianapolis, md. (46222) has been collecting records on all branches of the Hill family. In fact, he now has records for over 90,000 men named Hill from all over the world. He would welcome information or queries regarding your Hill ancestors.

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It is a pleasure to report the names and addresses of twenty-four new members of  THE SPARKS FAMILY ASSOCIATION.

Birma J. Armstrong, 4933 Broadway, Indianapolis, Indiana (46205).
Pauline E. (Mrs. Glenn L.) Bennett, 2100 Highland Ave., Burlington, Iowa (52601).
Mrs. Billy L. Boyle, Rt. 3, Box 197-A, Woodward, Oklahoma (73801).
Margaret Matthews (Mrs. Carroll) Canatella, 15223 Lassen St., Missions Hills, California (91340).
Harriet (Mrs. Robert W.) Collier, 400 Moreland Dr., Kansas City, Missouri (64118).
Esther Sparks .(Mrs.Eldon J. ) Coons, R. 3, Box 143, Brownsburg, Indiana (46112).
Freda Sparks (Mrs. Howard) Ferguson, 5605 Copley Circle, Dayton, Ohio (45424).
Mrs. Betty Grisham, Rt. 2, Box 128, Crane, Missouri (65633).
Anna R. (Mrs. Calvin) Hollister, 59 High St., South Glastonbury, Conn. (06073).
Catharine S. (Mrs. James B.) Howell, R.D. 1, Cedarville, New Jersey (08311).
Jessie Sparks Hutson, Inverness, Mississippi (38753).
James R. Ovendorf, 5858 Renninger Rd., Akron, Ohio (44319).
Mrs. J. W. Russell, Jr., 14013 Beverly Dr., Waco, Texas (76711).
Edward L. Sparks, R.R. 2, Box 293, Sciotoville, Ohio (45662).
James Sparks, 6632 Thurston, Berkeley, Missouri (63134).
Joseph V. Sparks, 11411 Barry St., Clearwater,Florida (33516).
Melvin P. Sparks, Star Rt., Box 69, Northport, Alabama (35476).
Paul M. Sparks, 1132 Barlow St., Wichita, Kansas (67207).
Robert J. Sparks, 5826 North Delaware St., Indianapolis, Indiana (46220).
Walter J. Sparks, 1526 Agnes St., St. Louis, Missouri (63107).
Kirtley E. Tucker, 1470 E. Center St., Kaysville, Utah (84037).
Vance Tucker, P.O. Box 36, Cleveland, Utah (84518).
Mrs. Lee Willhoite, Wall Lake, Iowa (57466).
Mrs. Mary J. Wood, Rt. 1, Box 121, North Liberty, Iowa (52317).
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Scanned and Edited by James J. Sparks