“He who careth not from whence he came, careth little whither he goeth.” Daniel Webster

VOL. XV, NO. 4  DECEMBER, 1967

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 S parrow Hawk


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THE SPARKS QUARTERLY, published by the Sparks Family Association.

   Paul E. Sparks, President, 155 N. Hite Ave., Louisville, Kentucky (40206)
   William P. Johnson, Historian-Genealogist, Box 531, Raleigh, NC (27602)
   Russell E. Bidlack, Secretrary-Treasurer & Editor, 1709 Cherokee Road, 
                                                                                 Ann Arbor, Michigan (48104)

The Sparks Family Association was founded in March, 1953, as a non-profit organization devoted to the assembling and preserving of genealogical and historical materials pertaining to the Sparks family in America.  Membership in the Association is open to all persons connected in any way with the Sparks family, whether by blood, marriage, or adoption, and to persons interested in genealogical and historical research.  Membership falls into three classes:  Active, Contributing, and Sustaining.  Active membership dues are three dollars per year;  Contributing membership dues are four dollars per year; and Sustaining membership dues are any amount over four dollars which the member wishes to contribute.  All members, whether Active, Contributing or Sustaining, receive THE SPARKS QUARTERLY as it is published in March, June, September, and December.  Libraries, genealogical and historical associations, and individuals may subscribe to the QUARTERLY without joining the Association at the rate of three dollars per year.  Back issues are kept in print and are available for seventy-five cents per issue.  The first issue of the  QUARTERLY was published in March, 1953.  An index covering the first five years (1953-1957) and another covering the second five  years (1958-1962) have been published and are available for one dollar each.  The editor of the QUARTERLY from march, 1953, to September, 1954, was Paul E. Sparks; since September, 1954, the editor has been Russell E. Bidlack.  The QUARTERLY is printed at the Edwards Letter Shop, 711 N. University Ave., Ann Arbor, Michigan.


By Russell E. Bidlack

(This article first appeared in the QUARTERLY for June, 1953. Because many of our members do not have files of the early issues of the QUARTERLY and because we frequently receive inquiries regarding the origin of the name Sparks, we are publishing it again here.)

We all know that surnames, or family names, did not exist in Bible times, but it comes as something of a surprise to most of us when we learn that for a thousand years after the birth of Christ, surnames were still almost unheard of. When William the Conqueror established himself in England, even the nobles did not have surnames--in fact, family names were not common among the nobility until the thirteenth century, and they were not generally adopted by the lower classes until the sixteenth century.

The first to use surnames in England were the great land-owners, the noblemen, who took as their surnames the names of their estates. Thus a man named Richard might own an estate called Cotgrove, and in order to distinguish him from a neighbor also named Richard, his friends referred to him as Richard de Cotgrove (“de” being French for “of”). Calling him this answered the question, Where is he from? The eldest son usually inherited the estate, and in a sense he also inherited his father’s family name. Eventually the preposition was dropped, and a true family name developed, which, unlike an estate, could be inherited by all the children. These are called “place names.”


Only a small number of the inhabitants of England, however, owned land, and as it became desirable, for one reason or another, to have a surname, some source, other than the name of property, was necessary for the great majority of Englishmen. For many, a name was supplied by asking, What does be do? This is the origin of the thousands of so-called “occupational names such as Smith, Farmer, Cartwright, Arrowsmith, Shoemaker, and Sherman (one who shears woolen cloth).

Another question which might be asked was, Who is his father? If the answer were
Richard, he would be called Richard’s son, Which is the origin of the name
Richardson. In other cases, the “son” would not become part of the name, but the
possessive  "s"  might be retained, and the result was Richards.

A fourth source of surnames was the answer to the question, What does he look like? or What is his most prominent peculiarity? Thus originated such names as Short, Long, Big(g) and Small.  In assigning nick-names to people today, we often use this same device and produce such names as Shorty, Tiny, Red, and Gabby. Nicknames are derived, however, from many sources other than physical characteristics, and writers on the origin of surnames are careful to point out that in dealing with a surname which has derived from a nickname, we can never know for sure just why the nickname was applied in the first place. Such is the problem we face when we attempt to account for the name SPARKS, because the surname Sparks did begin as a nickname.

Authorities are agreed that the name Sparks has derived from the name SPARROW- HAWK--a nickname which was used in England long before the coming of William the Conqueror in 1066. It is not believed, however, that the name Sparrowhawk became a family name (or surname) until the 13th century. The earliest person on record who was called Sparrowhawk was an Anglo-Saxon monk of St. Edmundsbury, who became Abbot in Abingdon in the year 1048. The story of how Spearhafoc (as the name was Spelled in Anglo-Saxon) was given the bishopric of London by Edward the Confessor in 1050, but was never consecrated because of the opposition of the Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury, is found in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle.

In the Domesday Book (the record of a great survey of the lands of England made between 1085 and 1086 by order of William the Conqueror) the names Sparhauoo and Sperhavoo (both intended for Sparrowhawk) appear among the landowners who had possessed land at the time of Edward the Confessor.

The sparrow hawk has been a common bird in England for many centuries. Probably dozens of other persons were also nicknamed Sparrowhawk, of whom no record has survived. The sparrow hawk is really a small falcon, eleven to twelve inches long, and was used extensively in the ancient sport of falconry, where hawks were trained to attack other birds and carry them back to their masters. It is described in the Encyclopedia Americana as a very bold and active bird, and “not infrequently may be seen to attack other and larger birds of prey, its courage extending even to recklessness, while it is also shy and wary.”

In 1538, Henry the VIII, King of England, decreed that each head of a family acquire a surname for himself and his family, and that all births, marriages, and deaths be recorded in the register in the parish in which the family lived. Thus it happened that, some four hundred years ago, an Englishman nicknamed Sparrowhawk, handed his name down to his sons, and our family name became firmly established. Due to the popularity of the sparrow hawk, there were doubtless several men in England in the 16th century with the name, or nickname, of Sparrowhawk, who assumed it as their family name. They were probably widely scattered over the British Isles and were unrelated to each other. Therefore, persons


today with the name Sparrowhawk, or Sparks, cannot claim descent from the same ancestor merely because their name is the same.

It would be extremely interesting if we could know exactly who our own remote ancestor was who established the name as our family name. We should like to know why his neighbors called him “Sparrowhawk”--was he bold and active like the bird, or was he just the opposite and people called him “Sparrowhawk” to make fun of him? Or did some comic suggest that he actually resembled a sparrow hawk because of a hooked nose or protruding eyes? Or was he fond of the sport of falconry, possessing a large number of sparrow hawks trained for that purpose? Or did he operate an inn which had a picture of a sparrow hawk on its sign, and was known as “Sparrow-hawk’s Inn”? These questions must remain forever unanswered.

Knowing that the remote originators of the name Sparks were named Sparrowhawk, the question naturally arises, How and why did the name change? Elsdon C. Smith in his The Story of Our Names states: "Ever since surnames first became part of man’s full name, they have been changed, corrupted and multiplied almost beyond number by bringing to bear upon them many diverse influences.” One of the chief causes of the corruption of surnames, according to Smith, is “lingual abbreviations” and the example which he uses is “Spark for Sparrowhawk”. In other words, there is a tendency to shorten a name to make it easier and quicker to pronounce. In shortening Sparrowhawk, the first tendency was to eliminate the second syllable and to change the name to Sparhawk. In fact, this lingual abbreviation probably took place in some cases while the name was still just a nickname. In order to shorten the name still further, the tendency was to eliminate the “haw” sound, and the result was Spark. Both of these changes came very early in the evolution of the name, for in the Hundred Rolls of 1273 there was a Thomas Sperheuk in Lincolnshire and a Nicholas Sparke in Norfolk. It is also important to note that everyone name Sparrow- hawk did not change his name, or have it changed by others, to Spark. A few families retained the full, original form, while the name Sparhawk is common enough to be found in nearly any large city directory today.

During the 14th century the name Spark became more and more common as a surname. The records for this period are so meager, however, that it is virtually impossible to trace the relationships which probably existed between many of these families. A John Spark, of Berwick-on-Tweed, appears to have been rather prominent during the reign of Edward I. In the Patent Rolls there is a record dated July 6, 1292, which names this John Spark as “going beyond seas on the king’s affairs,” and on August 13, 1302, he was appointed one of the “collectors and receivers in the port of Berwick-on-Tweed of the new custom of 2s. a tun ... on all wines brought within the realm.” The earliest reference to a Spark in the Patent Rolls is dated August 17, 1279, on which date pardon was issued at Geddington by Edward I  “to Humphrey de Cheselade, in Ivelcestre gaol for the death of Adam Spark.”

The last change which took place in the name was the addition of the letter “s”, This change, according to most authorities, came about as a result of adding the possessive, that is, Spark’s, when a son was identified by using his father’s name. When a baptismal record was made, it was customany to enter the father’s name as well as that of the child, and it might read: “John, son of Richard Spark’s.” The same boy might be identified in the community of “Spark’s son.” In some names the word “son” became a part of the name, as in the case of “Wilcockson,” while in others only the possessive “s” was tacked on, as happened in the case of “Sparks.” The question immediately arises as to why all surnames do not end in "s”. One reason is that, though the genitive case ending of “s” came into official use in England in the 13th century, many years passed before it


became common in colloquial speech. Why one name acquired it and another did not, can seldom be determined. Perhaps in some cases it simply sounded better and was easier to pronounce. In any case, many of the families name Spark gradually changed to Sparks. This final change seems to have occurred largely during the 16th century, and by 1600 there were about as many persons named Sparks in England as were named Spark.

In some instances, it became customany to spell the name Sparkes. This was simply a matter of personal choice, however. There are many instances on record where two full brothers would use different spellings, one Sparks and the other Sparkes. There are legal records dated in the 1800’s where the same individual is referred to in one paragraph as Sparks and in the next as Sparkes.

From the earliest settlement in America, we find persons bearing this name which had derived from Sparrowhawk. It is interesting, however, that in nearly all instances, the form of the name found in this country has been Sparks, so that today for everyone named Spark, there are about one hundred named Sparks. In England, however, one form is nearly as common as the other. Guppy, in his The Homes of Family Names in Great Britain, published in 1890, states that in Sussex there are fourteen persons named Spark(e)s per 10,000 population; in Devon and Somersetshire, about half this number. According to the 1790 census of the United States, the ratio here was approximately two persons named Sparks per 10,000 population. If the same ratio exists today, there are at present (1967) about 40,000 men, women, and children in the United States with the surname of Sparks, or, in some cases, Sparkes.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *


We are pleased to inform new members and to remind old members that beautifully executed hand-painted copies of the Sparks coat of arms may be obtained from Mrs.
S. R. Rountree, Jr. Mrs. Rountree is herself a descendant of a branch of the Sparks family in the United States and is a member of the Association. Mrs. Rountree’s mother, Lois W. West, painted the Sparks coat of arms for many of our members until her death in 1966. Mrs. Rountree, who studied heraldic art from her mother, has taken up Mrs. West’s work.

Mrs. Rountree is willing to paint the Sparks coat of arms on heavy paper, suitable for framing, for any member of the Association for $5.00 per painting, plus fifty cents for handling and shipping. This is a real bargain, because most heraldic artists charge from $25.00 to $50.00 for comparable paintings.

Mrs. Rountree is willing to paint coats of arms belonging to other families for $10.00 each, plus fifty cents for handling and shipping. Where an individual can supply Mrs. Rountree with an exact description of the coat of arms desired, he should do so, but Mrs. Rountree has an extensive library on heraldic art and she is willing to make a search for the coat of arms belonging to a given family upon request.

Orders should be sent to the following address: Mrs. S. R. Rountree, Jr.,
                                                                                  Rt. 1, Box 114,
                                                                                  Gatesville, North Carolina






(Editor’s Note: This record of the descendants of Robert Sparks (1777-1831) by Miss White, whose home is in Shelbina, Missouri (209 East Spruce Street), was begun in the QUARTERLY of June 1967. In addition to a sketch of the lives of Robert Sparks and his wife Isabelle (Ford) Sparks, that issue contained Miss White’s record of the descendants of John Ford Sparks (1799-1871), the eldest son of Robert and Isabelle (Ford) Sparks. In this issue we present her record of the descendants of James Parnell Sparks (1801- 1846), the second child of Robert and Isabelle (Ford) Sparks.)

[Scanner's Note:  Referring to this article, the following was published in the June, 1976 issue of the QUARTERLY, Whole No. 94, on page 1833: 


In the June 1967, December 1967, June 1968, and December 1968 issues of the QUARTERLY we published a series of articles about the descendants of Robert Sparks (1777-1831) of Madison County, Virginia, and Henry County, Kentucky. Our readers are requested to make the following corrections and additions to these articles:" (here on pages 1833 & 1834 follows the corrections and additions). 

[Scanner's Note (cont.) The corrections will be inserted in place of the original material where practical.  Lengthy corrections and additions will be added where appropriate.  All changes will be printed in italics.]


James Parnell Sparks, the second son of Robert and Isabelle (Ford) Sparks, was probably born in Shelby County, Kentucky  Madison County, Virginia, on January 4, 1801, and died in Monroe County, Missouri, on June 1, 1846. He was married on September 25, 1823, to Sarah Elizabeth Threlkeld. Known by her nickname “Sally”, she was born in 1801 and died on June 11, 1845. James Parnell Sparks moved with his family from Henry County, Kentucky, to Missouri in 1839. He and his wife are buried on their farm about six miles south-west of Shelbina, Missouri. They were the parents of thirteen children:
  1. Isabelle (“Ibby”) Jane Sparks, born in 1829.
  2. Elijah T. Sparks, born December 22, 1826.
  3. William M. Sparks, born February 2, 1828.
  4. Martha Margaret Sparks, born June 28, 1830.
  5. Phoebe Ann Sparks, born December 3, 1831.
  6. Robert T. Sparks, born March 17, 1833.
  7. John Franklin Sparks, born January 4, 1835.
  8. Sarah Elizabeth (“Bet”) Sparks, born August 7, 1836.
  9. Nancy Ellen Sparks, born April 2, 1838 (?).
10. Mitt Sparks, born - - - - -.
11. Samuel A. Sparks, born June 26, 1842.
12. George R. Sparks, born 1845 (?) - - perhaps twin of Mary.
13. Mary Catherine Sparks, born February 11, 184

1. Isabelle (“Ibby”) Jane Sparks, daughter of James Parnell and Sally (Threlkeld) 
Sparks, was born in Henry County, Kentucky. We know that she was the eldest 
daughter in the family, but her exact birth date is unknown. She married David 
Thomas. They are known to have had at least four children:
(1) Christy Gentry Thomas, son of David and Ibby Jane (Sparks) Thomas, was born February 18, 1849; he was married in Shelby County, Missouri, on February 27, 1876, to Mary E. Stalcup of Monroe County, Mo. They had two daughters: 
(A) Anna B. Thomas; and 
(B) Lizzie M. Thomas.
(2) Bob Thomas, son of David and Ibby Jane (Sparks) Thomas.
(3) Buddie Thomas, son of David and Ibby Jane (Sparks) Thomas.
(4) Irvin Thomas, son of David and Ibby Jane (Sparks) Thomas.


2. Elijah T. Sparks, son of James Parnell and Sally (Threlkeld) Sparks, was born in  Henry County, Kentucky, on December 22, 1826, and died on June 24, 1866. He married Hardenia R. Maupin; she died on February 2, 1853, and was buried on the James Parnell Sparks farm along with four infants, with no names. Elijah T. Sparks married as his second wife Virginia Maupin, who was born December 24, 1828, and died March 18, l853(?). She also was buried on the James Parnell Sparks  farm near Shelbina, Missouri. Elijah T. Sparks had one son:
(1) Thomas U. Sparks, son of Elijah and Hardenia (Maupin) Sparks, married 
Winnie Fenley. He was a druggest and his name is on the front of a building in Shelbina, Missouri, where his business was located. It is dated 1880.

3. William U. Sparks, son of James Parnell and Sally (Threlkeld) Sparks, was born in Henry County, Kentucky, on February 2, 1828; he died on February 18, 1865, and     was buried in Shelbina, Missouri. He was married in Henry County, Kentucky, on October 11, 1853, to Mary E. List; she was born July 27, 1836, and died on May 2, 1914; she was buried in Shelbina, Missouri. They were the parents of seven children:
 (1) Lucy Jane Sparks, daughter of William U. and Mary E. (List) Sparks, was  born June 25, 1855.
(2) George W. (“Shot”) Sparks, son of William M. and Mary H. (List) Sparks, was born May 25, 1856; he married Bessie Blake on February 1881. They had two children:
(A) Mary Sparks, born April 23, 1886.
(B) George W. Sparks, born October 26, 1892; he was married in 1934 to Gladys Edwards, who was born March 17, 1902. They had one son, George W. Sparks III, who was born June 20, 1937. They all live in Moberly, Missouri.
(3) Leonard Smith Sparks, son of William M. and Mary E. (List) Sparks, was born June 1, 1859; he married in Shelby County, Missouri, on December 14, 1886, Sarah Adelaide “Addie” Fuqua, who was born February 21, 1863, and died October 1, 1918. Leonard died on   November 22, 1910. Both are buried in Shelbina, Missouri. They were the parents of four children:
(A) Pat Sparks, born October 14, 1887; married in South America.
(B) Wailer Calvin Sparks, born July 25, 1889, died 1947. He married Margaret Wohlschlaeger and they had two children:
(a) Leonard Shelby Sparks.
(b) Glorea Jane Sparks, born Sept. 3, 1932.
(C) Julia Sparks, born September 21, 1892; never married.
(D) Maurine Sparks, born August 24, 1896; she married Charles  Mitchell Martin.
(4) James Powell Sparks, son of William M. and Mary B. (List) Sparks, was born on December 9, 1860, and died in 1933. He was married to Eliza Galliher, who was born in 1865 and died in 1948. They had two children:
(A) lone Sparks, born October 31, 1890; married Homer Brook.
(B) Lawrence Sparks, born November 6, 1892; he is a retired dentist in Moberly, Missouri. He married Bernice Crosby and they had two daughters; he married as his second wife Lillie Mae Evens who was born April 9, 1896. His two daughters were 
(a) Carol Jane Sparks, and 
(b) Dorothy Sparks.


     Children of William M. and Mary B. (List) Sparks, continued:
(5) Nellie D. Sparks, daughter of William M. and Mary E. (List) Sparks, was  born - - - - -; she died on August 13, 1861, at the age of one year. (She must have been a twin of either Leonard or James.)
(6) Sarah Melvina Sparks, daughter of William M. and Mary B. (List) Sparks, was born on October 9, 1862, and died on August 12, 1862.
(7) Marion Hill Sparks, daughter of William U. and Mary B. (List) Sparks, was born - - - - -. 

4. Martha Margaret Sparks, daughter of James Parnell and Sally (Threlkeld) Sparks,  was born in Henry County, Kentucky, on June 28, 1830, and died in 1923. He was married to George Herndon, who was born in Kentucky in 1822 and died on June 15, 1849. He is buried on the James Parnell Sparks farm south-west of Shelbina, Missouri. Martha Margaret then married as her second husband, on March 2, 1851, Newton Adams of Pleasureville, Kentucky; he was born January 1, 1823, and died June 6, 1919. They are buried in Shelbina, Missouri. Martha Margaret  was the mother of eleven children.
(1) James P. Herndon, son of George and Martha Margaret (Sparks) Herndon, was born August 5, 1849, and died March 12, 1861; he was buried on the James Parnell Sparks farm south-west of Shelbina, Missouri.
(2) Sarah Catherine Adams, daughter of Newton and Martha Margaret (Sparks) Adams, was born November 27, 1851, and died November 24, 1948 (or 1948); she married John C. Combs, born 1842, died 1922.
(3) Anne B. Adams, daughter of Newton and Martha Margaret (Sparks) Adams, was born February 12, 1854, and died February 26, 1863. She is buried at Crooked Creek, Missouri.
 (4) Mary Susan Adams, daughter of Newton and Martha Margaret (Sparks) Adams, was born May 31, 1856, and died March 12, 1863. She is buried  at Crooked Creek, Missouri.
 (5) Lucy Margaret Adams, daughter of Newton and Martha Margaret (Sparks) Adams, was born May 5, 1858, and died December 23, 1937. She was married on December 20, 1880, to Charles Henry “Brooks” Magruder, who was born November 30, 1853, and died December 7, 1937; he was from Monroe County, Missouri; they were married in Shelby County. Both are buried in Shelbina. They were the parents of eight children:
 (A) Margaret Catherine Magruder, born October 11, 1882, in Monroe County, Missouri. She married in Monroe County on January 26, 1902, Perry James, who was born March 17, 1880, and died May 6, 1962. They had two children:
(a) Lucille James, born Jan. 29, 1903; she married Dec. 6, 1924,  Gale Freeman, born Jan. 22, 1902, died Oct. 16, 1957.
(b) Lloyd Magruder James, born July 21, 1913, died Oct. 16, 1913.
(B) Travis Newton “Shelly” Magruder, born 1884, died 1932.  He married Sally Patterson, who was born in 1880.  They had one daughter, Adaline Magruder, who married Morris Osborn.


               Children of Lucy Margaret Adams and Charles H. Magruder, continued:
 (C) Pearl Magruder, born 1886; she married Verdie Patterson, who was  born in 1883 and died in 1961. They had two children:
(a) James Henry Magruder, born Nov., 1918; he married  Margaret Garrison On July 1, 1939. She was born Sept. 7, 1921. They have six children: 
(1) Shirley Magruder, born Feb. 16, 1941; 
(2) Charolet Magruder, born July 14, - - - -; 
(3) James Weldon Magruder, born June 5, 1945, 
(4) Nelle Jean Magruder, born June 30, 1946; 
(5) Pearl Melvin Magruder, born June 26, 1956;
(6) Margret Elizabeth Magruder, born Oct. 10, 1959.
(b) Mary Virginia Magruder; she married Paul Vollmer (or Vollumer). They had two daughters: 
(1) Kay Vollmer, and 
(2) Adaline Vollmer.
(D) Letta Bell Magruder, born February 20, 1888, died March 11, 1888; buried at Crooked Creek, Missouri.
(E) Roy Lee Magruder, married Edna Seine. They had two children:
(a) William Henry Magruder.
(b) Lena Margaret Magruder, married - - - - - Tedder; they had a son named Michel Tedder.
(F) Nelle Magruder, married Russell Lasley. They had three sons:
(a) Charles Henry Lasley; he married and has two children,
(1) Pamala Susan Lasley
(2) Charles Henry Lasley.
(b) John Russell Lasley; he married and has two daughters:
(1) Rebecca Anne Lasley
(2) Patricia Ellen Lasley.
(c) Robert Combs Lasley; he married - - - - - Ziercher;  they have a son named David.
(G) Henry Magruder, married Ethel Caidwell. They had two children:
(a) Robert Lee Magruder, married Thresa Wood and had children named Lillian and Steve.
(b) Margaret Magruder, married Kenneth Jones.
(H) Robert Jennings “Jim” Magruder, born October 6, 1896, died March 28, 1963. He married Alma H. Draughn, who was born October 8,  1899. They had three children:
(a) Joyce Elaine Magruder, married Hughbert Snook; they  have two children, Linda and Bobby.
(b) Josephine Magruder, married “Little Doc” James Parker. They have one child, Pamala Parker
(c) Charles Evert Magruder, married Erinice Hobbs. They  had a son named Robert Lee.
(6) W. Otis Adams, son of Newton and Martha Margaret (Sparks) Adams, was born January 2, 1860, and died February 8, 1929; he married Lena  Goodnight. They had one child, a daughter named Margaret.


     Descendants of Martha Margaret (Sparks) Adams, continued:
(7) Robert Preston Adams, son of Newton and Martha Margaret (Sparks) Adams, was born December 20, 1861, and died July 2, 1910. He was married to Martha Coard on March 25, 1897.
(8) Mattie Adams, daughter of Newton and Martha Margaret (Sparks) Adams, was born January 24, 1864, and died in 1956; she was married on October 21, 1885, to W. Basil Williamson. They had five children:
(A) Willie Mae Williamson, born October, 1886; died October 11, 1959; she married John Edward Byrd, who was born on November 14, 1882. They had two children:
(a) Eugene Byrd; he married and had a child named Regina Byrd.
(b) Mary Martha Byrd, married Kenneth J. Cissna.  They had two children: 
(1) James W. “Jim” Cissna, married Mary Lynn Taylor
(2) Kay Cissna.
(B) Weldon T. Williamson, born April 5, 1888, died December 5, 1918; he married Lenora Ridgway. They had a daughter named Katherine  Wlliamson who married Weldon Blackford. She had two children, Ray Weldon and Kathy Anne Blackford.
(C) Margaret “Madge” Williamson, born January 8, 1890; she was married on September 6, 1910, to William Maddox, who was born January 1, 1888, and died November 20, 1962. They had  six children:
(a) Joe Weldon Maddox, married Martha Millard on July 7, 1942; she was born June 28, 1941. They have four children: 
(1) John Paul Maddox, born Jan. 27, 1943; 
(2) Joe Weldon Maddox, born March 12, 1944;
(3) Robert Millard Maddox, born July 7, 1945;
(4) William Woods Maddox, born Jan. 17, 1947.
(b) Margaret Maddox, married James Towson; they had one son, Billy Towson.
(c) Marion Maddox, married J. T. Johnson; they had two sons, Tom and Jim.
(d) Jane Maddox, married Fred Richards, who was born Oct. 17, 1916, and died June 13, 1959. They had two sons, Richie and Craig.
(e) R. W. Maddox, married and had four sons, Bruce, David,  Mark, and Mike.
(f) Pricilla Maddox, married Dr. L. L. Davis of Mexico, 
Missouri. They had four children: Pricilla, Elizabeth, 
Donna, and Madge.
(D) Jean Williamson, married Robert Martin. They had three children:
(a) Infant son, born and died on July 3, 1921.
(b) Mary Martin, born - - - - -, married  - - - - - Brink. They had five children: Mike, Dan, Carol, Bill, and Richie.
(c) Doris Helen, born - - - - -; married - - - - -Bennett and had
three children: Tom, Bob, and Susan Bennett
(H) Helen Williamson, born July 1, 1904; married to Roger Finney in 1940.


Descendants of Martha Margaret (Sparks) Adams, continued:
(9) Newton T. Adams, son of Newton and Martha Margaret (Sparks) Adams, was born on July 29, 1866, in Shelbina, Missouri, and died on June 25, 1935, in Jerome, Idaho. He was married on May 30, 1894, to Anna Laura Brown,  who was born March 31, 1876 in Morissa, Illinois, and died September 4, 1954, in Kansas City, Missouri. They had three children:
(A) Margaret Adams, born May 13, 1897, in Maryville, Kansas; she was married to Guy Phorris, who died April 9, 1932, in Jerome, Idaho. Margaret then married Charles Hohnhorst. She and her first husband had six children:
(a) Harold Guy “Pat” Phorris.
(b) Henry Brown “Duge” Phorris.
(c) John Colemoa Phorris.
(d) Carl Jerome “Bud” Phorris.
(e) Betty Jean Phorris.
(f)  Earl “Skett” Phorris.
(B) Henry Newton Adams, born February 4, 1898, in Montgomery County, Kansas; he was married, first, to Cora Flothers.  They were divorced and he married as his second wife, on September 20, 1943, Eunice F. Welker, ho was born November 3, 1905, in Bloomington, Bear Lake County, Idaho. He died on January 15, 1965 in Ada County, Idaho. He had three children by his first wife:
(a) Robert Elmer Adams, born Feb. 22, 1929; he married on  Feb. 24, 1952, Bernice Lavelle Stickler, born Nov. 15, 1922. They have two children, Randy Merrill Adams,  born Jan. 24, 1953; and Mark Edward Adams, born Oct. 22, 1954.
(b) Shirley Morlene Adams, born Jan, 28, 1931; she  married Kenneth Lee Blackburn on July 18, 1952; he was born Sept. 2, 1928. They had five children: Sherry Denise, born June 9, 1954; Randa Gail, born July 10, 1956; Tammy Jeanette, born Nov. 9, 1957; Gina Len,  born Nov. 6, 1959; and Merissa Lynn, born April 27, 1961.
(c) Gina Beth Adams, born Jan. 15, 1933; she was married on Feb. 19,1950, to Russell Dean Blackburn, who was born Feb. 2, 1930. They have three children: Robert Russell, born Oct. 26, 1950;  Cristen Scott, born June 27, 1955; and Donna, born June 3, 1964.
(C) Edwin B. Adams, born January 15, 1907; he married on September  7, 1927, Ruth Showier, who was born April 8, 1910. They had four children:
(a) Ralph Edwin Adams, born May 30, 1930; he married Patricia Ann Wessella on Sept. 27, 1958. They have two children Julia Katherine, born Sept. 21, 1959; and Eric Stuart, born Sept. 14, 1961.


                              Children of Edwin B. and Ruth (Showier) Adams continued:
(b) Jack Newton Adams, born Sept. 30, 1932, married on Jan. 28,1951, to Eleanor Madlen; they bad three children. He married again on Oct. 31, 1965, Diane Hutchens, who was born Aug. 16, 1936. She had two children whom Jack adopted, and they had one.   These six children are: Thomas Newton Adams, born June 15, 1955; Barbara Ann Adams, born March 9, 1960; Nancy Lynne Adams, born April 1, 1962; Susan  Diane Adams, born Aug. 27, 1966; Cynthia Lynn Adams, born Dec. 3, 1962; and Jennifer Lynn Adams,  born Jan. 5, 1964.
(c) Robert Lynn Adams, born Feb. 19, 1934; he married on Dec. 18, 1954, Louise Chapin. They have three children: Stephaine Lynne Adams, born Feb. 24, 1959; Michele Louise Adams, born July 21, 1962; and Melissa Ruth Adams, born April 14, 1965.
(d) Caroline Ruth Adams, born February 16, 1940; she married June 29, 1957, DeWitt Moss. They have two children: Kevin DeWitt Moss, born Jan. 7, 1959; and Gregory Edwin Moss, born April 7, 1961.
(10) Jane Adams, daughter of Newton and Martha Margaret (Sparks) Adams, was born December 30, 1868. She died May, 1947.
(11) Virinie Adams, daughter of Newton and Martha Margaret (Sparks) Adams, was born April 28, 1871. She died October 30, 1957; she married Henry Gerling. They had two children:
(A) John Henry Gerling, married Virginia - - - - -.
(B) Pauline Gerling, married Philip John Hickey, who was born April 13, 1896, and died March 20, 1965. They had two children:
(a) Mary Margaret “Peggy” Hickey; she married Bill Ratz. They had a daughter named Gertrude Ratz.
(b) Carol Hickey; she married Warren Fayart; they had three children: John, Charles, and Caroline.

5. Phoebe Ann Sparks, daughter of James Parnell and Sally (Threlkeld) Sparks,  was born December 3, 1831; she died on January 12, 1893, and was buried in the Greenwood Methodist Cemetery near Shelbina, Missouri. She married Fountain C. Sparks, son of John Ford and Patsy (Threlkeld) Sparks, in Henry County, Kentucky, on July 30, 1848. They were the parents of twelve children. A record of these  children and their descendants appears in the record of Fountain (or Fountion) C. Sparks in the June, 1967, issue of the QUARTERLY (Vol. XV, No. 2, Whole No. 58) pp. 1065-1067. These twelve children were named: 
  (1) John William Sparks, born June 17, 1849; 
  (2) Mary Jane Sparks, born in 1851; 
  (3) James Henry Sparks, born in 1853;
  (4) Martha Isabel Sparks, born June 19, 1856; 
  (5) Elias Magruder Sparks, born March 3, 1859; 
  (6) Theodor D. Sparks, born June 18, 1861; 
  (7) Edgar Crockett Sparks, born in 1864; 
  (8) Andrew Johnson Sparks, born in 1866;
  (9) Sarah Lorena Sparks, born in 1868;
(10) Charles Ford Sparks, born April 16, 1870; 
(11) Fountain George Sparks, born in 1872; and 
(12) Emett Alonzo Sparks, born in 1874.


6. Robert T. Sparks, son of James Parnell and Sally (Threlkeld) Sparks, was born in Henry County, Kentucky, on March 17, 1833, and died on November 7, 1904; he was buried at Crooked Creek Baptist Cemetery in Monroe County, Missouri. He was married, first, in 1854 to Elizabeth A. Warren; she was born in 1832 and died  on May 1, 1862. He married as his second wife in 1865, Addlin (Lusk) Bates, who died in 1872. Robert T. Sparks then married on December 27, 1874, Eliza A.  (Patrick) Withers, who was born in 1837 in Monroe County, Kentucky, and died on December 9, 1911; she was buried at Crooked Creek. Robert T. Sparks had six children:
 (1) Infant son of Robert and Elizabeth (Warren) Sparks was born in 1854, and died in youth.
(2) Mary Chatrick “Mollie” Sparks, daughter of Robert T. and Elizabeth (Warren) Sparks, was born in Monroe County, Missouri, on December 25, 1857, and died on May 8, 1964, living to be 106 years old. She died in Quincy, Illinois, and was buried in Shelbina, Missouri. She was married on March 3, 1887, to Lee K. Maupin, at the residence of the bride’s home, the minister being W. B. Craig, Baptist. They had five children:
(A) Harry S. Maupin, born December 11, 1587, married on October 17, 1911, Maude Powell.
(B) Ruby Lee Maupin, born March 16, 1890, died November 26, 1918; she married August 9, 1911, Fletcher N. Wood, who was born January 26, 1892. They had one daughter:
(a) Winifred Leeallen Wood, born Feb. 28, 1913; she married Donald R. Butterfield on Sept. 10, 1938; he was born April 1, 19--. They had two children: Robert Keith Butterfield, born March 10, 1941; and Linda 
Butterfield, born March 4, 1945.
(C) Willie Ben Maupin, born in Shelby County, Missouri, on May 20, l893;she married on May 8, 1929, Richard French “Dick” Taylor, who was born June 15, 1893, and died on November 10, 1964. They had three children:
(a) Mary Elizabeth Taylor, born July 28, 1930; she married Sept, 23, 1951, William Lewis Wilt, who was born Jan. 5, 1928. They had two girls: Anne Renee Wilt, born Jan. 3, 1957; and Sandra Kay Wilt, born Nov. 22, 1958. They live in Brookfield, Missouri.
(b) Charlotte Ann Taylor, born Jan. 18, 1932; she was married on Aug. 3, 1952, to John N. Perry, who was born Oct. 22, 1928. They have four children: 
(1) Jean Ann Perry, born Aug. 9, 1956; 
(2) Janet Sue Perry, born Dec. 13, 1958
(3) Julie Lynn Perry, born Dec. 21, 1961; and 
(4) Joe Alan Perry, born March 25, 1964.
(c) Richard French Taylor, Jr., born May 5, 1936; he married Sept. 3, 1960, Joyce Lee Thoein, who wasborn on Oct. 28, 1938. They have one child:Leigh AnnTaylor, born Dec. 28, 1966.


  Children of Mary Chatrick “Mollie” Sparks and her husband, Lee K. Maupin, continued:
(D) John Henry Maupin, born in Shelby County, Missouri, on August 31, 1896; and died on August 25, 1964; he was buried in Clarence, Missouri. He was married on Aug. 5, 1921, to Melcenia J. Wood, who was born December 13, 1901. They had three children:
(a) Audry Gene Maupin, born Jan. 7, 1923; he married July 30, 1952, Mary Elizabeth Walker, who was born Jan. 20, 1929. They had one son: Richard Kent Maupin, born Oct. 28, 1949.
(b) Ruby Helen Maupin, born Jan. 1, 1925; she married Feb.22, 1947, Harold Leslie Downing, who was born Oct. 9, 1924, and died July 7, 1962, She then married on Dec. 28, 1963, Bill M. Gibson, who was born Dec. 23, 1924. By her first husband she bad the following 
(1) John Leslie Downing, born July 3, 1951; 
(2) Gary Randall Downing, born Feb. 26, 1953; 
(3) Cynthia Lynn Downing, born June 24, 1958.
(c) Patricia Louise Maupin, born July 4, 1927; she was married on June 4, 1949, to Paul Keith Lorimer, who was born March 26, 1921. They have three children:
(1) Patrick Harold Lorimer, born March 17, 1950;
(2) Michael Paul Lorimer, twin, born March 17, 1950; and 
(3) Kathalee Lorimer, born Nov. 7, 1951.
(E) Elizabeth Maupin, born in Shelby County, Missouri, on July 28, 
1900; she married Homer Albert Wallace, who was born on 
 July 4, 1889. They were married on March 10, 1929. No children.
(3) Willie A. Sparks, daughter of Robert T. and Elizabeth (Warren) Sparks, was born on January 8, 1862; he married on August 11, 1886, in Shelby County,  Missouri, by O. B, Brownson,minister of the Baptist Church, to K.  Henry Marquette, of Shelbina, Missouri. They had four children:
(A) Mary Marquette, married Fred Burkhart.
(B) Violet Marquette, married Lee Smith.
(C) Roland Marquette, married Helen - - - - -.
(D) Lee Marquette.
(4) Lillian D. Sparks, daughter of Robert T. and Addlin (Lusk) Sparks, was born on December 4, 1866, and died on August 27, 1944; she was buried in Shelbina, Missouri. She was married in Shelbina on October 10, 1893, to Jobn S. Miles, who was born on April 19, 1864, and died on January 27, 1945. They were married by 0. L. Brownson, minister of the Baptist Church. They had one daughter:
(A) Adeline C. Miles, born May 10, 1895; married Nov. 6, 1919, Lloyd W. King, who was born in 1892. They had one daughter, Katherine L. King, who was born Oct. 10, 1920; she married June 18, 1949,  J. Warren Head; they have two sons: Wallace L. Head, born Mar. 21, 1950; and John W. Head, born Mar. 8, 1953.


          Descendants of Robert T. Sparks, continued:
(5) Fredrick Sparks, son of Robert T. and Addlin (Lusk) Sparks, was born . His mother died either at his birth or shortly thereafter and he was reared by his mother’s sister, Amanda J. Lusk, who married J. M. Bates. Fredrick  Sparks married Farrell. They had a son named Irvin Bates Sparks.
(6) James Ludson Sparks, son of Robert T. and Eliza A. (Patrick) Sparks, was born on March 24, 1876, and died on June 18, 1906. He is buried at the Crooked Creek Baptist Cemetery south of Shelbina, Missouri.


7. John Franklin Sparks, son of James Parnell and Sally (Threlkeld) Sparks, was born Missouri. He was married in Shelby County, Missouri, on March 2, 1871, to Mary B. (List) Sparks, widow of his brother, William N. Sparks. She was born July 27, 1836, and died on May 2, 1914. John Franklin and Mary B. (List) Sparks were the  parents of three children:
(1) Gerald Sparks, son of John and Mary (List) Sparks, was born December 7, 1872, and died April 24, 1926; be was married on November 27, 1893, to Stella Hughes, who was born on February 10, 1870, and died on March 10, 1960. They are buried in Moberly, Missouri. They had two daughters:
(A) Joyce Sparks, born April 17, 1896; lives in Moberly.
(B) Helen Sparks, born Aug. 10, 1901; lives in Moberly.
(2) Ada Bell Sparks, daughter of John and Mary (List) Sparks, was born in 1876; she married Yancy E. Sullivan. They had two children:
(A) John Sullivan; he married and had a son named Charles Yancy E. Sullivan.
(B) Mary Frances Sullivan; she married Ben Baker and (second) Edwin  Edney.
(3) Alvin Sparks, son of John and Mary (List) Sparks, was also born in 1876, a twin to Ada Bell Sparks. He died on Dec. 12, 1876.

8. Sarah Elizabeth “Bet” Sparks, daughter of James Parnell and Sally (Threlkeld) 
Sparks, was born on August 7, 1836, and died on July 19,1921; she was married to Henry S. Sparks, who was a son of John Ford and Patsy (Threlkeld) Sparks. He was born in Henry County, Kentucky, on December 30, 1830, and died on February 19, 1892. They had two children: 
(1) Mary “Nora” Sparks, born in 1854; and 
 (2) George T. “Short” Sparks, born in 1857.  A record of this family appears on page 1074 of the June, 1967, issue   of the QUARTERLY, Vol. XV, No. 2, Whole No. 58.
9. Nancy Ellen Sparks, daughter of James Parnell and Sally (Threlkeld) Sparks, was born on April 2, 1837, according to family records; this cannot be correct, of course, if her sister, Sarah Elizabeth Sparks, was born on August 7, 1836. She died on January 16, 1911. She married Henry Terrence Smith, who was born on June 16, 1835, and died on August 11, 1905; they are both buried in the Catholic Cemetery in Shelbina, Missouri. They were the parents of nine children:

 (1) Theresa Smith, daughter of Henry T. and Nancy Ellen (Sparks) Smith, was
born . She married William Eubanks.


     Descendants of Nancy Ellen Sparks and her husband, Henry Terrence Smith, 
 (2) Mary Jane Smith, daughter of Henry T. and Nancy Ellen (Sparks) Smith, married John Higgins as her first husband. She later married Charles Hultz.  She had three children:
(A) Fred Higgins, son of John and Mary Jane (Smith) Higgins, married 
Jane Houghton. They had two children:
(a) Finice Higgins, married Edith Barton; they had a daughter named Carol Lee Higgins.
(b) Daisey Lee Higgins, married Harvey Chapman; they had a daughter named Iva Jane Chapman.
(B) Sally Higgins, daughter of John and Mary Jane (Smith) Higgins, 
was born in 1888 and died in 1957; she married Jim Orr, who 
was born in 1879. They had eight children:
(a) Denver Orr, born 1913; married Alta MoClimen. They have two daughters: Kathy, born 1954; and Susan Jan Orr, born 1956.
(b) Floyd Orr, born 1917; married Rhoda Bell Walker. They had two children: Floyd A. Orr, Jr., born 1954; and Betty June Orr, born 1956.
(c) Naomi Orr, born 1927; married Charles Phillips and, second, Buford Dooley. She bad one son, Charles Wesley Phillips, born 1946.
(d) Robert Lee Orr, born 1925, died 1956
(e) Ann Pearl Orr.
(f)  Clifford Earl Orr.
(g) Opal Mae Orr.
(h) Harry Lee Orr.
(C) Albert Roy Hultz, son of Charles and Mary Jane (Smith) Hultz, was 
born in 1889 and died in 1961; he married Margaret Maude Keith,
who was born in 1905. They had seven children:
(a) Martin Leroy Hultz, born 1932; married Darlene Marie Gardner. They had four children: Linda Lee, born 1955; Karen Kay, born 1956; Dua Darlene, born 1958; and Martha Sue, born 1962.
(b) Victor Finice Hultz, born 1932; married Rebecca Lucille Armel. They had three children: Michael Gene, born 1957; Patricia Jane, born 1959; Judy Elaine, born 1961; Benjamin Roy, born 1962; and Steven Edward, born 1964.
(c) Marvin Albert Thiltz, born 1934; married Elsie Marie Stone, who was born in 1940. They had three children: Debra Marie, born 1959; Sandra Lucille, born 1961; and Cynthia Jo, born 1964.
(d) Jim Orville Hultz, born 1937; married Bonnie Ann Cha. Two daughters: Kimberly Ann, born 1962; and Brenda  Kay, born 1963.


                              Children of Albert Roy and Margaret Maude (Keith) Hultz, continued:
(e) Lloyd Ray Hultz, born 1939; married Carolyn Sue Ketchum. They have two sons, Terry Dale, born 1961; and Tommy, born 1962.
(f) Walter Edward lutz, born 1941; married Sarah Jane Stone. They have three children: Randy Lee, born 1960; Ricky Linn, born 1961; and Robby Lane, born 1963.
(g) Joe Fredrick Hultz, born 1943.
(3) Sarah Catherine “Kate” Smith, daughter of Henry T. and Nancy Ellen (Sparks) Smith, was born in 1865 and died in 1943. She married Robert Lee Sparks, son of Robert F. and Polina Jane Sparks, who was born February 5, 1866, and died February 15, 1895. Following his death, she married as her second husband, Henry Veal, who was born in 1860 and died in 1937. Kate and Henry are buried in Shelbina, Missouri. She had  two children by  her first husband, Robert Lee Sparks, and one child by her second husband. Her children by Robert Lee Sparks were 
(A) Maggie Sparks; and 
(B) Marvin Lee Sparks. A record of these two children appears on pages 1071 and 1072 of the June, 1967, QUARTERLY, Vol. XV,  No, 2, Whole No. 58.The child by her second husband, Henry Veal, was named George Veal.  He was born on July 5, 1903, and died on November 12, 1912.
(4) Rose Smith, daughter of Henry T. and Nancy Ellen (Sparks) Smith, was born; she married Dr. A. C. Forsythe. They had one daughter:
 (A) Anna Mae Forsythe; she married Laurence Peters. They had one son:
(a) Larry Peters; he married Shirley Ann Bried. They had a daughter, Cynthia Lynn Peters.
(5) Effie Smith, daughter of Henry T. and Nancy Ellen (Sparks) Smith, was born.  She was buried in the Catholic Cemetery in Shelbina, Missouri. She  apparently died in youth.
(6) A child of Henry T. and Nancy Ellen (Sparks) Smith, died in youth; name not  known.
(7) Nancy Isabelle Smith, daughter of Henry T. and Nancy Ellen (Sparks) Smith,  was born in Monroe County, Missouri, on January 6, 1875; she died on March 8, 1930; buried in Shelbina, Missouri. She married Felix Grundy Veal, who was born on February 14, 1872. They had three children:
(A) Nelle Mae Veal, born June 29, 1901, died July 13, 1963. She married Guy London Welker, who was born July 12, 1898, and died March 24, 1954.
(B) Thomas Gentry Veal, born Oct. 2, 1903; married Helen Parmaenter. They had two children:
(a) Joan Veal, born Dec, 31, 19--; she married Gerry   Paradies. They adopted a boy named Mark.
(b) Thomas Gentry Veal, born June 30, 1942.


                    Children of Nancy Isabelle Smith and her husband, Felix Grundy Veal,
(C) Alma Margaret Veal, daughter of Nancy Isabelle Smith and Felix  Grundy Veal, was born June 23, 1911; she married Mike Wingate in 1932; following his death she married Harlan Curtis DeWitt in 1939; he was born August 10, 1907. By her second husband, she had two children:
(a) DeeAnna DeWitt, born Nov. 30, 1941; married  Robert Knapp Stalcup, born April 25, 1939; they have  a son: John Robert Stalcup, born Dec. 17, 1962.
(b) John Harlan DeWitt, born Nov. 7, 1944.
(8) Lucy M. Smith, daughter of Henry T. and Nancy Ellen (Sparks) Smith, was born December 11, 1878, and died August 4, 1950; she was buried in Shelbina, Missouri. She married John E. Goodnight, who was born April 22, 1873. They had seven children:
(A) Lois Goodnight, born Feb. 7, 1900; she married Guy Davenport. They had two sons:
(a) Richard Davenport; he married Shirley Morris.
(b) Jack Davenport.
(B) Harry Goodnight, born Feb. 3, 1902; he married Lillian Dee Ramsey, who was born Jan. 23, 1909. They have a daughter named Daelyne Goodriight, who married Kenneth Mayes and had four   children: Kenny, Donnie, Julia, and Billy.
(C) Ray Goodnight, born Oct. 5, 1904; he married Caroline Kern.
(D) Anna Bell Goodnight, born May 7, 1907; she married Richard Young, then Jim Steers.
(E) Irene Goodnight, born March 14, 1910; she married William “Buster” Hayes. They had three children:
(a) Judy Hayes.
(b) Bill Hayes..
(c) Gyla Hayes.
(F) John Goodnight, born June 7, 1916; he married Helen Burke. They  had two children:
(a) Larry Joe Goodnight.
(b) Joana K. Goodnight; she married James C. Lucas.
(G) Joe Goodnight, born June 5, 1919; he married Phyllis Nelson, whowas born April 17, 19--. They had four children:
(a) Michelene Goodnight, born Sept. 23, 1946; married Jan.14, 1967, Robert C. Farley, who was born March 21,1946.
(b) Joelene Goodnight, born Oct. 26, 1947.
(c) Marlene Goodnight, born May 17, 1951; married in  March, 1967, Sam Matter.
(d) Mary Ann Goodnight, born Jan. 28, 1959.
(9) Joe Smiith, son of Henry T. and Nancy Ellen (Sparks) Smith, was born -----; he married Ruth . No children.


10. Mitt Sparks, daughter of James Parnell and Sally (Threlkeld) Sparks, was born   - - - - -. She had no family.
11. Samuel A. Sparks, son of James Parnell and Sally (Threlkeld) Sparks, was born  June 26, 1842; he was married on October 20, 1869, to George Ann Warren, born 1846, died 1923. They had three children:
(1) Zenora Sparks, daughter of Samuel A. and George Ann (Warren) Sparks,  was born in August, 1871, and died on February 16, 1872. She was buried at Crooked Creek.
(2) Angus Sparks, son of Samuel A. and George Ann (Warren) Sparks, married Gertie Lee Francis, who was born in 1880 and died in 1928; buried at Shelbina. They had four children:
[Scanner's Note:  The original data is replaced by that on SQ p. 1834.] 
The children of Angus and Gertie Lee (Francis) Sparks were: Vinata Pearl Sparks, born in 1899, who married Degar McKinley Potter; Vadon Maurice Sparks, born in 1902, who married Carrie Ningler; Vivian Mae Sparks, born in 1904, who married Robert Louis Koch; and Russell Kay Sparks, born in 1909, who married Veronica Dolan.
 (3) Shelby C. Sparks, son of Samuel A. and George Ann (Warren) Sparks, married Edith Stone. They had one son after they moved to California:
(A) Hale Sparks; he married and had two children named Ty Monroe Sparks and Holly Anne Sparks.

12. George R. Sparks, son of James Parnell and Sally (Threlkeld) Sparks, was born in 1845 and died on October 11, 1885. He was married in December, 1864, to Maude A. Snell, who was born November 25, 1847, and died on February 4, 1887. Both were buried at Crooked Creek Baptist Cemetery near Shelbina, Missouri.  Very little is known of this family. They are known to have had the following children:
(1) Chastity Sparks.
(2) Tahaska Sparks.
(3) Pamola Sparks.
(4) Sally Sparks.
(5) Milt Sparks.
(6) Infant son, died August 4, 1881..
(7) Infant daughter died August 1, 1891.
(8) Infant child died June 29, 1882.

13. Mary Catherine Sparks, daughter of James Parnell and Sally (Threlkeld) Sparks, was born on February 11, 1845, and died on September 17, 1862. She was buried on the James Parnell Sparks farm south-west of Shelbina, Missouri.

(Editor’s Note: In future issues of the QUARTERLY we shall publish records compiled by Helen White of the descendants of the other children of Robert Sparks (1777-1831) of Madison County, Virginia, and Henry County, Kentucky.)



Clarissa A. Sheppard of 2440 23rd Street, N.L, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, would like to correspond with any member of L.D.S. Church (Mormon) whose genealogy contains a Sparks family living in either Essex County or Kent County, England.


It is a pleasure to report the names of thirty-six new members of THE SPARKS FAMILY ASSOCIATION. These are our new members who have joined since June, 1967.

Bump, Ruth L. (Mrs.), 6311 S.E. 39th Ave., Portland, Oregon (97202) Cheney, Anne Sparks (Mrs. Don.), 489 Connecticut Ave., Spartanburg, South Carolina (29302)
Darling, Anna (Mrs. Hobart N.), 8820 Junipero St., Atasoadero, California (93422)
Duke, Miss Rebecca J0, 4113 N.W. 51st St., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (73112)
Everts, Mrs. Ava N., 1261 Highway F, Sarcoxie, Missouri (64862)
Iffland, Mary Jane (Mrs. Don c.), 1117 Bretton Dr., Kalamazoo, Michigan (49007)
Morgan, Annie B., 233 20th St., S.W., Birmingham, Alabama (35211)
Rose, Claude J., 1029 Mosby Rd., Memphis, Tennessee (38116)
Soyars, Mary Howard (Mrs. W. M.), P.O. Box 544, San Marcos, Texas (78666)
Sparks, Anne K.; (Mrs. Robert G.), 436 B. Catawba Ave., Akron, Ohio (44301)
Sparks, C. Kenneth, 1242 Clayton Ave., Muskegon, Michigan (49441)
Sparks, Dorm H., 8417 Tally Ho Dr., Hazelwood, Missouri (63042)
Sparks, Miss Donna J., 6141 Shenandoah Dr., Sacramento, California (95841)
Sparks, Elmer K., 1036 Rose Hill Lane, Ellisville, Missouri (63011)
Sparks, Frank C., 249 Rollins Ave., Rockville, Maryland (20852)
Sparks, Fred L., 10269 Dacey Dr., St. Louis, Missouri (63136)
Sparks, George A., 4058 Chamoune Ave., San Diego, California (92105)
Sparks, Jack Lee, 10411 E. Estates Dr., Cupertino, California (95014)
Sparks, John A., Rt. 2, Pelahatchie, Mississippi (39145)
Sparks, John H., 3925  Walnut, Apt. Q 105, Garland, Texas (75040)
Sparks, John W., 15838 Austin Ave., Madera, California (93637)
Sparks, John W., 823 No. Juanita, Redondo Beach, California (90277)
Sparks, Joseph A., 300 Argyle Court, Mary Esther, Florida (32569)
Sparks, Lester L., 404 Homewood Dr., Huntsville, Alabama (35801)
Sparks, R. P., 100 Organ Rd., Bellefontaine, Ohio (43311)
Sparks, Raymond W., 1728 Stanford Ave., Brownsville, Texas (78520)
Sparks, Richard Leland, 8739 Rankin Ave., Apt. B, Brentwood, Missouri (63144)
Sparks, Dr. Robert D., 2522 Valentine Court, New Orleans, Louisiana (70114)
Sparks, Robert Glenn, 436 E. Catawba Ave., Akron, Ohio (44301)
Sparks, Thomas, 3879 Frazier Rd., East, Columbus, Ohio (43207)
Sparks, Wayne, Rt. 1, Box 99, Mission, Texas (78572)
Stewart, Sylvia Sparks, Good Luck Farm, R.R. 6, Connersville, Indiana (47331)
Stubbs, Miss Mary Ann, 704 West 21st St., Austin, Texas (78705)
Weliman, Reva Sparks, 3518 Beulah Rd., Columbus, Ohio (43224)
Wilmert, Margaret A. (Mrs. Clifford), R.R. No. 3, Lincoln, Illinois (62656)
Wisler, Carl B., 3912 Wexf’ord Dr., Kensington, Maryland (20795)

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