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[Here appear two photographs, beneath which are the following captions:]

Son of Henry & Hannah (Hume) Sparks

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Wife of Benjamin Hume Sparks
of Madison County, Virginia
Daughter of Joel and Mildred Brown

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      THE SPARKS QUARTERLY, published by The Sparks Family Association.

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      William P. Johnson, Historian-Genealogist, Box 531 Raleigh, North Carolina.
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   The Sparks Family Association was founded in March, 1953, as a non-profit organization devoted to the assembling of and preserving all genealogical and historical material pertaining to the Sparks family in America.  Membership in the Association is open to all persons connected in any way with the Sparks family, whether by blood, marriage, or adoption, and especially to those interested in genealogical and historical research. Membership falls into three classes: Active, Contributing, and Sustaining. Active membership dues are two dollars per year; Contributing membership dues are three dollars per year; Sustaining membership dues are any amount over three dollars.  All members, whether Active, Contributing, or Sustaining, receive THE SPARKS QUARTERLY as it is published in March, June, September, and December. Libraries, genealogical and historical societies, and individuals may subscribe to the QUARTERLY without joining the Association at the rate of two dollars per year. Back issues are kept in print and are available for fifty cents per issue. The first issue of the QUARTERLY was published in March, 1953. An index covering the first five years (1953-1957) has been published and is available for $1.00. An index for the next five years is in preparation.  The editor from March, 1953, to September, 1954, was Paul E. Sparks; since September, 1954, the editor has been Russell E. Bidlack. The QUARTERLY  is printed at the Edwards Letter Shop, .711 N. University, Ann Arbor,  Michigan.



By Russell E. Bidlack

(Note: Among those who have contributed data upon which portions of this sketch are based are: Louise Knoche of Larned, Kansas; Lucy Harper Oswald of Atlanta, Georgia; Robert I. Sparks, IV, of Spotsylvania, Virginia; and William Perry Johnson.  Lillian Sparks Rust of Orderville, Utah, provided the photographs for the cover.)

In the June, 1956, issue of the QUARTERLY (Vol. IV, No. 2, Whole No. 14) pp. 129-147, we published an article entitled “The Sparks Family of Orange, Culpeper, and Madison Counties, Virginia.” There we traced the first two generations of descendants of John and Mary Sparks.

One of the sons of John and Mary Sparks was Thomas Sparks (born about 1715, died 1787) who married Mary Towles, daughter of Stokeley and Ann (Vallott) Towles. They lived two miles southwest of Slate Mills in that section of Culpeper County, Virginia, that became Madison County in 1793.

The oldest child of Thomas and Mary (Towles) Sparks was John Sparks, born about 1745. He married Phoebe Smith about 1765. John arid Phoebe (Smith) Sparks lived, died and were buried on a farm one and one-half miles north of Oak Park, Madison County, Virginia. One of the interesting records pertaining to John Sparks that has survived in Culpeper County is a claim which he made following the end of the Revolutionary War for four and three-fourths bushels of rye to the American Army


on October 16, 1780. This service on the part of John Sparks to the American Revolution should qualify his descendants for membership in the DAR and SAR. John Sparks died in Madison County in 1803 and his wife, Phoebe, died in 1814. They were the parents of the following children:

          1. Nancy Sparks, born 1767, married Samuel Wilhoit (Madison County marriage
              bond dated September 12, 1796). She died about 1816.
          2. Robert Sparks, born about 1769. married Isabella Ford (Madison County
              marriage bond dated July 18, 1798). They moved to Henry County, Kentucky,
              about 1810 and there Robert Sparks died in 1830 or 1831. (He made his will on
              October 9, 1830 and it was probated in July 1831.)
          3. Frances (Fanny) Sparks, born about 1771, married William Hume.
          4. Henry Sparks, born January 2, 1773, married Hannah Hume.
          5. Thomas Sparks, born between 1775 and 1780, married on November 28, 1794,
              Susanna Fishback, daughter of Harmon Fishbaok. She was born July 11, 1777
              and died May 21, 1850. He died May 17, 1853.
          6. Mary (Polly) M. Sparks, born about 1780, married her cousin Jasper Sparks, son
              of William and Elizabeth Sparks. She died about 1851.
          7. Susan or Susanna Sparks.
          8. Elizabeth Sparks (called Betsy Vetalty Sparks in her mother’s will); she married
              Merry Aylore.

Benjamin Hume Sparks, a son of Henry and Hannah (Hume) Sparks and a grandson of John and Phoebe (Smith) Sparks, prepared a record of the descendants of his father and mother sometime prior to his death in 1914. The following record is based largely upon Benjamin Hume Sparks’s account, although the editor has re-arranged it somewhat and has added data from other sources. The portrait of Benjamin Hume Sparks that appears on the cover of this issue of the QUARTERLY was furnished by  Mrs. Burton 0. Rust of Orderville, Utah.

Henry Sparks, son of John and Phoebe (Smith) Sparks, was born in what is now Madison County, Virginia, on January 2, 1773. He married Hannah Hume, daughter of Charles and Hannah (Jones) Hume, on March 10, 1803. She was born July 12, 1785, and died July 30, 1861. Henry Sparks died on January 28, 1860. Henry and Hannah (Hume) Sparks were the parents of thirteen children, all born in Madison County, Virginia, as follows:

1. John J. Sparks, born December 19, 1803.
2. Frances Sparks, born March 21, 1805.
3. Charles S. Sparks, born January 2, 1807.
4. Joseph S. Sparks, born October 12, 1808.
5. Robert W. Sparks, born September 15, 1810.
6. Moses Samuel Wilhoit Sparks, born September 25, 1812.
7. Martha E. A. Sparks, born November 20, 1814.
8. Benjamin Hume Sparks, born October 7, 1816.
9. Henry T. Sparks, born September 1, 1818.
10. Hannah J. Sparks, born February 25, 1821, a twin of William Thomas.
11, William Thomas Sparks, born February 25, 1821, a twin of Hannah J.
12. James M. Sparks, born May 4, 1823.
13. Susan C. Sparks, born February 3, 1826.
          1. John Sparks, son of Henry and Hannah (Hume) Sparks, was born December 19,
               1803, and died July 7, 1808.

          2. Frances Sparks, daughter of Henry and Hannah (Hume) Sparks, was born March
               21, 1805, and died August 27, 1830. She married William Pratt on May 26,
              1829. They had one daughter, Mary E. Pratt, who was born May 16, 1830; she
               married James W. Boyd, who was born August 2, 1829, and had the follow-
               ing five children: (see page 853)


[Here appears a map, near which is the following caption:]

A portion of an 1865 map of Madison County Virginia, showing the location of Henry Sparks's plantation (arrow) along with those of several families closely related to the Sparkses.

(View map)


               Children of Mary E. Pratt and James W. Boyd:
                    (a) William Boyd, born October 22, 1852.
                    (b) Charles Hunie Boyd, born June 26, 1854.
                    (c) Joseph flume Boyd, born September 2, 1857.
                    (d) Mary L. Boyd, born February 5, 1860.
                    (e) Frank C. Boyd, born November 21, 1873.

3. Charles S. Sparks, son of Henry and Hannah (flume) Sparks, was born January 2,
    1807. He married Frances S. Brown in January, 1833; she died February 2,
    1870. Charles S. Sparks died April 28, 1896. Their children were:
          (1) Gerta F. Sparks, born December 30, 1834.
          (2) William Henry Sparks, born December 5, 1836, died February 25, 1902.
          (3) Phoebe Ann Sparks, born January 6, 1841, died June 30, 1848.
          (4) Thomas Shirley Sparks, born October 25, 1844, died November 23, 1862.
          (5) Charles S. Sparks, born January 2, 1846, died April 28, 1896.
          (6) Frances Brown Sparks, born December 7, 1850, died September 2, 1870.

4. Joseph S. Sparks, son of Henry and Hannah (Hume) Sparks, was born October 12,
    1808. He married, first, on August 25, 1834, Harriet Jones; they had one child who died
    shortly after birth, on October 7, 1835. Harriet died on August 24, 1836. Joseph S.
    Sparks married, second, on January 19, 1843, Harriet M. Tinsley; she died May 30,
    1862. Joseph S. Sparks and his second wife, Harriet M. (Tinsley) Sparks, were the
    parents of the following children:
          (1) Abraham T. Sparks, born December 23, 1843.
          (2) Harriett E. Sparks, born February 14, 1845; married David Lacy.
          (3) Marietta Sparks, born January 6, 1847; married Alley Jones.

5. Robert Walker Sparks, son of Henry and Hannah (flume) Sparks, was born September
    15, 1810 and died February 13, 1840. He married Frances (Fanny) Brown in
    November, 1833 (Madison County marriage bond dated November 25, 1833). She
    died October 26, 1895. They were the parents of the following children:
          (1) Champ Corner Sparks, born December 31, 1835.
          (2) Bushrod H. Sparks, born February 9, 1837.
          (3) Robert Walker Sparks, Jr., born June 3, 1840; he was married on October 21,
               1868, to Narmie Catherin Harrison, daughter of George W. Harrison; they were
               the parents of the following children:
                    (a) George H. Sparks, born November 11, 1869.
                    (b) Fanny W. Sparks, born November 17, 1871.
                    (c) Mary S. Sparks, born October 20, 1874.
                    (d) Robert W. Sparks, Jr., born March 23, 1877, died May 17, 1948, in
                         Orange, Virginia. He married Adelaide Caroline Bullock, who was born in
                         1900 and died April 26, 1925. Their children were:
                               (1) Robert W. Sparks, III, born March 12, 1920;
                               (2) Thomas Newton Sparks, born Oct. 16, 1921; and
                               (3) Edward Bullock Sparks, born April 12, 1925.
                    (e) Thomas N. Sparks, born March 6, 1881.
                    (f)  Sally B. Sparks, born February 5, 1884.
                    (g) Charles F. Sparks, born July 1, 1887.
                    (h) Nannie H. Sparks, born August 5, 1889.

6. Moses Samuel Wilhoit Sparks, son of Henry and Hannah (Hume) Sparks, was born
September 25, 1812; he was married in March, 1838 (Madison County marriage
bond dated March 22, 1838) to Elizabeth Ann Yager (or Yearger) who was born
August 20, 1820, and died January 30, 1885, Moses S. W. Sparks died November
17, 1883, in Panola County, Mississippi. Moses S. L and Elizabeth Ann (Yager)
Sparks were the parents of tweve children: (see next page)


Children of Moses S. W. and Elizabeth Ann (Yager) Sparks:
          (1) Helen Marr Sparks, born December 27, 1838; she married John Kemp.
          (2) Hannah Hume Sparks, born April 23, 1840, and died February 24, 1870, in
                Lockland, Texas. In January, 1857, she married Joseph (or Moses) Wright.
          (3) Joseph Henry Sparks, born 1841; he was killed in the Battle of Chickamagua
                on September 22, 1863.
          (4) Benjamin Franklin Sparks, born September 23, 1843; in August, 1865, he
               married Kate File.
          (5) Martha Elizabeth Sparks, born May 8, 1846; she married Richard M. Knox on
               December 19, 1865, and died in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, in October, 1882.
          (6) Simeon Taylor Sparks, born August 5, 1848, in Panola County, Miss.; on
                December 17, 1868, he married Lucy Jane Weaver who was born February 23,
               1849, in Lowndes County, Mississippi; she died on April 7, 1934. They were
                the parents of the following children:
                    (a) Olive C. Sparks.
                    (b) Joseph Henry Sparks.
                    (c) Eloise Weaver Sparks.
                    (d) Susan Helen Sparks, born July 26, 1876, at Crawford, Miss., and died
                         June 15, 1957. She married in 1898 Joseph Nelson Harper, who was born
                         March 11, 1874, and died July 1, 1936. They had one child:
                              (1) Lucy Elizabeth Harper, born in 1901; she married Joseph Albert
                     (e) Lucy Elizabeth Sparks.
                     (f)  Frederick Yeager Sparks.
          (7) Sarah Virginia Sparks, born December 30, 1850; she married on March 10,
               1870, Joseph Fowler.
          (8) Susan Martha (or Martin) Sparks, born May 8, 1854; she married on December
               24, 1875, David T. Black.
          (9) James Buchanan Sparks, born October, 1856; he married on February 18,
               1879, Octavia Cansler.
        (10) Thomas Walker Sparks, born March 14, 1859; he married in November, 1883,
                Mattie Macon.
        (11) William Wallace Sparks, born September 3, 1861; he died February 5, 1890,
                in Eureka, Mississippi.
        (12) Sterling Price Sparks, born May 19, 1864; he married in November, 1887,
                Annie Davis.

7. Martha E. A. Sparks, daughter of Henry and Hannah (Hume) Sparks, was born on
    November 20, 1814, and died on October 18, 1847. She was married on December
    24, 1833, to Arthur Lewis, who died August 30, 1837. They were the parents of one
          (1)  Mary Hannah Lewis, born May 10, 1835.

8. Benjamin Hume Sparks, son of Henry and Hannah (Hume) Sparks, was born October
    7, 1816, and died August 3, 1914. He was married on December 23, 1841, to Martha
    Brown, daughter of Joel and Mildred (Terrell) Brown; she was born January 14, 1821,
    in Madison County, Virginia, and died on March 28, 1893. (Benjamin Hume Sparks’s
    portrait, along with that of his wife, appears on the cover of this issue of the
    QUARTERLY.) Benjamin Hume Sparks and his wife, Martha (Brown) Sparks, were the
    parents of the following children, all born in Madison County, Virginia:
          (1) Hannah Mildred Sparks, daughter of Benjamin flume and Martha (Brown)
               Sparks, was born December 11, 1842, and died May 4, 1931. She was married
               on December 1, 1859, to John J. Brown. They were the parents of seven
               children, all born in Madison County, Virginia:


          Children of Hannah Mildred Sparks and John J. Brown:
                    (a) Charles I. Brown, born Sept. 2, 1861; he married April 11, 1888, Alice
                    (b) Melvin Brown, born June 16, 1864.
                    (c) John William Brown, born August 22, 1866; he married Lillian -----on May
                          20, 1893.
                    (d) Wade H. Brown, born March 19, 1868; he married Luna Horndon on Dec.
                          4, 1896.
                    (e) Mary Belle Brown, born Nov. 8, 1871; she married Edward Bowen on
                         October 23, 1901.
                    (f)  Benjamin Brown, born February 15, 1875; he married Nannie Bowen.
                    (g) Champ Connor Brown, born Nov. 18, 1877.

          (2) Sallie C. Sparks, daughter of Benjamin H. and Martha (Brown) Sparks, was born
               March 3, 1845, and died May 15, 1872; she was married in December, 1869, to
               B. F. Rosson. They had one child:
                      (a) Mary W. Rosson, born December 27, 1870; she married Charles Collins
                            in 1904.

         (3) James Walker Sparks, son of Benjamin H. and Martha (Brown) Sparks, was
               born April 3, 1847, and died at West River, Maryland, on January 29, 1886. He
               moved from Madison County, Virginia, to West River, Ann Arundel County,
               Maryland, about 1870. He was married in May, 1872, to Elizabeth Pindell
               Richardscm, daughter of Thomas John and Elizabeth (Watkins) Richardson; she
               was born December 14, 1848, and died September 19, 1927, in Washington,
               D.C. They were the parents of six children:
                    (a) Erwood Richardson Sparks, born May 3, 1873, West River, Maryland; he
                         died April 17, 1943, in Baltimore, Maryland. He was married on October
                         23, 1901, to Clara H. Keilholtz.
                    (b) James Walker Sparks, Jr., born November 6, 1875, at West River,
                          Maryland; he was married on July 21, 1900, to Anna Mae Richardson, who
                         died January 22, 1952. They had one son:
                              (1) James L. Sparks, born May 19, 1901.
                    (c) Bertha Sparks, born September 6, 1877, at West River, Maryland. She
                          married Arthur P. Rigdon in June, 1896, and had one child:
                               (1) Thelma Rigdon, born January 1, 1898.  Thelma married Henry
                                     Heidkamp in June, 1952.
                    (d) Thomas Richardson Sparks, born December 9, 1879, at West River,
                          Maryland. He married on October 28, 1903, Xenia Carr. She died July 18,
                         1947. They had three children:
                              (1) Thomas C. Sparks, born July 13, 1904, married Mildred Myers;
                              (2) Roberts R. Sparks, born October, 1908, married Mable Bean; and
                              (3) Douglas Hume Sparks, born May, 1914, married Anna Diehl.
                    (e) Harris Sparks, born December 26, 1883, at West River, Maryland; he
                          never marr ied.
                    (f) Maurice Cheston Sparks, born July 11, 1886, in Madison County, Virginia;
                         he never married and was drowned in Pittsburgh on December 9, 1921.


          (4) Martha Ella Sparks, daughter of Benjamin flume and Martha (Brown) Sparks,
               was born August 27, 1849, and died November 26, 1901. She was married on
               January 23, 1872, to William A. Collins, who died December 27, 1899. They
               were the parents of ten children:
                    (a) Selden F. Collins, born October 28, 1872; he married Louise Butler on
                         August 20, 1904.
                    (b) C. Watts Collins, born November 12, 1874.
                    (c) William Hume Collins, born December 3, 1876; died about 1906.
                    (d) Harriett R. Collins, born March 23, 1879; she married and died in the
                          Hawaiian Islands.
                    (e) Ella E. S. Collins, born April 8, 1881; she married Arista W. Lacy on
                          December 29, 1903.
                    (f)  Martha H. Collins, born August 8, 1883.
                    (g) Ada B. Collins, born October 10, 1885.
                    (h) James W. Collins, born September 12, 1887.
                     (i) Sallie L. Collins, born October 14, 1889.
                     (j) Hay Collins, born April 14, 1892; died May 4, 1894.

          (5) Bushrod H. Sparks, son of Benjamin H. and Martha (Brown) Sparks, was born
               August 11, 1852, and died September 15, 1917. He married Eva F. Conway on
               November 21, 1872. They were the parents of four children:
                    (a) Rosa V. Sparks, born September 18, 1873.
                    (b) Henry B. Sparks, born December 3, 1875.
                    (c) Mamie M . Sparks, born March 3, 1878; died in 1944 in Washington, D.C.
                    (d) William Clark Sparks, born August 30, 1883.

           (6) Fannie Belle Sparks, daughter of Benjamin H. and Martha (Brown) Sparks, was
                 born August 23, 1854, and died July 18, 1939. She was married on October 18,
                1877, to William T. Utz, who died April 22, 1894. They were the parents of seven
                    (a) William Lee Utz, born June 25, 1879.
                    (b) Ben S. Utz, born November 1, 1880.
                    (c) Sallie Utz, born September 4, 1882; she married a Rev. Hall.
                    (d) Carrie C. L. Utz, born October 19, 1884.
                    (e) Laura B. Utz, born September 30, 1886; she married T. H. Lillard.
                    (f)  Charles A. Utz, born November 10, 1888.
                    (g) George W. Utz, born December 10, 1890; died the same day.

          (7) Ada C. Sparks, daughter of Benjamin flume and Martha (Brown) Sparks, was
                born October 30, 1856, and died June 29, 1931. She was married in 1883 to
                Thomas F. Aylor, and had two children:
                    (a) Hugh H. Aylor, born March 8, 1884.
                    (b) James W. Aylor, born February 3, 1887.

          (8) Benjamin Walter Sparks, son of Benjamin Hume and Martha (Brown) Sparks,
               was born January 23, 1859, and died November 25, 1909, in Ephraim, Utah. He
               was married in 1892 to Jane Hilda Nielson, who was born April 23, 1869, in
               Ephraim, Utah, and died July 17, 1938, in the same place. She was the daughter
               of Mons and Johanna (Jenson) Nielson. They were the parents of the following
               eight children:


               Children of Benjamin W. and Jane Hilda (Nielson) Sparks:
                    (a) Benjamin Hume Sparks, born November 13, 1893, in Salt Lake City,
                          Utah.  He died September 7, 1953.
                    (b) Hulda Ada Sparks, born January 12, 1895, in Salt Lake City; he died
                         October 4, 1916.
                    (c) Claud Ivan Sparks, born October 3, 1896, in Salt Lake City.
                    (d) Lilian May Sparks, born October 18, 1897, in Ephraim, Utah. She married
                          Burton Orlando Rust in Manti, Utah, on May 15, 1918.  He was born
                          October 26, 1896, in Greenwich, Utah. They are the parents of the following
                              (1) Lillian Ruth Rust, born Feb. 24, 1919;
                              (2) Marjorie Alice Rust, born July 19, 1920;
                              (3) Lois Valeria Rust, born June 30, 1922;
                              (4) Don Lyall Rust, born June 20, 1927, died on the same day;
                              (5) Ada Marilyn Rust, born Sept. 7, 1928; and
                              (6) Burton Lavoy Rust, born June 1, 1937.
                    (e) Walter Neilson Sparks, born March 27, 1899, in Ephraim, Utah.
                    (f)  Myrtle June Sparks, born June 23, 1901, in Ephraim, Utah.
                    (g) Edma Virginia Sparks, born April 7, 1903, in Ephraim, Utah.
                    (h) Rachel Marie Sparks, born June 12, 1906, in Ephraim, Utah.

          (9) Willie L. Sparks, son of Benjamin Hume and Martha (Brown) Sparks, was born
               August 7, 1861, and died March 3, 1863.

        (10) Dora H. Sparks, daughter of Benjamin H. and Martha (Brown) Sparks, was
                born January 11, 1863, and died February 12, 1937. She was married to
               Ashford L Berry in September, 1887. They were the parents of four children:
                    (a) Harry H. Berry, born October 3, 1888.
                    (b) Linda Berry, born June 13, 1890; married John Whitehead.
                    (c) Ada Berry, born March 20, 1892.
                    (d) John D. Berry, born September 30, 1894.

9. Henry T. Sparks, son of Henry and Hannah (Hume) Sparks, was born September 1,
   1818, and died September 6, 1891. He married Lucy O’Bannon, who died October
    8, 1888. They had one child:
          (1) Ida Sparks, born about 1854; she married P. F. Smith.

10. Hannah J. Sparks, daughter of Henry and Hannah (Hume) Sparks, was born February
      25, 1821, and died September 2, 1901. She married Charles L Tatum, who died
      September 2, 1901. They had no children.

11. William Thomas Sparks, son of Henry and Hannah (Hume) Sparks, was born
       February 25, 1821, twin of Hannah J., and died February 8, 1880, in Saline, Missouri.
       He was married on August 14, 1845, to Maria Elizabeth Fry, who was born in 1829 in
       Culpeper County, Virginia. (For a sketch of William Thomas Sparks and his sons, see
       the article following this, written by Louise Knoche.) William T. and Maria Elizabeth
       (Fry) Sparks were the parents of twelve children, all but the last four of whom were
       born in Virginia, the last four were born after the family moved to Missouri:

          (1) Anna Belleville Sparks, daughter of William T. and Maria E. (Fry) Sparks, was
                born January 1, 1847, and died in Saline County,  Missouri, on August 30, 1928.
                She was married on March 10, 1864,  to George W. Potter who was born in
                Kentucky on February 14, 1835, and died in Saline County, Missouri, on
                February 5, 1904. They  were the parents of eleven children. (see next page)


              Children of Anna Belleville Sparks and George W. Potter:
                    (a) Mary C. Potter, born May 12, 1865, died May 12, 1887.
                    (b) Jennie Lee Potter, born September 15, 1867, died July 28, 1868.
                    (c) James William Potter, born August 7, 1869, died April 14, 1912; he never
                    (d) John Thomas Potter, born August 20, 1871; he married Sallie Barron.
                    (e) Benjamin F. Potter, born October 5, 1873; he married Lydia Barr on.
                    (f)  George Belleville Potter, born July 16, 1876, died January 11, 1877.
                    (g) Susan Elizabeth Potter, born December 21, 1877; married Riley Barron.
                    (h) Henry C. Potter, born August 1, 1880, died August 23, 1914; he never
                    (i) Marion Sparks Potter, born November 13, 1883; he married Myrtle Offery.
                    (j) Emma Louise Potter, born July 31, 1886, died February 1, 1933; she
                        married Clarence Thomas on August 1, 1906. He was born in Saline
                        County, Missouri, on April 23, 1885 and died at Kansas City, Missouri, on
                        April 4, 1960.
                    (k) Anna May Potter, born May 28, 1889, died December 7, 1909; she
                         married Calmar E. Riddle.

          (2) Marion Sparks, son of William T. and Maria E. (Fry) Sparks, was born
                December 23, 1848; he married Emma Bierne Walker in Saline County,
                Missouri, on September 4, 1872. They were the parents of twelve children:
                    (a) Ada Merry Sparks, born June 2, 1873; she married October 2, 1902,
                         James Nonry Wallace.
                    (b) Marion Walker Sparks, born May 2, 1876; died May 26, 1879.
                    (c) Nellie Tutt Sparks, born December 28, 1877; she married Newman Newell
                         on September 11, 1896.
                    (d) William Frost Sparks, born January 12, 1880.
                    (e) Marion Wallis Sparks, born February 24, 1882.
                    (f)  Mary Lee Sparks, born September 14, 1884; died March 1, 1891.
                    (g) Dave Dean Sparks, born November 4, 1886.
                    (h) Clyde Vest Sparks, born January 9, 1888.
                    (i) Alice Gray Sparks, born March 23, 1890.
                    (j)  Mar jorie Sparks, born May 13, 1897.
                    (k) Dorothy Sparks, born May 13, 1897, died May 9, 1898.
                    (l)  Louise Virginia Sparks, born October 27, 1898.

          (3) Alice Sparks, daughter of William T. and Maria E. (Fry) Sparks, was born
               September 28, 1850; she married A. G. Graves. They had no children.

          (4) Ada Catherine Sparks, daughter of William P. and Maria E. (Fry) Sparks, was
                born July 12, 1852, and died August 8, 1852.

          (5) William Clark Sparks, son of William T. and Maria E. (Fry) Sparks, was born
               July 23, 1853; he married Mary Boswell December 27, 1877. They were the
               parents of seven children:
                    (a) Charles Marion Sparks, born October 9, l878; he married Gennie Heath.

(Children continued on next page)


               Children of William C. and Mary (Boswell) Sparks, continued:
                    (b) Elgin Clark Sparks, born July 5, 1880.
                    (c) Palmore Brooks Sparks, born January 23, 1882.
                    (d) Claude Byron Sparks, born January 22, 1884.
                    (e) George Fry Sparks, born January 23, 1886.
                    (f)  John Wood Sparks, born January 25, 1888.
                    (g) William Garnett Sparks, born August 1, 1892.

          (6) Henry C. Sparks, son of William P. and Maria E. (Fry) Sparks, was born
               September 22, 1854; he married Mary B. Long on December 18, 1877. They
               were the parents of nine children:
                    (a) Margaret Fry Sparks, born November 10, 1878.
                    (b) Charles Meriweather Sparks, born June 26, 1880.
                    (c) Henry Long Sparks, born April 24, 1882.
                    (d) Ida Viola Sparks, born November 7, 1883.
                    (e) Sallie Ethel Sparks, born October 13, 1886.
                    (f)  William Grover Sparks, born November 26, 1887.
                    (g) Mary Roberta Sparks, born April 29, 1892.
                    (h) Kathryn Sparks, born January 4, 1897.
                    (i) John Thomas Sparks, born September 20, 1898.

(7) Clara Walker Sparks, daughter of William P. and Maria B. (Fry) Sparks, was born
      March 22, 1856 and died August 29, 1895.

(8) John P. Sparks, son of William P. and Maria B. (Fry) Sparks, was born July 7, 1858;
      he married Ella Osborne on October 20, 1880. They were the parents of seven
                    (a) Ethel Sparks, born March 7, 1882.
                    (b) Homer Osborne Sparks, born January 17, 1884.
                    (c) Anna Elizabeth Sparks, born December 6, 1885.
                    (d) Sarah Gertrude Sparks, born January 18, 1890.
                   (e) Robert Henry Sparks, born September 22, 1892.
                    (f)  John P. Sparks, Jr., born January 23, 1895, died 1898.
                    (g) James Harold Sparks, born December 25, 1902.

(9) Charles Sparks, son of William T. and Maria B. (Fry) Sparks, was born May 4, 1861;
      he married Sallie Lee Wallace on June 21, 1887. They were the parents of five
                    (a) Charles Henry Sparks, born May 8, 1888.
                    (b) Sallie Lee Sparks, born September 29, 1890.
                    (c) Susan Louise Sparks, born November 30, 1892.
                    (d) Robert copeland Sparks, born July 2, 1897.
                    (e) William Clark Sparks, born May 15, 1900.

(10) Thomas Sparks, son of William P. and Maria B. (Fry) Sparks, was born September
       10, 1864; he died February 12, 1890. He never married.

(11) Fannie Belle Sparks, daughter of William T. and Maria B. (Fry) Sparks, was born
       August 6, 1866, and died September 13, 1867.

(12) James Meriweather Sparks, son of William P. and Maria B. (Fry) Sparks, was born
        March 6, 1870. He married Woodie Minner and had one child named Adelle Sparks.


12. James M. Sparks, son of Henry and Hannah (Hume) Sparks, was born May 4, 1823,
      and died November 16, 1898. He was married on December 22, 1846, to Mary
      Wayland. They were the parents of five children:
          (1) Mary W. Sparks, daughter of James M. and Mary (Wayland) Sparks, was born
               on November 9, 1848, and died June 30, 1886. She married Edward Lacy.
          (2) Virginia A. Sparks, daughter of James M. and Mary (Wayland) Sparks, was born
                sometime in the 1850’s and died April 29, 1893. She married ----- Gaar.
          (3) Lillie I. Sparks, daughter of James M. and Mary (Wayland) Sparks, was born
               sometime in the 1850’s and died December 5, 1881.
          (4) Fannie B. Sparks, daughter of James M. and Mary (Wayland) Sparks, was born
               on April 5, 1865, and died May 13, 1889. She married John Conway.
          (5) Simeon I. Sparks, son of James M. and Mary (Wayland) Sparks, was born
                December 10, 18--, and died March 18, 1905.

13. Susan C. Sparks, daughter of Henry and Hannah (Hume) Sparks, was born February
       3, 1826, and died January 20, 1892. She was married on February 3, 1854, to
       Zephenia Butler, who died January 2, 1892. They were the parents of five children:
          (1) Frances B. Butler, daughter of Susan C. Sparks and Zephenia Butler, was born
               December 29, 1854.
          (2) Charles H. Butler, son of Susan C. Sparks and Zephenia Butler, was born
               September 3, 1856.
          (3) Cormora Butler, daughter of Susan C. Sparks and Zephenia Butler, was born
               September 3, 1859.
          (4) Hannah M. Butler, daughter of Susan C. Sparks and Zephenia Butler, was born
               August 3, 1861, and died July 23, 1864.
          (5) Susan C. Butler, daughter of Susan C. Sparks and Zephenia Butler, was born
               August 3, 1863.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *


By: Louise Knoche

William Thomas Sparks, who was born in Madison County, Virginia, in 1821 and died in Saline, Missouri, in 1880, was my great-grandfather. (See above sketch, page 857.) His oldest daughter, Anna Belleville (Sparks) Potter, was my grandmother, and it was from her that I learned much about the family’s way of life before they lost everything in the Civil War. William P. Sparks had been a slave trader, and my grandmother could remember seeing him, accompanied by his overseers, riding on horseback and driving herds of Negroes down the road to the auction block in town. They were driven like cattle, the overseers cracking their black-snake whips over their heads. She recalled that on their plantation in Virginia they had hundreds of cabins where the slaves stayed between sales.

Maria Elizabeth Fry, wife of William P. Sparks, came from a very wealthy Virginia family and descended from a Revolutionary soldier named Joshua Fry. She was reared by her parents to be a true Southern lady and prior to her marriage had never tied her own shoes nor dressed herself. For a wedding present, her father gave her twenty-four slaves, each worth $2, 000.  A slave whom we called Aunt Lucy accompanied the family to Missouri and continued to cook for my Grandmother until her death, then went to work for my great-aunt, Alice (Sparks) Graves. I remember going to old Aunt Lucy’s funeral just prior to the First World War.


William T. and Maria Elizabeth (Fry) Sparks had seven sons, all of whom grew to manhood, although Thomas died as a relatively young man. They were all tall, slim,  handsome men with winning personalities. They were born salesmen. My grandmother, their oldest sister, also had a powerful personality, and no one could have loved the South more than she. She could rave for hours on what an awful man Abraham Lincoln was.

After the Civil War, William T. Sparks moved with his family across the Blue Ridge Mountains to Missouri. They camped for a day or two where Kansas City, Missouri, now stands, and my grandmother could remember the many other wagons that stopped there daily. The Sparkses went on to settle at Arrow Rook on the Missouri River and it was there that my great-grandfather established a boat store. When his sons grew up, they split rails for fences and railroads until they had saved enough money to establish a business for buying and selling mules. They built big mule barns in Marshall, Missouri, but soon outgrew the town and moved on to Kansas City. Then the National Stockyard in St. Louis, Missouri, paid them a huge sum of money to move their business to the St. Louis Yards. I remember the amount as a million dollars, but it probably just sounded like a million as I heard the story as a child. In any case, it was a large amount of money.

My grandmother’s brothers all became extremely wealthy men through their mule and horse business, and their animals were sold all over the world. They made a fortune during the Spanish American War, and they furnished the American Government with nearly all of the thousands of mules used in building the Panama Canal. My mother’s brother worked for the Sparks Brothers at that time and was in charge of getting the mules to Panama-- they drove them overland, across Old Mexico.

The seven Sparks brothers have been dead for many years and most of their children have likewise passed on. The business which they established has long since been out-moded by modern technology, but their old mule barns still stand in the Kansas City Stockyards, and if one looks closely he can still see, beneath the faded paint, the letters S-P-A-R-K-S.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


By Martha Sparks Smith

Since preparing the above article for the QUARTERLY of September, 1958, Mrs. Smith has found the following data, which should be added on page 321, Whole No. 23. (Vol. VI, No. 3):

Henry Williamson Sparks, son of James McCurdy Sparks, was born October 8, 1872, and died September 20, 1943. He married on August 16, 1914, Miss Annie Claxton.

Their son, Henry Claxton Sparks, born June 4, 1915, in Birmingham, Alabama. (Information received from Mr. H. Claxton Sparks - envelope marked HCS Board of Education, Post Office Drawer 114, Birmingham 1, Alabama.) Mr. Claxton Sparks wrote:
“I have no brothers or sisters, or no children, so this may be the end of the line.” His home address: 2000 Warwick Road, Ensley-Birmingham, Alabama. His mother is still living (1964).


 QUERY - ARCHIBALD SPARKS (born ca. 1790, died ca. 1836)

Mr. Lyle Carter of 901 North “K” Street, Lake Worth, Florida (33460) is seeking information on the ancestry of Archibald Sparks, who was born about 1790, probably in Virginia, and married in Woodford County, Kentucky, Elizabeth Carter on June 18, 1814. She was born April 7 or 17, 1790, and was a daughter of John B. and Elizabeth (Mosby) Carter. Archibald and Elizabeth (Carter) Sparks are known to have had the following children:
          1. Georgeann Sparks, born about 1815; married Allen Carter in Woodford County,
               Kentucky, on January 9, 1838.
          2. John Sparks, born about 1817.
          3. Berry F. Sparks, born about 1819; married Sarah Simmons in Woodford County,
              Kentucky, on June 21, 1849.

Elizabeth, wife of Archibald Sparks, died abont 1824. Sometime in the 1820’s, Archibald Sparks moved to Jefferson County, Kentucky. It is probable that he left his three children with Elizabeth’s parents in Woodford County; they were named in their Grandfather Carter’s will in 1834 and two of them are known to have married in Woodford County.

On April 7, 1826, Archibald Sparks was married, second, to Sarah Lewis in Clark
County, Indiana. (Clark County, Indiana, adjoins Jefferson County, Kentucky.)
They were the parents of three children:

          4. William Lewis Sparks, born in Clark County, Indiana, on February 10, 1826;
               died in Liberty, Missouri, on January 30, 1914.
          5. Thomas Sparks.
          6. Kathrine Sparks.

William Lewis Sparks was living in Clay County, Missouri, when the 1880 census was taken. He stated then that his father (Archibald) had been born in Virginia and that his mother (Sarah) had been born in Ireland.

Archibald Sparks had died by 1838; on November 3, 1838, his widow, Sarah, married for her second husband, John Dietz in Clark County, Indiana.

A number of years ago, one of our members, Gentry Harris, copied for our files a letter that he had received from John I. Sparks of Gashland, Missouri, who was a grandson of Archibald and Sarah (Lewis) Sparks. Mr. Harris had written to John I. Sparks after seeing a notice of his 50th wedding anniversary. (John I. Sparks was born in 1851--he was married in 1871) Following is the letter received by Mr. Harris in reply to his query:

“Gashland, Missouri
July 9, 1938
“Dear Mr. Harris:
           “Received your letter and congratulations. Thank you very much. In regard to the Sparks family, I can’t give you much information. My grandfather, Archibald Sparks, was born in West Virginia. He married a Lewis, have forgotten but I believe it was Sarah Lewis, They had three children:  William Lewis Sparks, Thomas Sparks, and Kathrine Sparks. Grandfather left to go South to build ships and we never heard from him after he left. My father, William Lewis Sparks, died in January 1911, age 88 years.
          “We came from Kentucky to Missouri in 1.852. No doubt but your Sparks and we are related. Am sorry I can’t give you more information.
                                                                                                    Respectfully Yours,
                                                                                   [signed]   John I. Sparks.”


[NOTE:  A photograph appears at the top of page 863, beneath which is the following caption:



(View photograph)



It is with deep regret that we report the death of Ollie May (Hickman) Sparks of Mt. Etna, Iowa, and that of her son, Norman Carroll Sparks, of Grovespring, Missouri.

Ohio May Hickman was a daughter of George D. and Naomi (Tuttle) Hickman. She was born on a farm near Vilhisca, Taylor County, Iowa, on March 22, 1882, and passed away at her home in Mt. Etna on October 16, 1963. She was eighty-one years of age.

When she was a year old, she moved with her parents to Adams County, Iowa, in the Mt. Etna vicinity, where she lived the rest of her life--over fifty years in the small, century-old house that was her home at the time of her death. On May 25, 1907, she was married to Bart J. Johnston and to this couple two daughters were born, G. Thelma Johnston, who died in 1924, and R. Elda Powell of Compton, California. On May 18, 1911, her husband died. After a five-year widowhood, she was married to David G. Sparks on July 25, 1916, at Mt. Etna. David G. Sparks is a son of William
A. Martha (Lucas) Sparks; for his ancestry see the QUARTERLY of March, 1962, page 626. Two boys were born to this union, Norman Carroll Sparks and T. Merrill Sparks.


Mrs. Sparks was always a conscientiously religious person and as a nine-year-old girl, accepted Jesus as her Saviour in the Methodist Church in Mt. Etna, and she maintained her membership there for the remainder of her life. Her faith in God and her interest in her home and family were her major concerns. Music was another of her necessities and she loved to sing and play and to be around others who did. In her younger years, she composed verses and melodies of her own. She enjoyed traveling and meeting people. Her inner optimism and spirituality were often a source of strength to others in her family. Her memory of people and events was remarkable and accurate. She expected much from life, much from others and much from herself. It follows naturally that she felt we should give our best and most gracious selves to life.

Mrs. Sparks passed away just four months before her oldest son, Norman Carroll Sparks, died suddenly in Niangua, Missouri, at the age of forty-six. Norman was born November 12, 1917, in Mount Etna, Iowa, grew to manhood there, and graduated from the Corning High School in 1936. That autumn he moved to California and there on February 24, 1940, he was married to Nola Belle McCartney. To this couple four children were born, Norman, Norene, Nolan, and Nelson. In 1951, be and his family moved from California to Grovespring, Missouri, which was their home until his death.

Early in life; Norman accepted Christ as his Saviour and remained a conscientious Christian. He was a member of the Prospect Baptist Church in Niangua, Missouri, where he also served as a deacon.

In California, Norman worked for California Shipyards and Howard Hughes. At the time of his death, he was employed by Drury College in Springfield and he was much liked and respected by all who knew him. He gave generously of himself in helping others. Norman served in the U.S. Army during World War II.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *


Copied by Carrie Grant Heppen

     (The Town of Ridgeway, enumerated on August 7, 1850, by P. H. Davis)
(Page 388, House number 224, Family number 227)
Crippin, Calvin  47  (M)  New York Farmer $300
       "        Jane  34   (F)  Vermont
     "         Lorenzo 12   (M) New York
     "         Alphonzo   7  (M)    "        "
Sparks, Theodore  14  (M)    "        "
     "        Mary  11  (F)    "        "
     "        Henry    9  (M)    "        "

    (The Town of Murray, enumerated on September 27, 1850, by P.  P. Sprague)
(Page 638, House number 227, Family number 232)
Balcom, Walter W.   25   (M) New York  Farmer  $1800 
         "       Anna  47  (F) M.D. (sic)
       "       Henrietta  19  (F) New York
       "       Harriet  17  (F)    "      "
       "       Malinda    8  (F)    "      "
Sparks, Theodore  14  (M)    "      "
  (Note: The Theodore Sparks, aged 14, who was listed in the Calvin Crippin family may well have been the same Theodore Sparks, aged 14, who was living in the Waiter N. Balcom family. He was probably an orphan who spent part of his time with each family.)




By: Russell E. Bidlack

(Note: A number of individuals have contributed data on which portions of this sketch are based. Among these contributors are: Mrs. J. N. Sparks of Lucerne Valley, California, Leona Sparks Cross, of St. Petersburg, Florida, S. H. Sparks of Greensburg, Pennsylvania, Mrs. Albert G. Peters of Chicago, Carrie Grant Heppen, and William P. Johnson.)

Isaac Sparks of Washington Township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, was born in Deptford Township, Gloucester County, New Jersey, about 1760. His father was the Hon. John Sparks who was born in 1716 or 1717, and his grandfather was Simon Sparks who was born in Scotland or Ireland about 1788. There are two theories regarding the origin of this branch of the Sparks family. One is that Simon Sparks was born In Scotland, migrated to Ireland as a young man, and came to America late in the 1730’s with his brother, Henry Sparks. The other theory is that Simon and Henry were sons of a Richard Sparks who is known to have been in Philadelphia as early as 1704; this Richard Sparks was a carpenter. He made his will in 1714 and the will was proved in 1716. Richard’s wife, Joan, was named sole executrix and no children were named. Richard Sparks was a member of the Seventh Day Baptist Church and donated land in Philadelphia to this Church for a cemetery.

The earliest document found thus far pertaining to Simon Sparks, grandfather of Isaac Sparks, was dated June 3, 1739; Simon was a witness to the will of John Bradway of Salem County, New Jersey. On October 15, 1739, Simon Sparks was appointed the administrator of the estate of William McClane of Salem County. There is some reason to believe that Simon’s wife, Jane, was a daughter of William McClane. Simon Sparks died in Gloucester County, New Jersey, in 1749
(for an abstract of his will, see the QUARTERLY of September, 1957, Vol. V, No. 3, p. 245, Whole No. 19.)

Simon Sparks’s oldest son was John Sparks, born in 1716 or 1717. John Sparks was a prominent citizen of Gloucester County, New Jersey, and held several important political offices. He was a leader of the Presbyterian Church and as early as 1768 was an Elder. His farm of 200 acres was located near the town of Woodbury and he founded the Presbyterian burial ground at Woodbury, where he was buried. During the American Revolution, John Sparks was a leader in the movement toward independence in New Jersey and was a member of the Provincial Congress of New Jersey which met at frenton and Burlington at various times~ in 1775 and 1776. He died on February 18, 1802. (For additional information on John Sparks, see the QUARTERLY of September, 1957, Vol. V, No. 3, Whole No. 19, and March, 1958, Vol. VI, No. 1, Whole No. 21)

The Hon. John Sparks, son of Simon, was married three times. By his first wife, Mary Sparks, who was his first cousin, a daughter of Henry Sparks, John had several sons, one of whom was Isaac. Isaac Sparks grew up in Gloucester County and about 1785 he was married to Anna Lloyd, daughter of Ephraim Lloyd of Lower Penns Neck in Salem County, New Jersey. She was born on March 18, 1759, according to the inscription on her tombstone. (When Ephraim Lloyd made his will in 1795, he named Isaac Sparks his executor.)

Isaac Sparks became a resident of Lower Penns Neck in Salem County following his marriage. In 1796, he was still listed as a tax payer there, but by 1800 he had


moved with his family to Washington Township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, where he was listed on the 1800 census. He was a farmer, although according to a biographical sketch of his grandson, Randal Sparks, Isaac “also engaged in an early day in the manufacture of glass, in which enterpise, however, he did not meet with the financial success that he had anticipated.”  In 1799, Isaac Sparks’s brother-in-law, Horatio Lloyd, died and left Isaac some 200 acres of land “in the Ohio Country.” In later years, he purchased more land in Ohio, but whether he ever came west to inspect his property is not known, but two of his sons later migrated to Ohio.

An interesting document recorded in Fayette County that not only proves that Isaac Sparks was the son, of the Hon. John Sparks, but also provides a bit of interesting social history, is dated January 20, 1807. It is a sworn statement to the effect that on November 23, 1797, Isaac Sparks had obtained a bill of sale “from my Father John Sparks Esq. of Deptford Twp., Gloucester County, State of New Jersey... of a certain Negro Boy or Man named Mark, giving me the right, privilege and benefit of him, the said Mark, for arid during the time of twelve years.” Isaac Sparks went on to state that “for divers & good causes, he the said Mark, being a faithful servant, I thought proper to give him his freedom in or about the month of October in the year Eighteen Hundred & Five.”

Isaac Sparks made his will on October 31, 1819; it was probated on July 26, 1820. We know, therefore, that he died between these two dates. This will was published in full in the QUARTERLY of September, 1962, Vol. X, No. 3, Whole No. 39, and we shall not repeat it here. In it he named his wife and each of his eight children. To his widow, he left  “the use and possession of the plantation & appertainances thereunto belonging whereon I now dwell in Washington Township, County of Fayette adjoining lands of John Lloyd & others as long as she remains my widow, with two horse cretures, two cows, six sheep, and six swine with all the geese and poltry to me belonging, the cretures here willed to her of every description is left to her choice of all I am possessed of...” He also left her various household articles and farm equipment, including “my Bible.” Upon the death or remarriage of Anna, the plantation was to be sold and the receipts equally divided between his daughters, Mary, Anna, Hannah and Clarressa. He also left a feather bed to each daughter, along with other household furniture.  To his sons, John and Ephraim, he left three-quarters of a section of land in Ohio - - this appears to have been in that part of Ohio which later became Tuscarawas County. To his son Isaac, Jr., he left a quarter section of Ohio land and to his son Joseph he left a quarter section that he had purchased in 1816 from Zachariah Biggs. This latter property was in Jefferson County, Ohio. To Isaac he also left “one sadle and my watch” along with $300, and to Joseph he also left $300. Isaac Sparks named his wife, his son Isaac, Jr., and “my trusty neighbour James D. Cope” as his executors. The witnesses were Edward Chambers, Jonathan Hewitte, and Samuel Cope.

Anna Sparks, widow of Isaac, lived until December 27, 1847, when she died in Pleasant Valley, near what is now Mineral City, in Tuscarawas County, Ohio. She had left Fayette County, Pennsylvania, to join her sons Ephraim and John, who had settled in Ohio.

Isaac and Anna (Lloyd) Sparks were the parents of eight children, four sons and four daughters. We have no records pertaining to the daughters, Mary, Anna, Hannah, and Clarressa, other than their names in their father's will. We have at least limited information, however, on each of the four sons, John, Ephraim L., Isaac, Jr., and Joseph.

1. John Sparks, son of Isaac and Anna (Lloyd) Sparks, was born in June, 1788, in New Jersey
     before his parents moved to Fayette County, Pennsylvania. John Sparks died on March 3,
    1867, near Mineral City, Thacarawas County, Ohio.


   According to the inscription on his tombstone, John Sparks was 78 years and 9 months of age
   at the time of his death. He moved from Pennsylvania to Warren Township, Tuscarawas County,
   Ohio, with his brother, Fphraim, about 1817. John Sparks married Mary -----, who was born in
   1786 and died December 31, 1863, aged 77 years and 9 months. John and Mary Sparks were
   the parents of eight; children, but we can be certain of the names of only four, as follows:

          (1) Henry Sparks, son of John and Mary Sparks, was born about 1813; he married Sarah
               Ann McCreary, daughter of John McCreary, who was born about 1821; she appears to
               have died before 1860 since she was not listed with her husband and children on the
               1860 census of Tuscarawas County, Ohio. From the 1850 and 1860 census records of
               Tuscarawas County, it appears that Henry and Sarah Arm (McCreary) Sparks were the
               parents of the following children:
                    (a) John Sparks, born about 1840.
                    (b) Mary J. Sparks, born about 1843.
                    (c) William M. Sparks, born about 1845.
                    (d) Isaac W. Sparks, born about 1847.
                    (e) Margaret A. Sparks, born about 1849.
                    (f)  Catharine R. Sparks, born about 1851.
                    (g) Lorenzo D. Sparks, born about 1856; he is known to have married Mary C. -----
                         and by 1880 had a daughter named Bertha who was born about 1877.
                    (h) Madison H. C. Sparks, born about 1858.

(2) Isaac Sparks, son of John and Mary Sparks, was born June 17, 1811, in Fayette County,
     Pennsylvania, shortly before his parents moved to Ohio. He married Catherine McCreary,
     daughter of John McCreary of Mineral City, Tuscarawas County, Ohio, in February, 1833. She
     was born December 9, 1811. In 1856 they moved to Hardin County, Ohio, and by 1870 were
     living in Boone County, Iowa, near the town of Boonesboro. Isaac Sparks died in 1890. They
     were the parents of the following childron:
          (a) Miranda Sparks, married John Herron.
          (b) Sarah Ann Sparks, married Charles Wesley McCaskey.
          (c) Rose Ann Sparks, married J. D. Mathewson.
          (d) Winfield Scott Sparks, born 1849; died March 9, 1935; married Martha Smith, who was
               born Sept. 3, 1859, and died Jan. 19, 1917.
          (e) Alden Bennett Sparks, born July, 1850; married Jenny Weston, who was born July 25,
               1855, and died in 1947.
          (f) James W. Sparks.
          (g) Mary Ann Sparks, married Isaac Robey.

(3) Zebulen Garfield Sparks, son of John and Mary Sparks, was born July 24, 1829, and died
      January 2, 1900. He married Ruth Macamen, who was born October 29, 1838, and died
      February 17, 1907. When the 1870 census of Tuscarawas County, Ohio, was taken, they had
      a daughter named Udala, aged 7, and a son, unnamed, who had been born in April, 1870.

(4) Reasin (or Rezin) Sparks, son of John and Mary Sparks, ‘was born about 1831. He married
     Sarah Mowies, and by 1880, according to the census of Tuscarawas County, had the following
          (a) Sarah B. Sparks, born about 1866.
          (b) John Sparks, born about 1868.
          (c) Thomas Grant Sparks, born August, 1870.
          (d) William Sparks, born May, 1880.


2. Ephraim Lloyd Sparks, son of Isaac and Anna (Lloyd) Sparks, was born on January 1, 1790, in
   Salem County, New Jersey. (On the 1860 census his birth place was given as Pennsylvania--this
   was an error.) He was married on August 10, 1813, to Sarah Cook, who was born July 17, 1794;
   she was a daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (Cope) Cook, and escended from an old Quaker
   family. Ephraim Sparks moved from Pennsylvania to Ohio with his brother John about 1817 and
   settled in Warren Township, Tuscarawas County, when that part of Ohio was considered the
   western frontier. Ephraim’ s first wife, Sarah (Cook) Sparks, died on September 16, 1828, and
   he married (second) Mrs. Comfort Lappin. She died on January 11, 1868. Ephraim Sparks died
   in Tuscarawas County, Ohio, on March 24, 1871. He had seven children by his first wife and five
   by his second wife. The data on his children by his first wife given below is taken largely from the
   Cope Collection of genealogical materials in Philadelphia, copied for us a number of years ago
   by William Perry Johnson.

(1) Randall Sparks, son of Epbraim L. and Sarah (Cook) Sparks, was born in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, on January 14, 1814. The following sketch of Randall’s life is taken from the Commemorative Biographical Record of the Counties of Sandusky and Ottawa, Ohio, published in Chicago by the J. H. Beers Co., in 1896: “Randall Sparks was reared on the farm in Tuscarawas county, attending school for a few months each year when pressing farm work was done. He was an apt pupil, and before his marriage, at the age of twenty-one, he had taught three terms of school. On May 31, 1835, he married Ann Wingate, who was born in Tuscarawas county, Ohio, November 7, 1818, daughter of Henry and Mary (Bridall) Wingate, both natives of Delaware, who became early settlers of Carroll county, Ohio. Henry Wingate was of English ancestry; his wife was of French parentage. He died at the age of sixty-six years, she dying when Ann, the youngest child, was five weeks old. She was the mother of fifteen children, twelve of whom grew to manhood and womanhood. ... After his marriage Randall Sparks settled in Tuscarawas County. He taught another term of school in the winter, and for nearly eight years he
remained there, engaged in farming. In the fall of 1842 he came to York township,
Sandusky county, and purchasing eighty acres of land on the ridge began to clear it up. In the following spring he removed with his family to the new home, and he has lived there ever since 'this was written in 1896.”   Randall and Ann (Wingate) Sparks were the parents of the following children:
(a) Lemuel Sparks, born Dec. 8, 1836, enlisted Nov. 9, 1861, in Company B, Seventy-second Ohio Volunteer Infantry, participated in the Battle of Shiloh and died of typhoid fever near Corinth, Miss., May 16, 1862.
(b) Catherine Sparks, born July 8, 1839, died January 5, 1858.
(c) Albert Sparks, born Nov. 26, 1841, died May 31, 1861.
(d) Leslie E. Sparks, born March 21, 1844, joined Company M of the First Ohio Heavy Artillery and was drowned in the Tennessee River, near Loudon, Tenn., June 2, 1864. With others he had been ordered to guard a railroad bridge, and while they  were crossing the river the canoe capsized and he was drowned.
(e) Melissa Sparks, born Jan. 13, 1847, died Nov. 6, 1869.
(f)  Elinda Jane Sparks, born Sept. 16, 1850, died April 25, 1872.
(g) Wilbur L. Sparks, born Feb. 27, 1854, was married June 11, 1890, to Alice Jarvis by whom’ he had one child, born June 5, 1891. He died May 24 1893. (h) Ella Belle Sparks, born June 15, 1859.
(2) Thomas Sparks, son of Ephraim L. and Sarah (Cook) Sparks, was born in FayetteC ounty, Pennsylvania, on December 25, 1815. He married on March 15, 1852, Esther Ann Dunn, daughter of James and Asenath Dunn of Redstone Township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania. She was born November 9, 1828. They moved to Boone County, Iowa, soon after their marriage and were the parents of the following children:
                    (a) Leroy Sparks, born Feb. 9, 1853.
                    (b) Fremont Sparks, born Feb. 11, 1854.
                    (c) Eugene Victor Sparks, born May 23, 1855,
                    (d) Asenath Sparks, born Dec. 26, 1856.
                    (e) James Dunn Sparks, born Feb. 4, 1858.
                    (f)  John C. Sparks, born about 1860.
                    (g) Anetta. Sparks, born about 1865.
                    (h) Robert Sparks, born about 1867.
                    (i) Edward Sparks, born in July, 1869.

          (3) Isaac Sparks, son ofEphraim L.and Sarah (Cook) Sparks,was born in Tuscarawas
               County, Ohio, on February 16, 1820. He was married in October, 1844, to Comfort
               Shuster, who was born March 29, 1825. They were the parents of the following children:
                    (a) Joseph Sparks, born April 9, 1846.
                    (b) Mary Sparks, born Jan. 23, 1848.
                    (c) John Sparks, born July 4, 1850.
                    (d) Jane Elizabeth Sparks, born Oct. 18, 1852,
                    (e) William Cook Sparks, born May 12, 1856.
                    (f)   Isabella Sparks, born Jan. 29, 1859.

(4) David Sparks, son of Ephraim L. and Sarah (Cook) Sparks, was born in Tuscarawas County, Ohio, on February 22, 1818. He was married on May 26, 1846, to Nancy Redman, who was born. September 19, 1822. He was a Lutheran minister and when the 1870 census was taken he was listed as a resident of Jefferson Township, Tuscarawas County. David and Nancy (Redman) Sparks were the parents of the following children:
                    (a) Emily Sparks, born Jan. 31, 1848.
                    (b) Andora Sparks, born Aug. 2, 1849.
                    (c) Muhlenberg Sparks, born Oct. 5, 1850.
                    (d) Charles Schaeffer Sparks, born Dec. 23, 1852.
                    (e) William Gerhard Sparks, born May 15, l856.
                    (f)  David Spener Sparks, born Nov. 21, 1857.
                    (g) Emanuel G. Sparks, born about 1861.
                    (h) Alvin B. Sparks, born about 1863.
                    (i) Luther Sparks, born about 1866.
(5) Elizabeth Sparks, daughter of Ephraim L. and Sarah (Cook) Sparks, was born May 23, 1821. She was married on Jan. 24, 1839, to Samuel Tressel, son of George and Catharine Tressel of Warren Township, Tuscarawas County, Ohio. She was born Dec. 14, 1814. They were the parents of the following children:
(a) Sarah .Tressel, born Nov. 6, 1839.
(b) Mary Tressel, born Dec. 25, 1840,
(c) Catherine Tressel, born Jan. 7, 1843; married Oct. 25, 1860, Charles Scott.
(d) Ephraim L. S. Tressel, born Aug. 16, 1844.
(e) Samuel W. Tressel, bornMarch 8, 1846; died Aug. 30, 1858.
(f)  Elizabeth Jane Tressel, born April 7, 1848.
(g) Emmanuel G. Tressel, born April 28, 1850.
(h) Luther M. Tressel, born Aug. 24, 1852.
(children continued on next page)


Children of Elizabeth Sparks and Samuel Tressel, continued:
                    (i) George F. Tresse]., born March 3, 1854.
                    (j) Alice A. Tressel, born July 11., 1856.
                    (k) Eliza M. Tressel, born Feb. 24, 1858.
                    (l) John David Tressel, born March 17, 1860.
(6) Ann Sparks, daughter of Ephraim L. and Sarah (Cook) Sparks, was born November 18,1823, and died June 5, 1852. She married in March, 1843, James McCreery, who died in December, 1852. They had the following children:
                    (a) Elizabeth MçCreery, born March 1, 1845.
                    (b) Ephraim McCreary, died young.
                    (c) Thomas Westford McCreery, born about 1847,
                    (d) Angeline McCreery, born 1849.
          (7) Mary Sparks, daughter of Ephraim L. and Sarah (Cook) Sparks, was born February 11, 1827. She married on November 6, 1849, James Neal, son of William and Mary Neal of Mt. Pleasant, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania. ge was born January 10, 1822. They had the following children:
                    (a) John Neal, born Sept. 9, 1851.
                    (b) Adella Emma Neal., born April 21, 1854; died March 15, 1858.
                    (c) William Franklin Neal, born November 20, 1856; died April 10, 1858.
                    (d) Elisabeth Cook Neal, born March 1, 1859.

We have been able to learn very little regarding the children of Ephraim L. Sparks and his second wife, Comfort. From census records, it appears that they had the following five children:

          (8) Samuel Sparks, son of Ephraim L. and Comfort Sparks, was born about 1832.

          (9) Clarissa Sparks, daughter of Ephraim L. and Comfort; Sparks, was born about 1834.

        (10) Joseph Sparks, son of Ephraim L. and Comfort Sparks, was born about 1836.

        (11) Martha J. Sparks, daughter of Ephraim L. and Comfort Sparks, was born about 1839.

        (12) Ephraim Sparks, Jr., born about 1841; he married Mary J. Ricketts and by 1870,
                according to the census of that year, they had the following children:
                    (a) Albert Sparks, born about 1865.
                    (b) Samuel Sparks, born about 1867.
                    (c) Clara Sparks, born January, 1870.

3. Isaac Sparks, Jr,, son of Isaac and Anna (Lloyd) Sparks, was born between 1790 and 1800.
He lived in what is now Perry Township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, near the town of
Perryopolis. He married and had five children. We have no record of his death. There is a
legend of an Isaac Sparks of Fayette County who deserted his family, ‘ent to Ohio, and married
the daughter of an Indian chief. There is a definite possibility that he was this Isaac Sparks, Jr.
Following are the five children of Isaac Sparks, Jr., who grew up in Fayette County. (These
records are taken from Vol. 1 of’ Genealogical and Personal History of Fayette and Green
Counties, Pennsylvania,  Edited by John W. Jordan and James Hadden in 1912.)


Children of Isaac Sparks, Jr., and his wife, whose name we have not been able to determine:

(1) Samuel Sparks, son of Isaac Sparks, Jr., born about 1820; he never married and died in Montana.
(2) Ellen (or Ellanor) Sparks, daughter of Isaac Sparks, Jr., born about 1820. She married James Arnold, a farmer of Fayette County, Penna. Later they moved to Vermont, where both died. Their children, as listed on the 1850 census, were:
                    (a) David Arnold, born about 1840.
                    (b) Isaac Arnold, born about 1842.
                    (c) Sarah Elma Arnold, born about 1844.
                    (d) Milton J. Arnold, born about 1849.
(3) Mary Ann Sparks, daughter of Isaac Sparks, Jr., born about 1825. She married Joseph Bute and they lived near Perryopolis.
(4) Horatio Lloyd Sparks, son of Isaac Sparks, Jr., was born January 31, 1823, and died on March 5, 1901. He married Helena Hammond, who was born in 1826 in Westmoreland County, Perina., and was a daughter of Samuel and Eliza (Douglass) Hammond. She died in 1890. Horatio L. and Helena (Hammond) Sparks were the parents of the followingchildren:
(a) Samuel Hammond Sparks, born in 1850 and died Dec. 7, 1904. He lived at Indian Head, Penna. He was a tanner by trade, as was his father, and a farmer; he established a tannery of his own in Bullakin Township. He married Melinda, daughter of Peter Christner. Their children were:
                              (1) William Ketchum Sparks,
                              (2) Roy Sparks, born 1876;
                              (3) Charles Boyle Sparks;
                              (4) Hammond Sparks;
                              (5) Luella B. Sparks,
                              (6) Maud Kitchen Sparks,
                              (7) Francis Davis Sparks, and
                              (8) Samuel Hammond Sparks.
(b) James Hammond Sparks, born Jan. 4, 1852; he married May 13, 1876, Sarah Iva Stewart, daughter of Thomas and May Anna (Cramer) Stewart. They had three children:
                              (1) L. Marie Sparks, born 1777;
                              (2) Wiley Stewart Sparks, born 1894; and
                              (3) Ray L. Sparks, born 1879.

                    (c) Israel Sparks, lived at Indian Head, Penna.
                    (d) Ida May Sparks, married George W. Campbell.
                    (e) Elizabeth Sparks, married Cyrus B. Sipe.
                    (f)  Mary Agnes Sparks.
                    (g) Kate Sparks, died July 31, 1893.
                    (h) Horatio L. Sparks, Jr., born 1866, died 1896.

(5) Jane Sparks, daughter of Isaac Sparks, Jr., was born about 1828; she was a cripple and never married. She died in the home of her brother, Horatio.
4. Joseph Sparks, son of Isaac and Anna (Lloyd) Sparks, was born about 1800 in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, and died there (in Perry Township) about 1830. He married Mary Hewitt, who was born April 15, 1796. She was a Quaker. Following his death about 1830, Mary (Hewitt) Sparks married as her second husband, Asa Chambers and by him had three children (Asa Chambers, Jr., Sarah Chambers, and Edward Chambers). Joseph and Mary (Hewitt) Sparks were the parents of three children: (see next page)


Children of Joseph and Mary (Hewitt) Sparks:

(1) David Sparks, son of Joseph and Mary (Hewitt) Sparks, was born about 1826. He was still living in 1842 when he signed a petition to the Fayette County Court asking that someone be appointed “to take care of his person and estate,” noting that his father had left a farm of 130 acres in Perry Township. We have no further record of David Sparks.
(2) Isaac Newton Sparks, son of Joseph and Mary (Hewitt) Sparks, was born December 28, 1828. He married Catherine Margaret Beeson on August 8, 1854, at Canal Dover in Tuscarawas County, Ohio. She was born March 23, 1833, and was a daughter of Harmon V. and Rachel C. (Rutt) Beeson. Isaac Newton Sparks did not remain in Ohio  with his uncles but returned to Fayette County, Penna., where his first two children were born. By 1860, however, he had moved with his family to Kansas. He died at Coffeyville,  Kansas, on October 16, 1916. Isaac N.  and Margaret (Beeson) Sparks were the parents of the following children:
                    (a) Joseph Beeson Sparks, born November 22, 1857, in Fayette County, Penna.
                    (b) Frank Sparks, born November 11, 1859, in Fayette County.
                    (c) Marian Vedder Sparks, born November 1, 1861, in Rantoul, Kansas.
                    (d) John Schooley Sparks, born January 6, 1864, in Rantoul, Kansas.
                    (e) Isaac Newton Sparks, Jr., born August 8, 1871, in Rantoul, Kansas.
(3) Jonathan Hewitt Sparks, son of Joseph and Mary (Hewitt) Sparks, was born April 4, 1830, in Fayette County, Penna. He married Sara Dial in Fayette County on January 21, 1857. He died near Lane, Kansas. Jonathan H. and Sara (Dial) Sparks were the parents of the following children:
                    (a) May Sparks, born about 1858 in Fayette County, Penna.
                    (b) Bessie Sparks, born in Franklin County, Kansas, on January 1, 1864.
                    (c) Eva Sparks, born in Franklin County, Kansas.
                    (d) Seena Sparks, born in Franklin County, Kansas.
                    (e) Vernie Sparks, born in Franklin County, Kansas.
                    (f)  Fred Sparks, born in Franklin County, Kansas.

 * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Another volume of THE SPARKS QUARTERLY has now been completed. A financial report of the ASSOCIATION accompanies this issue. It will be seen that during 1964 we lost ground in both membership and financial condition. Needless to say, your editor hopes that 1965 will prove to be a better year and that our many devoted members, who have stayed with us year after year, will make new efforts to secure additional members. The professional obligations of your editor make it increasingly difficult to give the many hours of his time necessary for the publication of the QUARTERLY. There are nearly forty letters piled on his desk from members and persons interested in the Sparks family that await his attention. Some members seem to feel that in exchange for their dues they are entitled to extensive research on his part, while others complain of his failure to publish material on their particular branch of the family. There are times when he is sorely tempted to give up what has been purely a labor of love for over a decade, and if support of the Association continues to decline, he will be forced to do so.

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