“He who careth not from whence he came, careth little whither he goeth.” Daniel Webster


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SOLOMON SPARKS (1767-1838)


In the June, 1963, issue of The Sparks Quarterly (Vol. XI, No. 2, Whole No. 42), we published a record of George Sparks, who we believe was born in the 1730’s, and his brother, William Sparks, of Washington County, Pennsylvania. One of George Sparks’s sons was Solomon Sparks, who was born November 15, l767.

Solomon Sparks grew to manhood in Washington County, Pennsylvania, and there he was married about 1792 to Catherine Hillegas, who was a daughter of John and Elizabeth Hillegas. Catherine was born February 15, 1777.

Our records of Solomon Sparks in Washington County, Pennsylvania, are few in number. On October 10, 1798, his father deeded 114 acres of his farm called “Elenoroon” to him. (See the map on the cover of the June, 1963, issue of The Sparks Quarterly for the location of “Elenoroon.”) Solomon Sparks acquired other land and appears to have been a prosperous farmer.  In 1803 and again in 1805, Solomon and Catherine sold land in Washington County. On May 3, 1809, they sold the last of their property and shortly thereafter moved to Adams County, Ohio, settling near the present town of Winchester. There they became charter members of the First Baptist Church of Winchester, signing the Articles of Confederation in 1814.

Solomon Sparks probably chose to move to Adams County, Ohio, because an older brother, Salathiel Sparks, had settled there in 1803. Salathiel lived near the town of West Union.

Solomon Sparks died in Adams County, Ohio, on March 19, 1838, and his wife, Catherine, died on March 14, 1859. Following is a record of the children of Solomon and Catherine (Hillegas) Sparks as copied many years ago from their family Bible by their son, Abner Sparks.


THE SPARKS QUARTERLY, published by The Sparks Family Association.

      Paul E. Sparks, President, 155 N Hite Ave., Louisville 6, Kentucky.
      William Perry Johnson, Historian-Genealogist, Box 531 Raleigh, North Carolina.
      Russell E. Bidlack, Secretary-Treasurer, 1709 Cherokee Rd., Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The Sparks Family Association was founded in March, 1953, as a non-profit organization devoted to the assembling of and preserving for posterity all genealogical and historical material pertaining to the Sparks family in America.  Membership in the Association is open to all persons connected in any way with the Sparks family, whether by blood, marriage, or adoption, and especially to those interested in genealogical and historical research. Membership falls into three classes: Active, Contributing, and Sustaining. Active membership dues are two dollars per year; Contributing membership dues are three dollars per year; Sustaining membership dues are any amount over three dollars. All members, whether Active, Contributing, or Sustaining, receive THE SPARKS QUARTERLY as it is published in March, June, September, and December. Libraries, genealogical and historical societies, and individuals may subscribe to the QUARTERLY without joining the Association at the rate of two dollars per year. Back issues are kept in print and are available for fifty cents per issue. The first issue of the QUARTERLY was published in March, 1953. The editor from March, 1953, to September, 1954, was Paul E. Sparks; since September, 1954, the editor has been Russell E. Bidlack. The QUARTERLY is printed at the Edwards Letter Shop, .711 N. University, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Children of Solomon and Catherine (Hillegas) Sparks:

            John Sparks, born February 7, 1793; died July 19, 1819.
            Ezra Sparks, born June 18, 1795.
            Levi Sparks, born April 9, 1798.
            Elizabeth Sparks, born July 20, 1800.
            Solomon Sparks, born May 6, 1803; died May 5, 1852.
            Catherine Sparks, born January 11, 1806; died August 28, 1806.
            James Sparks, born August 31, 1807; died January 10, 1858.
            Mary Sparks, born January 4, 1810.
            Abner Sparks, born August 17, 1812.
            George Sparks, born November 13, 1815.
            Jonathan Boston Sparks, born June 10, 1817,
            John Oliver Sparks, born April 26, 1820.

Gertrude Sparks of Eau Clair, Wisconsin, and Mrs.  Leota Lawton of Plymouth, Illinois, have prepared a splendid record of the descendants of Ezra Sparks, seoond child of Solomon and Catherine (Hillegas) Sparks, which begins on page 749. We should like to publish similar records of the descendants of the other children of Solomon and Catherine and welcome information on these families from descendants.




By Gertrude Sparks and Leota Lawton

Ezra Sparks, son of Solomon and Catherine (Hillegas) Sparks, was born in Washington County, Pennsylvania, on June 18, 1795, and died at Winchester, Adams County, Ohio, on January 14, 1862. He was married to Mahala Shriver in Adams County on July 14, 1820. She was born August 18, 1801, in Berkley County, Virginia, and died at Winchester, Ohio, on July 16, 1867. She was a daughter of Peter and Rebecca (Faris) Shriver. Ezra and Mahala (Shriver) Sparks were the parents of the following children:

        1. Solomon Shriver Sparks, born July 2, 1821.
        2. Rebecca Ann Sparks, born 1823.
        3. John F. Sparks, born about 1825.
        4. Levi Sparks, born about 1827.
        5. Robert U. Sparks, born February 9, 1829.
        6. Mary Ellen Sparks, born October 17, 1831.
        7. Catherine Sparks, born about 1833.
        8. Kernilla Sparks, barn September 4, 1835.
        9. Ezra Sparks, born June 6, 1838.

1. Solomon Shriver Sparks was born at Winchester, Adams County, Ohio, July 2, 1821, and died January 7, 1874, at Bethel, Ohio. He married Isabel Sargent at New Vienna, Ohio, on November 17, 1859. She was born July 12, 1837, in Bethel, Ohio, and died October 17, 1908. Solomon was a farmer and a kind and loving father. Isabel, whose father and grandfather were Baptist ministers, was a devoted church worker. They were the parents of the following children:
(1) Ida Bell Sparks, daughter of Solomon S. and Isabel (Sargent) Sparks was born at Winchester, Ohio, August 29, 1860, and died at New Vienna, Ohio, September 7, 1887.
(2) A son (twin) born July 23, 1862, died July 28, 1862.
(3) A daughter (twin) born July 23, 1862, died July 26, 1862.
(4) James Sargent Sparks, son of Solomon S. and Isabel (Sargent) Sparks was born March 23, 1864, and died at Antigo, Wisconsin, on December 8, 1928. He was married to Alice Mary Davis on September 17, 1888 at Cincinnati, Ohio. She was born June 16, 1865, and died February 11, 1919. He was a farmer and dairyman, she was a dressmaker. Both were kind and loving parents. They moved to Kansas, then to Illinois, then to Iowa where James  S. Sparks ran a dairy farm in Webster City. They later moved to Wisconsin. They were the parents of the following children:
(a) Leota Sparks, daughter of James S. and Alice N. (Davis) Sparks, was born Sept. 3, 1889, at Douglas, Kansas. She married Howard Marion Lawton on Sept. 1, 1915, at Hobart, Md. He was born May 10, 1889, at Plymouth, Ill. He is a farmer and dairyman; she was a primary teacher. Howard M. Lawton and his five children, James, Dale, Alice, John and Robert, are all graduates of Knox College at Galesburg, Illinois. Two granddaughters have also attended. All four sons were in World War II and John was called back into service for the Korean War. Data on the children of Howard M. and Leota (Sparks) Lawton follow:
(i) James Howard Lawton was born June 19, 1917, at Plymouth, Illinois. He is an accountant. He was married to Dorris Braeutigam on Aug. 1,1942, at Jefferson City, Mo. She was born Aug. 7, 1915, at Belleville, Illinois.
Children of Leota Sparks and her husband, Howard M. Lawton, continued:
(ii) Dale Elmer Lawton was born Sept. 13, 1919, at Plymouth, Ill. He was married to Gladys Martin on Aug. 23, 1942, at Belmar, New Jersey. She was born October 10, 1914, at Sterling, Ill. Dale is a teacher. They have two children:
(1) Marilyn Lawton, born Nov. 12, 1944, at Belmont, New Jersey; and
(2) Thomas Howard Lawton, born Feb. 28, 1954, at Chicago Heights, Illinois.
(iii) Alice Iona Lawton was born Dec. 17, 1921, at Plymouth, Ill. She was married at Golden, Col., to Warren Kruse, who was born Oct. 1, 1920. Alice was a teacher before her marriage. They have two children:
(1) Marcia Lynne Kruse, born Dec. 30, 1952, at Denver, Col.;
(2) James Warren Kruse, born Aug. 9, 1959, at Denver, Col.
(iv) John Sargent Lawton was born July 8, 1924, at Plymouth, Ill. He was married to Medanell Spindel on June 9, 1951, at Edinburg, Ill. She was born June 26, 1927, at Edinburg. John was formerly a teacher, is now a farmer and dairyman. They have two children:
(1) John Sargent Lawton, Jr., born March 4, 1952; and
(2) Doris Ann Lawton, born May 3, 1954.
(v) Robert Marion Lawton was born July 4, 1926, at Plymouth, Ill. He was married to Shirley Sander at Carrollton, Ill. She was born March 11, 1926. He is a teacher. They have two children:
(1) Cassandra Lawton, born Nov. 2, 1952, at Springfield, Ill.; and
(2) Kevin Robert Lawton, born Feb. 10, 1954, at Jacksonville, Illinois.
(b) Gertrude Sparks, daughter of James S. and Alice N. (Davis) Sparks was born July 16, 1891, at Douglas, Kansas. She is a graduate of Home Economics at Madison, Wisconsin. She taught in Fond du Lac, Wisc., until June 1961. She is now retired and lives with her sister, Inez, at Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

(c) Inez Davis Sparks, daughter of James S. and Alice N. (Davis) Sparks, was born July 24, 1894, at Good.field, Ill. She is a graduate of the University of Minnesota at Minneapolis. She is a teacher of psychology, with the rank of full professor, at the Wisconsin State College at Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

(d) Ernest Sargent Sparks, son of James S. and Alice N. (Davis) Sparks, was barn July 13, 1897, at Goodfield, Illinois. He was married to Marjorie Eva Tinker on Sept. 14, 1918, at Ladysmith, Wisc. She was born Sept, 3, 1899, at Forrest City, Iowa. He works in a large paper mill near Wausau,  Wisconsin. They are the parents of seven children:  Claire Lucille, Marjorie Lee, Phyllis Elaine, Ernest Alan, James William, Ellen Lorraine, and Eva Lynn.


Children of Ernest Sargent and Marjorie K. (Tinker) Sparks:

(i) Claire Lucille Sparks, daughter of Ernest S. and Marjorie K. (Tinker) Sparks, was born Nov. 19, 1919, at Parrish, Wise. She was married to  Howard John Faultereack on March 9, 1943, at Merrill, Wise. He was born Aug. 24, 1919. Claire was formerly a beautician, now a loving mother. Howard works for Oscar Meyer at Madison, Wise. They have three children:
(1) JohnHoward Faultersack, born Aug. 2, 1946, at Merrill, Wisc.;
(2) Nancy Lee Faultersack, born Jan. 6, 1951, at Madison, Wisc.; and
(3) Mark Allen Faultersack, born June 28, 1953, at Madison.
(ii) Marjorie Lee Sparks, daughter of Ernest S. and Marjorie K. (Tinker) Sparks, was born June 11, 1923, at Ladysmith, Wisc. She was married to Gaylord Allen Howard at Merrill, Wise., on June 14, 1946. He was born Feb. 4, 1921. Marjorie teaches in Chippewa Falls, Wisc.; Gaylord  works for the Unemployment Department for the State of Wisconsin.
(iii)   Phyllis Elaine Sparks, daughter of Ernest S. and Marjorie E. (Tinker) Sparks, was born June 14, 1925, at Parrish, Wisc. She was married to Myles Harold Weben at Merrill, Wisc., on July 28, 1946. He was born March 24, 1921. Myles is an accountant for a construction company in Milwaukee, Wisc They have two children:
(1) Geanne Lee Weber, born Nov. 16, 1948, at Milwaukee, Wisc.; and
(2) Richard Weber, born in 1952, also at Milwaukee.
(iv) Ernest Alan Sparks, son of Ernest S. and Marjorie K. (Tinker) Sparks, was born Jan. 11, 1927, at Neenah, Wise. He was married to Mary Hyde on April 21, 1951, at Milwaukee, Wisc.  She was born Feb. 19, 1928, in Milwaukee, Wise. Ernest is an auto mechanic; Mary is a happy and busy mother of six children:
(1) Sandra Lee Sparks, born Jan, 6, 1952;
(2) Judith Ann Sparks, born April 23, 1953;
(3) Vicky Lynn Spanks, born Feb. 27, 1955;
(4) David Alan Sparks, born March 6, 1956;
(5) Lynn Marie Sparks, bonn Dec. 17, 1959; and
(6) Scott Michael Sparks, born Sept. 10, 1961. All were born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
(v) James William Sparks, son of Ernest S. and Marjorie K. (Tinker) Sparks, was born Dec. 3, 1930, at Parrish, Wise. He was married to Izetta   Schmirler on Dec. 15, 1951, at Wausau, Wisc. She was born Jan. 12, 1932, at Wausau, Wisc. James is a chemist and lives in Lakewood, Ohio.  They have two children:
(1) Jamie Lynn Sparks, bonn Oct. 15, 1954, at Hudson, Wise.; and
(2) Deborah Jeanne Sparks, born June 12, 1958, at Lakewood, Ohio.
Children of Ernest S. and Marjorie K. (Tinker) Sparks, continued:
(vi) Ellen Lorrain Sparks, daughter of Ernest S. and Marjorie E. (Tinker) Sparks, was born Jan. 2, 1936, at Merrill, Wise. She was married to  Robert Lewis Hotzfeld on March 26, 1955, at Merrill, Wise. He was born Nov. 19, 1934. He is a draftsman for a company inWausau, Wisc. They have three children:
(1) Bruce Clark Hotzfeld, born May 24, 1958, at Wausau, Wisc.; (2) Robin Lan Hotzfeld, born April 10, 1960, at Wausau; and
(3) Brook Jon Hotzfeld, born April 12, 1962, also at Wausau.
(vii) Eva Lynn Sparks (twin of Ellen), daughter of Ernest S. and Marjorie B. (Tinker) Sparks, born Jan. 2 1936, at Merrill, Wisc. She was married to  Dale A. Jensen on Sept. 16, 1961, at Merrill. Dale is a mechanical engineering student at a college in Milwaukee, Wisc. Eva works for Blue Cross.  They live in Milwaukee.
(5) John F. Sparks, son of Solomon S. and Isabel (Sargent) Sparks, was born May 25, 1866, at Bethel, Ohio. He was married on Feb. 2, 1886, to Etta Delilah Kester, who was born March 4, 1868, at Mantineville, Ohio, and died July 20, 1944, in Waterloo, Iowa. They were the parents of three children:
(a) Howard Irwin Sparks was born Feb. 7, 1887, at New Vienna, Ohio, and died on June 3, 1940, at Rhinelander, Wisc. He was married to Chloe Pearl Lockwood on May 22, 1912, at Antigo, Wisc.; she was born Sept. 28, 1891, in Williams, Iowa.

(b) Bernice Anna Sparks was born May 25, 1890, at Douglas, Kansas, and died Dec. 6, 1945, in Waterloo, Iowa. She was married on July 14, 1924, at Independence, Iowa, to Archibald Stout. He was born June 19, 1896.

(c) Edgar Paul Sparks was born May 25, 1896, at Eureka, Illinois, and died Sept. 30, 1947, in San Francisco. He was married to Tomme B. Stubbs at Rush Springs, Indian Territory, on Jan. 28, 1922. She was born April 25, 1899.

(6) Wilbur Sparks, son of Solomon S. and Isabel (Sargent) Sparks, was born March 9, 1874, at Bethel, Ohio, and died April 27, 1956, at Neenab, Wisc. He was married to Anna Elizabeth Bloom at Neenah, Wisc. She was born April 16, 1879, and died Nov. 25, 1956, at Neenah, Wisc. Wilbur was a teacher, farmer, then an editor of the Neenah daily paper. They were married in Neenah, Wisc., on Nov. 25, 1915. They were the parents of two children:
(a) Catherine Margaret Sparks, daughter of Wilbur and Anna E. (Bloom) Sparks, was born Aug. 18, 1916, at Crystal Lake, Iowa. She was married to the Rev. Nathan Grier Hills in Neenah, Wisc., on June 20, 1942. He was born Jan. 18, 1915, in Oak Park, Ill. Catherine was graduated from  Dennison University, Granville, Ohio, while the Rev, Mr. Hills is a graduate of Northwestern University and Louisville Seminary in Kentucky. He is Director of the Presbyterian Larger Parish and is in charge of nine churches. They are the parents of five children:
Children of Nathan Gnier and Catherine N. (Sparks) Hills:
(i)   Stephen Moore Hills, born Oct. 3, 1943, at Sulphur, Okla. He attends Wooster College in Ohio.
(ii)  Catherine Ann Hills, born Dec. 25, 1944, at Sulphur, Okla.
(iii) Mary Louise Hills, born Sept. 12, 1946, at Mexico, Missouri.
(iv) Sally Lucile Hills, born June 18, 1951, at Keokuk, Iowa.
(v) Thomas Grier Hills, born Oct. 20, 1958, at Paris, Illinois.
(b) Robert Edward Sparks, born October 25, 1925, at Cameron, Wisc., was adopted by Wilbur aud Anna K. (Bloom) Sparks when he was a small  baby. He was married to Martha Virginia Wibel on Jan, 4, 1948, at St. Paris, Ohio, She was born May 29, 1926 at St. Paris, Ohio. He works in one of the large Neenah banks. They have two children:
(i) Nancy K. Sparks, born March 5, 1949, at Neenah, Wisc.
(ii) Anna Marie Sparks, born June 12, 1951, at Neenah, Wisc.
2. Rebecca Ann Sparks, daughter of Ezra and Mahala (Shriven) Sparks, was born in 1823 at Winchester, Ohio, and died in 1847 at Winchester. She was married to Samuel Millin Dryden, who was born December 23, 1813, at Mount Lay, Adams Co., Ohio, and died October 3, 1895, at Montezuma, Iowa. They were the parents of five children:
(1) John F. Dryden, son of Samuel N. and Rebecca Ann (Sparks) Dryden, was born Sept. 25, 1841, in Adams County, Ohio, and died July 26, 1921, at Montezuma, Iowa. He was married to Mary F. Hunnicett on March 28, 1869. They were the parents of the following children:
(a) Eva Dee Dryden.
(b) Fred F. Dryden.
(c) Arthur B. Dryden.
(d) Kerrilla Dryden.
(2) James Dryden, son of Samuel M. and Rebecca Ann (Sparks) Dryden. No further information.

(3) Mary Jane Dnyden, daughter of Samuel N. and Rebecca Arm (Sparks) Dryden, was born March 27, 1843, in Adams County, Ohio, and died Aug. 7, 1920, at New Vienna, Ohio. She was married to James G. Grice on Dec. 13, 1864. He died June 20, 1906, in New Vienna, Ohio, They had no children.

(4) Kerrilla Dryden, daughter of Samuel M. and Rebecca Ann (Sparks) Dryden, was born abont 1845 in Adams County, Ohio. She married a Mr. Abbott.

(5) Sarah Albertion Dryden, daughter of Samuel N. and Rebecca Ann (Sparks) Dryden, was born Aug. 19, 1846, in Adams County, Ohio, and died April 22, 1924, at Greenfield, Ohio. She was married to David Newton McBride on April 29, 1868. He died June 29, 1916. They were the parents of five children:

(a) Otto Taliaferro McBride, born April 24, 1869, died Nov. 12, 1876.
(b) Edith Blanche McBride, bonn Nov. 24, 1871; she married a Mr. Mercer and had children named Harry Mercer and Oleta Mercer.
Children of David N. and Sarah A. (Dryden) McBride, continued:
(c) John Dryden McBride, bonn Sept. 3, 1875, in Rainsboro, Ohio, died in 1949 at Hilisboro, Ohio. He was a physician. He was married to Florence Minetti Kukin on Oct. 26, 1904. They had two children:
(i)  John Randall McBride, born March 27, 1909, at Hillsboro, Ohio. He was a physician.
(ii) Leland Dale McBride, born April 22, 1915.
(d) Newton Craig McBride, born June 8, 1879, at Raineboro, Ohio. He married Sophia May Saybert on April 12, 1905, at Hillsboro, Ohio. She was  born May 2, 1880. They had three children:
(i)   Saybert Craig McBride, born May 10, 1908, died July 15, 1917.
(ii)  Robert Leff be McBride, born Dec. 26, 1909.
(iii) David Newton McBride, born May 1?, 1912.
(e) James Ray McBride, born June 2, 1885. He married and had three children:
(i)   Joseph McBride.
(ii)  Sarah McBride.
(iii) Charles McBride.
3. John F. Sparks, son of Ezra and Mahala (Shriven) Sparks, was born about 1825 at Winchester, Ohio. He never married. He was a surveyor. The date of his death is not known, but he was buried in Troy, Missouri.

4. Levi Sparks, son of Ezra and Mahala (Shriven) Sparks, was born about 1827, at Winchester, Ohio. He was married to Nancy Fibbs. He died at Charleston,  Illinois, date not known. They had one child:

(1) Anna B. Spanks; she never married.
5. Robert N. Sparks, son of Ezra and Mabala (Shniver) Sparks, was born Feb. 9, 1829, at Winchester, Ohio, and died April 4, 1893, at Old Hawk Point,  Missouri; be was buried in Brush Creek Cemetery near Gamma, Missouri. He was married to Mary Ann Elrod who died on October 8, 1861, at the age of 27 years, 11 months, and 22 days. They had two children:
(1) Frank Sparks, son of Robert N. and Mary Ann (Blrod) Sparks, was born April 27, 1859, at Montgomery County, Missouri. He died April 4, 1880,  at Montgomery County, Missouri, and was buried in Brush Creek Cemetery, Gamma, Missouri. He neven married.

(2) Walter Edward Sparks, son of Robert N. and Mary Ann (Elrod) Sparks, was born April 20, 1861, in Montgomery County, Missouri, and died at Bellflower, Missouri. He was married to Lena Burmell on Feb. 7, 1886, in Montgomery County. She was born Dec. 24, 1869, in Hamilton County,  Ohio, and died May 21, 1918, at Edmonton, Canada. They had two children:

(a) Walter Edgar Sparks, son of Walter E. and Lena (Bunnell) Sparks, was born June 11, 1888, at Hawk Point, Missouri. He married Mary Johnson of England. They had one daughter:
(i)  Pearl Sparks, who married Roy Franklin Dean at Santa Monica, Calif., on June 22, 1940. He was born Jan. 17, 1913, in Bowersville, Georgia.
(b) Ira Edward Sparks, son of Walter B. and Lena (Bunnell) Sparks, was born Feb. 8, 1890, at Hawk Point, Mo. He married Mabel Johnson in St. Louis, Mo.; she was born
(i)  Walter Johnson Sparks.

6.  Mary Ellen Sparks, daughter of Ezra and Mahala (Shriver) Spanks, was born October  17, 1831, at Winchester, Ohio, and died January 1, 1865, at Winchester. She was  married to Dr. Frank(red) Fear, who was born December 11, 1824, and died April 28, 1902, at Waverly, Kansas. In a cemetery a short distance east of Winchester, is the grave of Mary K. Fear, The inscription reads:

Mary B.
wife of
Dr. F. Fear
Jan. 19 1865
33 yrs. 3 mo. and 14 da.

Asleep in Jesus, 0 for me
May such a blissful refuge be,
Securely shall my ashes lie
And wait the summons from on high.

Dr. Frank and Mary Ellen (Sparks) Fear were the parents of five children:

(1) Dr. John Carey Fear was born Nov. 9, 1855, at Duncansville, Ohio. He was married to Rhoda Butler at Ottumwa, Kansas, on Aug. 13, 1879.  She was born Feb. 2, 1862, in Tallyrand, Iowa. They had three children:
(a) Maude Florence Fear, born July 25, 1881, died March 17, 1894.
(b) Jessie A. Fear, born Sept. 18, 1883, at Burlington, Kansas; She married a Mr. Kelly and had three children, all three of whom were musicians. Their names were:
(i)   Leah Marjorie Kelly, born March 4, 1909, at Waverly, Kansas.
(ii)  Lyle Fear Kelly, born Feb. 18, 1912, at Ottawa, Kansas.
(iii) Dale Hoyt Kelly, born Nov. 28, 1921, at Strawn, Kansas.
(c) Ada Mabel Fear, born May 10, 1887; she rnarried Frank C. Lebow on Sept. 12, 1911.  They had two children:
(i)  Roberta Louis, Lebow, born April 4, 1913.
(ii) Rhoda Evelyn Lebow, born Jan. 24, 1916.
(2) William Henry Fear was born October 8, 1858. He married Lucia Draun who was born in Ohio.

(3) Emery Sparks Fear was born in December 9, 1860, in Adams County, Ohio. He married
Florence Baird. He died in Roseland, Florida.

(4) Anna Albertine Fear. She married Orlando Kesten and 1ived in Martinsville, Ohio.

(5) Charles Francis Fear. He lived in Latham, Kansas.

7. Catherine Sparks, daughter of Ezra and Mahala (Shriver) Sparks, was born about 1833 at Winchester, Ohio. She married Dr. Frank Fear (his nickname was  "Black"). They had three children:

(1) Eva Fear. She married Bruce Copple and had a daughter named Estelle who lived in Covington, Kentucky.

(2) Mary Mahala Fear.  She was bonn at Blue Creek, Ohio, and died May 18, 1889 in Winchester.

(3) Ezra Sparks Fear.  He was married at Waverly, Kansas, and died in Rocky Ford, Colo.  He had one child, Daisy Fear, who married a Mr. Archibald and lived in Denver, Colo.


8.  Kerrilla Sparks, daughter of Ezra and Mahala (Shriver) Sparks, was born September 4, 1835, at Winchester, Ohio, and died April 26, 1863, aged 27 years, 7  months, and 22 days. He never married.

9. Ezra Sparks, son of Ezra and Mahala (Shriver) Sparks, was born June 6, 1838. He died January 18, 1857.

This completes the record of the descendants of Ezra and Mahala (Shriver) Sparks.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *



In addition to the John Sparks family of Rush County, Indiana, enumerated in The Spanks Quarterly of June, 1960 (Vol. VIII, No, 2, Whole No. 30) page 483,
the fol1owing family was found by Mrs. Peter J. Heppen in a re-check of the 1850 census.

Union Township, enumerated Sept. 10, 1850, by Gabriel F. Sutton.
(p. 1036 or 518)
459-462 Sparks, Sarah  45 (F) Pennsylvania   $2000
  Cross, Eli  18 (M) Indiana  Farmer
    “      Jackson 15  (F)      "
    “      Polly A. 12 (F)      "
    “      James H   9 (M)      "
Sparks, John    1 (M)      " 



George W. B. Evans, who was one of the many thousands of Americans who went to California in 1849 to seek gold, kept a journal during his journey which was published in 1949. Evans left from Defiance, Ohio, went down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers to New Orleans, thence by boat to Galveston, thence to Matagorda Bay, then overland to California. He crossed the San Joaquin River in central California on October 21, 1849, and wrote the following:

“At this crossing ... we found a regular Yankee ferry, kept by a man by the name of  SPARKS, and who charges for his services in transferring persons from side to side, the moderate sum of $1.00 per head, man and beast. Thinking this rather too feeling, we took advantage of a ford a short distance above the ferry, and in five minutes time we were all safely over. Mr. SPARKS has a victually establishment or traders tent and here for the first time we found hay in the stack which would sell for $100 per ton.”

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


When reading the financial records of our Colonial ancestors, we should keep in mind that the Colonial pound was not the pound sterling. The pound was twenty shillings, the shilling twelve pence, equivalent to $3.33 1/3, and l6 2/3 cents, respectively.




(Continued from page 741)

SOLOMON SPARKS, born January 4, 1787, in Washington County, Pennsylvania; died May 21, 1860, in Taylor County, Virginia (now West Virginia). Married  Rachel Nixon. Bounty Land Warrant File 22-144-80-55.

On December 3, 1850, Solomon Sparks appeared before a justice of the peace in Pruntytown, Taylor County, West Virginia (then Virginia), named Joshua 0. Robinson to make application for bounty land.  He stated that he was 64 years old and a resident of Taylor County; that he had been a private in Capt. Gabriel Wilkinson’s company in the Fifth Regiment of Virginia Militia commanded by Col. Street in the War of 1812. Solomon Sparks stated that he had performed this service as a substitute for Lewis Yates who was drafted at Garrison County in 1814 (he could not remember the date) and that he served for a term of almost six months, being honorably discharged at Fort Nelson, Virginia, in February, 1815. (Records in the Treasury Department of this regiment revealed that Solomon Sparks had served from Aug. 31, 1814, to March 19, 1815.) Solomon Sparks stated that he had received a written discharge, but that it had been lost. He signed his application as “Solomon Sparks.” On July 23, 1851, be was issued a warrant for 80 acres of bounty land.

On May 19, 1855, Solomon Sparks applied for additional bounty land under the new act of March 3, 1855. He stated that he was now 66 years old and still a resident of Taylor County. He gave no new information regarding himself.  He again signed his name as “Solcmon Sparks’-- Isaac A. Morris and Benjamin F. Baldwin, both residents of Taylor County, signed as witnesses, He was issued a warrant for 80 acres of additional bounty land.

(Editor’s Note: The above Solomon Sparks was born January 4, 1787, in Washington County, Pennsylvania, and died in Taylor County, Virginia (now West Virginia) on May 21, 1860. He married Rachel Nixon, who was born in 1791 and died in Taylor County on February 9, 1875. She was buried in the Nixon Cemetery on U.S. 250 near Pruntytown. It is probable that Solomon Sparks was buried there also, but there is no stone with his name. This Solomon Sparks was a son of George and Rachel (Norris) Sparks, who were married in 1785 in Washington County, Pennsylvania; they later moved to that section of Virginia which is now in Taylor County, West Virginia. George Sparks, father of Solomon, was born in the 1750’s and served in the American Revolution, being taken a prisoner by the British in New York in November, 1782. George Sparks was a son of George and Mary Sparks of Washington County, Pennsylvania. For additional data on this family, see The Sparks Quarterly of June, 1963 (Vol. XI, No. 2, Whole No. 42) pp. 728-734. See also the the record of Anna (Sparks) Snyder, sister of Solomon Sparks, which appears in this issue of the Quarterly, page 759.

We have only scattered references to Solomon Sparks in West Virginia. Since Taylor County was not created until 1844, his name appeared on the 1830 census of Harrison County, which then included the part of what is now Taylor County where be lived. He was listed with his wife and three boys (one under 5; one between 5 and 10; and one between 10 and 15) and four girls (one under 5; two between 5 and 10; and one between 10 and 15). When the 1850 census was taken of Taylor County, Solomon’s family was listed as follows:


  (name) (age)          (birth place)    (occupation) (value of real estate) 
Sparks, Solomon  65 Penna. Farmer $500
     "       Rachael  60      "
     "       Sarah  30 Virginia
     "       George  30      " Laborer
     "       Charlotte  28      "
     "       Mary  26      "
     "       Solomon  25      " Laborer
     "       John  21      "      "
     "       Sarah  20      "
     "       Sarah   19      "

It will be noted that there are three women in this family named Sarah; from the way in which they are listed it would appear they were all daughters, in which case the census taker must have made a mistake in writing their names. Two of them may, of course, have been relatives.

Solomon Sparks did not leave a will. His son, George W. Sparks, who seems to have been the oldest son, reported his death to the county clerk, stating that Solomon had died from “old age.” We know that this George W. Sparks was born August 14, 1819, and died January 10, 1895 - - these dates appear on his tomb stone in the Nixon Cemetery on U.S. 250 near Pruntytown, Taylor County, West Virginia. His wife’s name was Sina; she was born Jan. 3, 1823, and died Dec. 7, 1873.

The only other child of Solomon and Rachel (Nixon) Sparks on whom we have any information is Solomon Sparks, Jr., who was born Sept. 8, 1824, and died Nov. 3, 1894. According to his tombstone in the Nixon Cemetery, he was a soldier in the Civil War.

One other Sparks family was listed on the 1850 census of Taylor County, West Virginia, (then Virginia). The ages of the members of this family present a problem--perhaps that of John Sparks, given first, is an error--perhaps he was really 41 instead of 21. He may, on the other hand, not have been the husband of Margaret, whose age is given as 36, but may have been her son and was listed first because he had succeeded his father as bead of the household. The family was given as follows:

 Sparks, John  21 Virginia  Farmer  $1100 
     "       Margaret  36      "
     "       Luvina  18      "
     "       Mary Jane  14      "
     "       John  12      "
     "       Syntha  10      "
Whitaker, Erny  21      "

 We shall welcome additional information on this family from descendants.)

 * * * * * * * * * * * * *

TWO EARLY SPARKS SETTLERS IN LOUISIANA: In the American State Papers, published in 1834, in Class VIII devoterto “Public Lands,” there are two Sparks references. On Feb. 7, 1809, a certificate was issued to James Richardson for 240 arpents of land near a water course called Marais des Liards. This land had been claimed by JONAS SPARKS. It is not clear whether James Richardson was his heir or whether he had purchased the right from Jonas Sparks (see Vol. 2, page 694). In a section devoted to “Claims in the Western District of Louisiana” (Vol. 3, page 242) appears the following entry: “No. 1239-1037-- JONATHON SPARKS claims six hundred and forty acres of land on both sides of Stokely’s creek, pariah of Cattahoula. The evidence of Henry Combs, taken the 15th December 1813, states that the claimant settled on the land in 1803, and has inhabited and cultivated the same ever since.” Can anyone identify either JONAS SPARKS or JONATHAN SPARKS?



 Mrs. Albert G. Peters, formerly Illinois State Regent of the Daughters of the American Revolution, has supplied a record of the children of Anna Sparks (1800-1873) and her husband, Adam Snyder (1795-1847). Mrs. Peters copied these records a number of years ago from the “Indiana D.A.R. Genealogical Records Collection,” Vol. I, pp. 73-74.

Anna Sparks was a daughter of George and Rachel (Norris) Sparks of Washington County, Penna., and later of Taylor County, Virginia (now West Virginia). (See The Sparks Quarterly of June, 1963, Vol. XI, No. 2, ‘Whole No. 42, page 734.) She was a sister of Solomon Sparks (1787-1860) whose applications for bounty land based on his service in the War of 1812 appear in this issue of the Quarterly, pages 757-58.

Anna Sparks was born on January 10, 1800, in wbat is now Taylor County, West Virginia, and died on June 27, 1873. She was married on April 27, 1817, in Virginia to Adam Snyder who was born in Frederick County, Maryland, November 2, 1795, and died May 18, 1847. He served in the War of 1812 and later enlisted in the Army of the Northwest under General Harrison. He participated in the lattle of the Thames.

Adam and Anna (Sparks) Snyder were the parents of the following children:

(1) Solomon Snyder, born in 1818, died in 1892; be married (1st) Elizabeth Vinnedge in 1839; (2d) Lucinda Morris in 1845.
(2) Simon Snyder, born Oct. 19, 1819; died August 18, 1878,
(3) John Snyder, born Oct. 25, 1821; died March 7, 1865.  He married (1st) Nancy Ann Kilgore on Sept. 2, 1841; (2d) Sarah Jane McCormick, on June 29, 1846.
(4) James Snyder, born Oct. 1, 1923; died May 19, 1877; he married Nancy Ann Conger on Oct. 31, 1850.
(5) Julia Ann Snyder, born July 31, 1825; died Nov. 4, 1916; the married John Trowbridge on Jan, 29, 1846.
(6) Lucinda Snyder, born Nov. 24, 1827; she married George Nitcher on March 13, 1845.
(7) Elizabeth Snyder, born Feb. 22, 1830; died Sept. 7, 1863; she married Washington Morris on April 3, 1845.
(8) Mary Jane Snyder, born Dec. 29, 1832; died April 2, 1886; she married Baker Falconburg.
(9) Delilah Snyder, born Feb. 9, 1834; died March 3, 1916; she married Aaron Molane.
(10) David Snyder, born Jan. 22, 1839; died July 16, 1892; he married a woman whose last name was Tye.
(11) .Amanda Magdalene Snyder, born Dec. 5, 1841; died Feb. 22, 1879; she married David McKane.
(12) George Washington Snyder, born Nov. 30, 1846; died Oct. 13, 1922; he married Mary Thomas on May 8, 1884 (?).


In the June, 1963, issue of The Sparks Quarterly, (Vol. XI, No, 2, Whole No. 42, page 738) we published an abstract of the application of Simon Sparks of Woodbury, New Jersey, for bounty land for service in the War of 1812. We noted at that time that we had no data on this Simon Sparks. Mrs. Albert G, Peters, formerly Illinois State Regent of the D.A.R, who has so frequently supplied us with data on New Jersey Sparks families, reports that it is her belief, although she lacks positive proof, that this Simon Sparks was a son of Joseph Sparks of Glouster County, New Jersey, ‘who may have been a son of the Hon. John Sparks (see The Sparks Quarterly of March, 1958, Vol. VI, No. 1, Whole No, 21, page 286.)

Mrs. Peters reports that this Simon Sparks is called “Esq.” in some of the records and that he became a justice of the peace and a judge. He was also in the shoe making business.   He died on February 1, 1861, in Woodbury.  The Woodbury Constitution published the following obituary in its issue of February 5, 1861,

On Friday morning, last, Simon Sparks Esquire. He was within a few days of being 80 years of age. By a long life of integrity and uprightness he enjoyed the confidence and esteem of the community in which he lived. He served several terms as a Judge of the County Court, and by appointment and election as a  justice until his death. He united with the Presbyterian Church of this place within the last ten years and has maintained a consistent profession. He died rejoicing in the merits of Jesus Christ, upon whom he relied for salvation.
From Simon Sparks’s will and other records supplied by Mrs. Peters, it appears that he had the following childrem
(1) Adeline Sparks, married first Chathein; second, on Sept. 24, 1834, in Glouster County, N.J., to Nelson Woodward. In his will, Simon Sparks  mentioned his grandson, Joseph S. Woodward, who was born about 1849.
(2) Anna or Ann Sparks, married Elias Burt of Philadelphia in Sept., 1835.
(3) Mary Sparks, married Augustus Barber in March, 1836, in Glouster County. She had died before 1861, and Simon Sparks willed property to her children: Anna S. Barber; Mary S. Barber; Robert Barber; John Barber, Juley (spelling uncertain) Barber; and Augustus Barber.
(4) Howe1l A. Sparks, born about 1815. According to the 1850 census of Mannington, Salem County, New Jersey, he was a wheelwright by occupation.  His wife’s name was Hannah A., born about 1815. He had died before 1861 and his father, Simon Sparks, left property to his children as follows:
                                Maria N. Sparks, born about 1843;
                                Mary B. Sparks, born about 1845; and
                                Nelson Sparks, born about 1847.
(5) Joseph Sparks. No information other than his being mentioned in his father’s will has been found.
(6) Ellen Sparks. She was mentioned in her father's will, and from the 1850 census it appears that she was born about 1831. She was living with her father in 1850.


By Paul E. Sparks

(Continued from page 746)


Copied by Paul E. Sparks

Will Sparks & Marion W. Hillix, December 22, 1841. (Book 1, page 132) Bondsman: Jas. F. Hillix.
Margt. A. Sparks & Richd. L. Taylor, April 22, 1840. (Book 1, page 130)
Thomas Sparks & J. F. Spiers, September 8, 1843. (Book 1, page 147) Bondsman: William Sparks.
James Sparks & Mary Corman, August 24, 1845. (Book 1, page ---) Bondsmen: Geo.  F. Corman.
Jerome Sparks & Mary Holmes, August 21, 1849. (Book 2, page 128) Bondsman: Sarah Wallace.
W. S. Sparks & Mrs. Judith A. St.Clair, April 30, 1850. (Book 2, page 148) Bondsman: G. W. Cunningham.
Jonas Sparks & Mrs. Sarah Stephens, June 22, 1853. (Book 2, page 250)
Joseph S. Sparks & N. J. Lawless, January 12, 1857. (Book 3, page 13)
Lucy Sparks & Columbus Jenkins, December 11, 1871. (Book 5, page 68) Married in the Christian Church.
Nellie Sparks & Newton Jenkins, September 26, 1872. (Book 5, page 108) Married in the Church of Christ.
B. R. Sparks & E. H. Bell, September 7, 1875. (Book 5, page 222)
W. W. Sparks & Sarah Jane Smiley, September 18, 1879. (Book 5, page 380) Married in the Christian Church.


Copied by Paul B. Sparks

Cyntha Sparks and Thomas Newcomb, November 14, 1838. (Book A, page 99)
   [Scanner's note: this item added per SQ p. 1553]

Hannah Sparks & Franklin Casady, July 12, 1866. (Book B, page 392) She aged 19, born in McGoff in County, Ky., Father born, in Virginia. He aged 48.  Married at home of John A. Sparks.

Sarah B. Sparks & Charles R. Nealis, May 30, 1870. (Book G, page 272) She aged 19, born in Henry County, Ky.; Parents born in Morgan County, KY. He aged 32, born in Fleming County, Ky.

Rebecca J. Sparks & Michael S. Planck, August 19, 1886. (Book Q, page’74) She aged 17, born in Robertson County, Ky.; Father born in Nicholas County, Ky.


From a copy in the Filson Club

Allen Sparks & Elizabeth Keesee, June 27, 1822.

Richard Sparks & Mary Ann Stratton, March 22, 1860.



Copied by Paul B. Sparks

Elizabeth Sparks and Leonard Smither, January 8, 1800.
Mary Sparks and Joshua Wilhoit, April 2, 1806.  Her father, Henry Sparks.
William Sparks and Kitty Peal, December 6, 1813.
   [Scanner's note: the three prior items added per SQ, p. 1553.]
William H. Sparks & J. Tinie Arnold, July 1, 1864.


From a copy in the Filson Club

Henry Sparks & Mary McClaskey, January 15, 1807.


Copied by Paul B. Sparks

Dulcena Sparks & Thomas Walker, November 19, 1828.
Isaac Sparks & Lucinda Thomas, March 15, 1833. James Thomas, father of Lucinda, Bondsman.
William Sparks & Emmaline Hyde, January 1, 1828. Bondsman: Lewis Hyde. James L. Hyde, father, gives consent.
Catherine Sparks & James W. Howard, December 12, 1836.
William Sparks & Elizabeth Hager, December 27, 1848. Consent given by Elizabeth Hager & Thomas Sparks.
Solomon Sparks & Angeline Roister, September 10, 1850. Bondsman: John Holbrook.


From a copy in the Filson Club

Elizabeth Sparks & Benj. Johnson, April 17, 1800.
Nancy Sparks & John Winchester, June 18, 1803. Married by Benj. Johnson.
Polly Sparks & Charles Norris, November 10, 1827.


Copied by Paul B. Sparks

James Sparks & Nancy Godman, December 13, 1821. (No. 1545) Married by Augustine Eastin, Clerk.
Catharine Sparks & William Jones, February 20, 1823. (No. 1610) Married by Augustine Eastin, Clerk.
Ann Sparks & Henry Batterton, September 4, 1825. (No. 1392) Married by Leroy Cole.
Mary Sparks & Baylus Jones, April 11, 1826. (No. 2006) Married by Lewis Corbin.
Thomas W. Sparks & Luannah McDaniel, May 15, 1828. (No. 2226) Married by D. D. Dyche.
Mary Sparks & Joseph J. Hannen, November 16, 1826. (No. 2072) Married by H. McDaniel.
Nancy Sparks & Stephen Barton, January 11, 1831. (No. 2463) Married by Isaac Collard.
Julia Sparks & Balus Jones, October 1, 1831.



Silas Sparks & Isabella Givens, September 26, 1833. (No. 2694) Married by William Tucker.
Elias M. Sparks & Elizabeth Jane Hall, July 9, 1839. (No. 3044) Married by William Tucker.
William Sparks & Eliza Taylor, December 15, 1846. (No. 3926) Married by S. V. Lee.
Nancy Sparks & Charles French, January 13, 1846. (No, 3833) Married by S. V. Lee.
John Sparks & Jane Bramel, March 22, 1855. (No. 4797) Married by S. V. Lee.
G. W. Sparks & Lucy 0. Duncan, June 11, 1858. Married by Duncan Harding.
Elizabeth Sparks & Charles P. Talbott, November 3, 1857. Married by Y. R. Pitts.
Harriet Sparks & Duncan Jones, June 17, 1858. Married by Duncan Harding, J.P.
Amos Sparks & Nausea Jane Slade, July 20, 1863. Married by Ransom Lancasten.
Richard Sparks & Mary B. Williams, March 1, 1864. Married by William Pinkerton.
George W. Sparks & Harriet Conner, January 7, 1866. Married by Z. M. Lee.
Jane C. Sparks & F. G. Craig, November 15, 1866. Married by S. L. Helm.
Sarah E. Sparks & William R. Whitaker, September 8, 1881. Married by William Batliff.


Copied by Paul B. Sparks

Walter Sparks & Susan Prewitt, February 8, 1814. Father: Coleman Prewitt.
Oliver Sparks & Elizabeth Locklin, Jr., December 3, 1833. Mother: Elizabeth Locklin, Sr.
Ibby Ann Sparks & Isaac P. McConnell, January 25, 1837, Mother: Isabella Sparks.
William Sparks & Cath. Tiller, April 4, 1837.
John Sparks & Nelly Follis, August 14, 1837, Father: George Follis, deceased.
Nancy Sparks & William Hardin, October 4, 1838.
Richard Sparks & Milly Ann Satterwhite, January 7, 1840. Mother: Elizabeth Satterwhite.
Mary Jane Sparks & Elias McGruder, March 18, 1844, Father: John Sparks.
Sarah Sparks & Marquis Maddox, May 25, 1848. Father: John Sparks.
Fountain Sparks & Phebe Ann Sparks, July 30, 1848. His father: Fountain Sparks. Her father: William Sparks.
Robert Sparks & Elizabeth Estis, May 28, 1849. His father: Robert Sparks. Her mother: Josena Estis.
William Sparks & Mary B. List, October 11, 1853.
Isham Sparks & Sarah Prewitt, July 11, 1854.
Oliver Sparks & Sarah A. Maddox, October 10, 1854.
Thomas A. Sparks & Caroline Montfort, June 9, 1855.
John Sparks & Inreah Schooler, November 14, 1859.
John W. Sparks & Elizabeth Threlkeld, January 13, 1865.
Robert Sparks & Elizabeth Johnson, March 11, 1872.
A. T. Sparks & Sophrona P. Tate, April 4, 1878.
JohnW. Sparks & Clara Threlkeld, April 7, 1881.
Stephen Sparks & Elizabeth Ethington, November 27, 1884.


From a copy in the Filsan Club

Noah Sparks & Lucinda Newton, June, 1842. Married by N. Harding.
Samuel Sparks & Ann Anderson, January, 1843 Married by N. Harding.



Copied by Paul B. Sparks

Stephen Sparks & Catha Padget, August 13, 1799. Married by Jacob Linton. (Book I, page 34)
Alice Sparks & Ben Newkirk, November 30, 1801. (Book I, page 40)
Eliza Sparks & Nathe Kuykendall, November 29, 1802. (Book I, page 43)
Eliza Sparks & Nathe Richter, September 13, 1804. Affidavit made. Married by W, Kavenaugh. (Book I, page 49)
Rebecca Sparks & John Pringle, December 10, 1804. (Book I, page 50) Hannah Sparks & John Smith, September 6, 1808. Bondsman: William Sparks. Father:  Walter Sparks. Consent proven by oath of his son, said William Sparks. Married by Reubin Smith. (Book I, page 62)

Joanna Sparks & Benj'n Lovelace, September 13, 1813. Bondsman: William Sparks. Father: Walter Sparks. Consent proven by William Sparks. Married by L Hobbs. (Book I, page 77)

Sarah Spark & Rowland Hampton, June 16, 1816. Bondsman: Henry Stonestreet. Witness: Charles Dunn, Father: William Sparks, consent in writing. Married  by Benj’n Allen, (Note: Register and bond give John Sparks as the father) (Book I, page 90)

Ezra Sparks & Catherine Griffey, March 22, 1819. The said Catherine being the daughter of Samuel Griffey whose consent was given in person. Married by Benj’n Allen, (Book I, page 103)

Elizabeth Sparks & John C. Smith, February 15, 1820. Said Elizabeth being daughter of Walter Sparks whose consent was certified. Witness: Samuel K. Sparks.  (Book I, page 113)

Nancy Sparks & Wiley Greggs, August 1, 1822. Said Nancy being daughter of William Sparks whose consent is certified, Married by Richard Sharp. (Book I, page 136)

Fanny Sparks & Isham Wilhoite, September 29, 1823. Said Fanny being daughter of William Sparks, dec’d., and of Mourning Sparks, his widow. Consent proven by John Browa. Married by James Ward. (Book I, page 147)

Edward Sparks & Nancy Jones, December 29, 1824. She of lawful age and daughter of ----- Jones, Married by Lacjaens Carpenter. (Book I, page 161)

Nimrod Sparks & Susan Parker, February 18, 1826. Said Susan being daughter of Thomas Parker whose consent is certified. Married by James Ward,. (Book  I, page 170)

James Sparks & Elizabeth Mattocks, August 18, 1837. Bondsman: John C. Hale. Mother: Mrs. Peggy Mattocks, Married by Daniel C. Banks. (Book 3,  page 4) Sarah Sparks & Craven K. Slaughter, May 5, 1840. Mother: Mrs. Elizabeth Sparks. (Book 3, page 74)

Susan Sparks & Henry L. Ball, November 15, 1842. She a widow of Nimrod Sparks, dec’d, Married by W.  Holman. (Book 4, page 16)

Joseph Sparks & Sarah McMann, January 15, 1846. She a daughter of Eveline McMann who consents as proven by oath of George W. Griffey. Married by George IL Crumbough. (Book 4, page 108)

Alezander K. Sparks & Louisa Antle, July 22, 1846. The said Louisa being without parents or guardian and having been raised by her grandfather, Samuel Giffy who consents in person. Married by Samuel Helm. (Book 4, page 111)

Julia Sparks & George W. Stephens, September 3, 1847. She being daughter of Sarah Sparks who consents hereto in writing as proven by oath of William I. Sparks. Married by W. Holman, (Book 4, page 168)

William Sparks & Evelina McMahan, October 21, 1849. She the widow of Jno. McMahan as proved by William Fleming. Married by John Singer. (Book 5,  page 15)

Richard N. Sparks & Eliza B. Welch, April 24, 1850. She without parents or guardian as proved by And. Martin. Married by John Kennedy. (Book 5, page 38)



Mary Ann Sparks & James Taylor, June 4, 1851. She a daughter of C. Sparks whose written consent is proved by Thomas Sparks. Married by W. Holman. (Book 5, page 95)

Daniel S. Sparks & Jane Ann Churchman, July 12, 1851. She a daughter of Elijah Churchman who consents hereto in person. Married by Francis Thomson. (Book 5, page 98)

Tinsley Sparks & Susan Humble, January 4, 1855. She of full age as proven by William J. Humble. Married by Wm. P. Barnett. Witnesses: Wm. P. Baird and Wm. Sheene. (Book 6, page 89)

Benjamin Sparks & Cecelia C. Norman, November 29, 1856. She of full age as proven by Alex. Howell, Married by Wm. Holman. Witnesses: G. L. Reynolds and B. A. Waggoner. (Book 6, page 209)

N. N. Sparks & Jennie M. Terrill, February 24, 1858. (Book 7, page 66) Candacey Sparks & Oliver P. Ganote, July 22, 1858. Married by R. Downey Blair.     Witnesses A. J. Hall and F. Meret. (Book 7, page 91)

Holden Spark (or Sparks) & Eliza Jane Humble, September 30, 1860. Married by Wm. P. Barnett, Witnesses: Tho. Wheeler and Samuel Rigley. (Book 8, page 14)

Mildred Spark (or Sparks) & G. L Crittenden, August 6, 1862. Married by N. Holman. Witnesses: L. Vader and J. Moore. (Book 89 page 65)

Harvey Sparks & Emily Pound, September 12, 1866. Married by Wm. P. Barnett. Witnesses: N. B. Hopewell and Preston Wheeler. (Book 9, page 390)

Julia L, Sparke & C. C. Rule, March 2, 1869. Married by A. T. Spalding. Witnesses: Mrs. Sparks, Dr. Bell, and Mr. and Mrs. Lenart. (Book 10, page 74)

Samuel N, Sparks & Sarah Ellen Rouser, September 3, 1871. Married by Dennis Spurner. Witnesses: Jas. Swearingen, Frances Watson, and Maggie Shively. (Book 10, page 247)

William I. Sparks & Mary Carmin, February 3, 1872. Married by J. B. Wood. Witnesses: Mrs. Fannie Shy and Mary Wells. (Book 10, page 282)

William Sparks & Anna Blount, January 29, 1873. Married by William N, Pratt. (Book 11, page 39)

James Sparks & Annie Cole, December 10, 1874. Married by Samuel Matlack. Witnesses: James Terry and George N, Bache. (Book 11, page 167)

Mathie(?) Jane Sparks & Robert M. Thompson, September 8, 1875. Married by R. Downey Blair. Witnesses: John Sparks, S. Brentlinger, and Joseph Davis.(Book 11, page 215)

Lizzie Sparks & William Dale, October 7, 1875. Married by P. Gait Miller. Witnesses: B. 0. Pumphrey, W. K. Murphy, C. T. Murphy, and Jeptha Dale. (Book 11, page 220)


Copied by Paul B. Sparks

(Note: The marriage books are either missing entirely, or have been misplaced in the Jessamine County Courthouse. The original papers, however, such as the ministers’ returns, licenses, bonds, and parental permissions to marry (if applicable) were filed in boxes. These are difficult to examine, since they have been filed by year and by groom surname, all held together by rubber bands, I was assured that a project is underway to complete books again. The marriages which follow were copied from an index which simply gives the name and the book numbers.   From data sent us by Dorothy Sparks Foster, it is fairly safe to say that most of these undated marriages were performed between 1850 and 1860, and later. We have supplied a few birth dates, where known, to suggest an approximate year of marriage.)


[Scanner's note:  This page is replaced (and corrected) at pages 4693-95 of the Quarterly, Whole No. 175.]


Isaac Sparks & Maryann Hendrick, January 11, 1827. Bondsman: Joseph N, Hendrick. (Book 1, page 86)
Jerome Sparks & Sarah Wilmore, August 24, 1829, Bondsman: James Wilmore. (Book 1, page 104)
John A. Sparks & Martha Burch, December 23, 1838, (Book 1, page 167)
Martha Ann Sparks & James Burns, (Book 1, page 194)
Jerome A, Sparks (born 1843) & Molly A. Nooe, February 15, 1862. (Book 2, page 45)
Elihu Sparks & Josephine Gill. (Book 29 page 67)
Morean Sparks & Lizzie Clemmons. (Box 9)
Ann Eliza Sparks (born about 1837) & G. N. Rose. (Book 2, page 10)
Mary Jane Sparks & James N, Walters (Book 2, page 32)
Margaret P. Sparks (born about 1835) & Geo. D. Cornish. (Book 2, page 28)
Jane Ellen Sparks (born about 1831) & Ephraim Drake. (Book 2, page 47)
Eudora Sparks & John N. Stone. (Book 2, page 66)
Mary Sparks & George N. Corman. (Book 2, page 63)
Catharine Sparks & Gratton Corman, (Book 2, page 74)
George Wm. Sparks & Susie Watts. (Box 9)
Cathanine Sparks (born about 1841) & Robert Barr. (Box 1)
Sallie Morris Sparks & J. Hogan Ballard. (Box 1)
Chas. T. Sparks & Maya Funk. (Box 9)
Nimrod Sparks & Sudie Huggins. (Box 9)
Chas. S. Sparks & Mattie N. Broce. (Box 9)
Mary Sparks & James Carson. (Box 2)
Beatrice Sparks & Ambrose Corman. (Box 2)
Ella Sparks & Elvie Carpenter. (Box 3)
R. Morgan Sparks & Anna Steele Hughes. (Box 10)
Mrs. Eunice Sparks & H. L. Elder. (Box 4)
Jennie Sparks & Oliver C. Garvey. (Box 4)
Price Sparks & Birdie Stevens. (Box 10)
Samuel Sparks & Rhoda Webb. (Box 10)
Mary A. Sparks & David Knoble, Jr. (Box 6)
Mary Anna Sparks & Dillard Logan. (Box 6)
Bettie D. Sparks (born about 1846) & Marcellus McDaniel. (Box 7)
Emma Brown Sparks & Leonidas Robinson, (Box 8)
Conley Sparks & Pauline Spradling. (Box 10)
Buell Sparks & Martha Johnson. (Box 10)
Ida F, Sparks & S. L. Helm, Jr. (Box 5)

[Scanner's note:  Click for a more complete list of these marriages which appears in SQ Whole No. 175 at pp.4693-95.]

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It is a pleasure to report the names of twelve new members of  THE SPARKS FAMILY ASSOCIATION. These are our new members since June, 1963.

Alcorn, Dalores, 2478 Williamsburg Dr., Cincinnati, Ohio.
Arnall, Frank, 1020 B. Commercial St., Springfield, Missouri.
Clemens, Norman B., 1035 S. Meeker Ave., West Covina, California.
Cole, Mrs. Norma Lee, 7414 Sterling Aye,, San Bernardino, California
Elsey, Mrs. Ruth, 131½ Indianapolis Ave., Lebanon, Indiana.
Hass, William R., 4822 Highway No, 51 South, P.O. Box 5227, Memphis, Tennessee.
Jones, Mrs. Stewart, 1033 Briarcliff Ave., Salt Lake City, Utah.
Kolle, Mrs. Fred W., Box 387, Rt. 2, Wharton, Texas.
Sparks, Charles Kenneth, Owens P .O., King George County, Virginia.
Sparks, Henry, R.R. 5, Lebanon, Indiana.
Wheeler, Mrs. Jim, 1510 Gawain, Borger, Texas.
Woodward, Mrs. Ruby Sparks, 1500 Hermitage Ave., S.E., Huntsville, Alabama.
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Scanned and Edited by James J. Sparks