“He who careth not from whence he came, careth little whither he goeth.” Daniel Webster


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(Continued from Vol. V, No. 2, Whole No. 18, page 218)


Compiled arid Edited by Russell E. Bidlack

(Note: The following pension papers pertain to the service of Pearl Sparks in the American Revolution. Since his pension was granted shortly after the War because of a physical disability resulting from an injury received while on duty, it was not necessary for him to submit as many affidavits as were required of later applicants. As a result, nothing can be learned regarding his family from these records. In 1909, however, Mrs. Graham Bellinger of 302 Prospect Street, Herkimer, New York, wrote to the Commissioner of Pensions asking about Pearl Sparks, stating that she was a descendant. According to Mrs. Bellinger, Pearl Sparks died in 1826 at the age of seventy-six years. Apparently he was a resident of the State of New York throughout his life. On the 1790 census of Montgomery County, New York, he was listed as a resident of the town of Canajoharie, with 2 white males over 16, one white male under 16, and one female. On the 1800 oensus of the town of Minden he is listed as over 45 years of age himself, with one white male between 10 and 16, one white male between 16 and 26, one white female between 16 and 26, and one white female over 45.

In copying these documents, capitalization and punctuation have been modernized for the sake of clarity, but no changes have been made in spelling or content, A few minor certificates which contain no data of interest have been omitted.)

State of New York
Montgomery County  SS

        Pearl Sparks of the town of Minden and County aforesaid being duly sworn, deposeth and saith that he is the identical person mentioned and described in an original certificate, a copy whereof is hereunto annexed, as was executed by Abraham Ten Broock & Philip Schuyler, certified by Thomas Pratt, Clerk, bearing date the twenty second day of September 1780; same further saith the original certificate is either lost or mislaid where he cannot find it after making diligent search for the same.

                                                                                                                                [signed]  Pearl Sparks
Sworn & subscribed before me this 30th day of
April 1824
                                   [signed] Nathan Soule


THE SPARKS QUARTERLY, published by The Sparks Family Association.

   Paul E. Sparks, President, 155 N. Hite Ave., Louisville 6, Kentucky
   William Perry Johnson, Secretary-Treasurer, Box 531, Raleigh, North Carolina
   Russell E. Bidlack, Historian-Genealogist, 1131 Granger Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich.

The Sparks Family Association was founded in March, 1953, as a non-profit organization devoted to the assembling of and preserving for posterity all genealogical and historical material pertaining to the Sparks family in America. Membership in the Association is open to all persons connected in any way with the Sparks family, whether by blood, narriage, or adoption, and especially to those interested in genealogical and historical research. Membership falls into three classes: Active, Contributing, and Sustaining. Active membership dues are two dollars per year; Contributing membership dues are three dollars per year; Sustaining membership dues are any amount over three dollars. All members, whether Active, Contributing, or Sustaining, receive THE SPARKS QUARTERLY as it is published in March, June, September, and December. Libraries, genealogical and historical societies, and individuals may subscribe to the QUARTERLY, without joining the Association, at the rate of two dollars per year. Back issues are kept in print and are available for fifty cents per issue. The first issue of the QUARTERLY was published in March, 1953. The editor from March, 1953, to September, 1954, was Paul E. Sparks; since September, 1954, the editor has been Russell E. Bidlack.

Montgomery County SS

        I Nathan Soule one of the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas in & for the County aforesaid, do certify that I am personally acquainted with Pearl Sparks, who made the above affidavit, and that I know him to be the identical person therein described apd full credit is due to his testimony under oath.
                                                                                                                            Minden, Montgomery County
                                                                                                                            April 30th 1824

                                                                                                                            [signed] Nathan Soule.

We the Subscribers, Abraham Ten Broock & Philip Schuyler, do certify that upon an examination in pursuance of the law entitled An Act Making Provision for Officers, Soldiers & Seamen Who Have Been Disabled in the Service of the United States, passed the 22nd April 1786, we do find that Pearl Sparks, residing in the State of New York, aged thirty-six years, late a private in Capt. Henry Dufendoff’s Company in the Regiment of Militia commanded by Col. Clyde & claiming relief under the Act of Congress recited in the said law as an invalid in fact, & that he became disabled in the service of the United States in consequence of a wound in his arm on the 6th day of August, 1777. And do further certify that upon the principle of the said Act of Congress, the said Pearl Sparks is entitled to the pay of five dollars per month. Given under our hand in the city of Albany on the 22nd day of September 1786.

I certify the above certificate to be a true                                                             [signed] Wm. Ten Broock
copy of the original in the State Auditor’s                                                                         Philip Schuyler
            [signed] Thomas Pratt, Clerk


[Note:  The two documents quoted above were submitted by Pearl Sparks to the Pension Office in April, 1824. The form in which they were written did not meet with the approval of the Pension Office. Pearl Sparks then submitted the following application..

Application for a New Certificate
County of Montgomery                    SS

On this twelfth day of August, 1824, before me, the subscriber, a Justice of the Peace for the said County of Montgomery, personally appeared Pearl Sparks who, on his oath, declares that he is the same person who formerly belonged to the Company commanded by Captain Henry Dufendorff in the Regiment commanded by Colonel Clyde in the service of the United States; that his name was placed on the pension roll of the State of New York, but has never received a formal certificate and now wishes to obtain one.
                                                                                                                            [signed] Pearl Sparks
Sworn and subscribed to, before me,
the day and year aforesaid.

                [signed] Nathan Soule.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *


Compiled by Paul E. Sparks

(Continued from Vol. V, No. 2, Whole No. 18 (June, 1957) page 229)

Lewis County, Kentucky - 1850 Census

(p. 197) Sparks, William 35 Kentucky (M) Farmer $1000
598-602      "       Sidney 33        "  (F)
     "       Mealinda 13        "  (F)
     "       William H. 7        "  (M)
     "       George 5        "  (M)
     "       Elizabeth 3        "  (F)

(p. 200) Sparks, Joseph 37 Kentucky  (M) Farmer $1000
637-643      "       Isabell 34        "  (F)
     "       Ephriam E. 15        "  (M)
     "       John T. 11        "  (M)
     "       Rebecca J. 9        "  (F)
     "       Mary E. 7        "  (F)
     "       Minta 5        "  (F)
     "       Thomas M. 3        "  (M)
     "       Jemima 1        "  (F)
Arthurs, Margaret 7        "  (F)
Johnson, Mahala 18        "  (F)

(p. 200) Sparks, Caleb 22 Kentucky  (M)
649-653      "       Elizabeth 26        "  (F)


(Lewis County, Kentucky - 1850 Census, Continued)
(p. 202) Sparks, Elizabeth 45 Kentucky (F)
680-684      "       Mielvil 23        "  (M)
     "       Curtice 21        "  (M)
     "       Louisa 16        "  (F)
     "       Nancy 13        "  (F)
     "       Henry 12        "  (M)
     "       William 10        "  (M)
     "       Thoronton 8        "  (M)

(p. 218) Sparks, William 56 Kentucky  (M) Farmer
192-192      "       Cordelia 56        "  (F)
     "       Edward F. 21        "  (M)
     "       Sally 25        "  (F)
     "       Mellora 6/12        "  (F)
Evans Moses 5        "  (M)

(p. 221) Sparks, William A. 22 Kentucky (M) Laborer
237-237      "       Mary 21        "  (F)
     "       Julia A. 3        "  (F)
     "       Cordelia 1        "  (F)

(p. 224) Sparks, John 32 Kentucky (M) Waggon Maker
288-288      "      Caroline 30        "  (F)
     "       Joseph 12        "  (M)
     "       William 7        "  (M)
     "       George 4        "  (M)

(p. 225) Sparks, James H. 24 Kentucky  (M)
302-302      "       Pheba 21        "  (F)
     "       Mary A. 1        "  (F)

(p. 225) Sparks, William 39 Kentucky  (M) Laborer $500
307-307      "       Cynthia 40        "  (F)
     "       James W. 8        "  (M)
     "       Joseph 5        "  (M)
     "       Mary J. 2        "  (F)

(p.228) Sparks, Joseph 23 Ohio  (M) Laborer
346-346      "       Nancy 27     "  (F)
     "       Mellissa 10     "  (F)
     "       Elizabeth 7     "  (F)
     "       James H. 6     "  (M)
     "       Nancy J. 2 Kentucky  (F)
Burns, Salathiel 21 Ohio  (M)
Comes, Cornelius 2 Kentucky  (M)

(p. 229) Sparks, John 28 Kentucky (M) Farmer
358-358      "       Angeline 27        "  (F)
     "       William A. 5        "  (M)
     "       Margaret L. 3        "  (F)
     "       Mary C. 1        "  (F)


Livingston County, Kentucky - 1850 Census

(p. 373) Champion, Elias 21 Kentucky (F) Farmer
701-701        "         Polina 22        "  (F)
       "         William H. 3/12        "  (M)
Sparks, Susan 22        "  (F)
     "       William 13        "  (M)

McCracken County, Kentucky - 1850 Census

(p. 167) Sparks, B. I. 28 North Carolina (M) Farmer
85-85      "       M. P. 26 Tennessee  (F)
     "       N. E. M. T. 2 Kentucky  (M)
     "       A. E. 8/12        "  (F)

(p. 182) Sparks, Samuel 29 Kentucky  (M) Farmer
278-279      "       Julia 23 North Carolina  (F)
     "       Noah 6 Kentucky  (M)
     "       Nancy 4        "  (F)
     "       Thomas 3        "  (M)
     "       Samuel 7/12        "  (M)

Mason County, Kentucky - 1850 Census

(p. 43) City Of Maysville    
150-167 Sparks, Martha 39 Kentucky  (F) $700
     "       Mary Jane 13        "  (F)
     "       Ann Eliza 11        "  (F)
     "       John T. 9        "  (M)  
Littlejohn, Ann 27        "  (F)

(p. 83) Stubblefield, Alexander 70 Virginia  (M) Farmer $5900
1041-1041          "          Mary 63      "  (F)
         "          Robert A. 32 Kentucky  (M) Fireman
         "          Lucy 37        "  (F)
         "          Benjamin P. 27        "  (M) Carpenter
         "          George L. 25        "  (M) Farmer
         "          James D. 22        "  (M) Farmer
         "          Marshall W. 34        "  (M) Carpenter
         "          Mary P. 22        "  (F)
         "          Ellen J. 3        "  (F)
         "          Alexander D. 3/12        "  (M)
         "          William 77 Virginia  (M) Farmer
Sparks, Catherine  18 Kentucky  (F) Mullato

(p. 130) Barnette, James A. 28 Kentucky  (M) Wagon Maker
1041-1041      "         Elizabeth 29        "  (F)
     "         John 8        "  (M)
     "         Eliza T. 3        "  (F)
     "         Julia A. 1/12        "  (F)
Sparks, James 15        "  (M) Wagon Maker
Sadler, Robert B. 19        "  (M)


Morgan County, Kentucky - 1850 Census

(p. 126) Sparks, John A. 29 Virginia (M) Laborer
531-531      "       Mary 26 Kentucky (F)
     "       William 7        " (M)
     "       Nancy 5        " (F)
     "       Hannah 3        "  (F)
     "       Allen 1        " (M)

(p. 152) Sparks, James 40 Virginia (M) Farmer $300
877-877      "       Tempa 40      " (F)
     "       John 15 Kentucky (M)
     "       Phoebe 13        " (F)
     "       Charlotte 11        " (F)
     "       Nancy 9        " (F)
     "       Ephriam 7        " (M)
     "       Cordelia 5        " (F)

Nicholas County, Kentucky - 1850 Census

(p. 429) Sparks, Charles 32 Kentucky (M) Farmer
554-556      "       Mary A. 30        " (F)
     "       George W. 7        " (M)
     "       Lucy 4        " (M) [sic]
     "       James A. 2        " (M)
     "       William W. 1        " (M)
     "       Otho 41        " (M) Laborer
     "       Alfred 13        " (M)

(p. 429) Barnett, George 27 Kentucky (M) Laborer
555-557      "       Sally A. 24        " (F)
     "       Charles F. 2        " (M)
     "       John H. 5/12        " (M)
Sparks, Granville 9        " (M)
     "       Elizabeth 6        " (F)
     :       Franklin J. 3        " (M)

(p. 431) Craycraft, Charles 38  Kentucky (M) Farmer $1750
583-583        "        Elizabeth 27        " (F)
       "        Ann E. 8        " (F)
       "        Isabella 6        " (F)
       "        Sarah T. 2        " (F)
Sparks, John 19        " (M)

(p. 467) Sparks, George 39 Kentucky (M) Farmer
277-277      "       Hannah 31        " (F)
     "       Malissa J. 12        " (F)
     "       Martha E. 10        " (F)
     "       Alvin 8        " (M)
     "       William O. B. 6        " (M)
     "       Mary C. 4        " (F)
     "       John T. 1        " (M)


(Nicholas County, Kentucky - 1850 Census, Continued)
(p.491) Sparks, Jonas 51 Kentucky (M) Farmer $5280
630-632      "       Elizabeth 48        " (F)
     "       Margaret J. 26        " (F)
     "       Samuel 21        " (M)
     "       Benjamin 17        " (M)
     "       John 33        " (M)
     "       Cyntha 19        " (F)

(p. 491) Sparks, William 57 Kentucky (M) Farmer $6000
631-633      "       Joseph 27        " (M)
     "       Elizabeth 20        " (F)
     "       Harriet 19        " (F)
     "       Emmerine 17        " (F)
Waddle, Margaret 83 Maryland (F)

(p. 496) Sparks, Elizabeth 50 Kentucky (F) $875
725-727      "       Fern 27        " (F)

Oldham County, Kentucky - 1850 Census

(p. 128) Sparks, David 43 North Carolina (M) Farmer $40
50-53      "       Mary 32 Kentucky (F)
     "       W. G. 23        " (M)
     "       Lucy 16        " (F)
     "       Fed'k 14        " (M)
     "       Elizabeth 12        " (F)
     "       Jno. F. 7        " (M)
     "       A. M. 5        " (M)

(p. 129) Sparks, Hampton 60 North Carolina (M) Farmer $4900
61-64      "       Sarah 64      "         " (F)
Brown, Morton 28 Kentucky (M) Laborer
Huffman, Jno. 28        " (M)
      "       Elizabeth 50        " (F)
(p. 157) Sparks, Ed'md 25 Kentucky (M) Laborer
464-476      "       Elizabeth 30        " (F)
     "       Mary 5        " (F)
     "       Dennis 3        " (M)
Poe, Albert 30 Indiana (M) Laborer
Armstrong, Dan'l 60 Virginia (M) Wollcarder
        "         Mary 55       " (F)

(p. 255) Sparks, William L. 45 Kentucky (M) Farmer $1500
439-439      "       Amanda 38        " (F)
     "       William 18        " (M)
     "       Catherine 17        " (F)
     "       Permela 15        " (F)
     "       John 14        " (M)
     "       Elijah 13        " (M)
     "       Thomas 11        " (M)
     "       Bradley 9        " (M)
     "       Anna 7        " (F)
     "       Jane 3        " (F)


(p. 261) Sparks, Iverson 42 Kentucky (M) Farmer $2000
529-529      "       Sarah Ann 29        " (F)
     "       Mary Ann 17        " (F)
     "       John W. 15        " (M)
     "       Henry S. 13        " (M)
     "       Phoebe E. 11        " (F)
     "       Almeda 9        " (F)
     "       Nancy 7        " (F)
     "       Sarah 5        " (F)

(p. 261) Sparks, John 46 Kentucky (M) Laborer
530-530      "       Katherine 65 Virginia (F)

(p. 261) Sparks, Abraham 31 Kentucky (M) Farmer $300
531-531      "       Melena 32        " (F)
Reed, Daniel 20        " (M)
Sands, Georgia 12        " (F)

(p. 261) Sparks, Anthony 70 Virginia (M) None $1600
(p. 261) Sparks, Henry 40 Kentucky (M) Farmer $2225
533-533      "       Sarah 40        " (F)
     "       Samuel 18        " (M)
     "       William A. 15        " (M)
     "       Julia F. 12        " (F)
     "       George Ann 8        " (F)
Routh, Jacob 16        " (M)

(p. 261) Sparks, Madison 55 Virginia (M) Farmer $2500
533-533      "      Winifred 49       " (F)
     "       Alva T. 22 Kentucky (M)
     "       Joseph S. 21        " (M)
     "       George W. 19        " (M)
     "       Russell 18        " (M)
     "       Ruben 15        " (M)
     "       Sue Ann 13        " (F)
     "       Jordan 11        " (M)
     "       William H. 6        " (M)

(p. 270) Lollar, David 70 Virginia (M) Farmer $1000
(669-669      "     Sarah 63       " (F)
     "     Rachel 20 Kentucky (F)
Sparks, Nancy 28        " (F)
     "       Jim P. 8        " (M)
     "       George W. 6        " (M)
     "       John W. 4        " (M)

Pendleton County, Kentucky - 1850 Census

(p. 382)  Sparks, James 23 Kentucky (M) Farmer
449-449      "       Martha 18        " (F)
     "       William 4        " (M)
     "       Arena 1/12        " (F)
     "       Cobb 19        " (M)


(p. 463) Sparks, Etheldred 34 North Carolina (M) Farmer $200
423-423      "       Ellen 36 Virginia (F)
     "       Martha J. 9 Kentucky (F)
     "       Margaret A. 8        " (F)
     "       Josiah 4        " (M)
     "       Mary 3        " (F)

(p. 463) Sparks, Martha 50 North Carolina (F)
424-424      "       Keziah 21 Virginia (F)
     "       George S. 17 Kentucky (M)

(p. 490) Sparks, Richard 24 North Carolina (M) Farmer
805-805      "       Mary 21 Virginia (F)
     "       Susannah 4/12 Kentucky (F)

Spencer County, Kentucky - 1850 Census

(p. 117) Sparks, Assa 35 Kentucky (M) Farmer $300
249-248      "       Aley 36        " (F)
     "       Lucy 10        " (F)
     "       James 8        " (M)
     "       John 4        " (M)
     "       Theodore 1        " (M)

 (p. 125) Sparks, Walter 48 Kentucky (M) Farmer
371-371      "       Nancy 47        " (F)
     "       William 20        " (M) Shoemaker
     "       James B. 18        " (M) Farmer
     "       Sarah 16        " (F)
     "       Charles 15        " (M) Farmer
     "       Mary A. 11        " (F)

Trimble County, Kentucky - 1850 Census

(p. 406)  Sparks, Robert 23 Kentucky (M) Farmer
107-107      "       Eliz. 18        " (F)
     "       Susana 4/12        " (F)
Yeager, Jas. 13        " (M)
     "       Lewis C. 6        " (M)

 (p. 408) Sparks, Jack 32 Kentucky (M) Tavern Keeper $1500
107-107      "       Mary 32        " (F)
     "       Alex 16        " (M)
     "       Amanda 12        " (F)
     "       Emily 10        " (F)
Mitchell, Allen 25        " (M) Merchant

(This completes the 1850 census of all the 100 counties of Kentucky.  After 1850, Kentucky added 20 more counties by subdividing some of the old counties.  Any county in existence in 1850 in Kentucky has been searched, and if it has not been included in this list it is because there were no Sparkses listed.  P.E.S.)




Copied by:  John Frederick Dorman

(Editor's Note:  Mr. Dorman copied these marriage records from an index to the original registers at the Maryland Hall of Records, Annapolis.)

16 Aug. 1779 Thomas Sparks to Rachel Perdue By --- Wersley.
23 March 1786 Matthew Sparks to Providence Sharp By --- Davis
16 July 1802 Thomas Sparks to Sarah Rampley By ---
18 April 1805 Ruth Sparks to William Price By ---
30 July 1805 Sarah Sparks to Lawrence Cuddy By ---
10 Dec. 1811 Elijah Sparks to Jemima Cox By ---
23 Dec. 1812 Rebecca Sparks to Thomas Anderson  By --- Rockwell.
31 March 1813 Elizabeth Sparks to Frederick Kauffman By --- Rockwell
14 July 1814 Reuben Sparks to Betsy Price By --- Coker.
1 Oct. 1814 Sarah Sparks to Sylvester Brown By --- Glendie.
27 March 1816 Laban Sparks to Sarah Green By ---
14 Aug. 1816. Penelope Sparks to Charles Robinson. By --- 
24 Aug. 1816. Aquila W. Sparks to Dorcas Conway By ---Moranville 
5 Dec. 1816. Ruth Sparks to Josiah Pearce. By --- 
 21 Dec. 1816. Rachel Sparks to John T. Sumwalt. By --- 
9 Dec. 1820. Prudence Sparks to Richard Gosnell. By --- Rockwell
10 Jan. 1822. Samuel R. Sparks to Elizabeth Hitchcock. By --- 
23 Jan. 1823. William Sparks to Bethsheba Dyke By --- 
20 Aug. 1823 Aquila Sparks to Sarah A. Merryman.  By --- 
1 July 1824. Elizabeth Sparks to Robert McCauley. By --- Roberts
24 Dec. 1824  Thomas Sparks to Mary Pearce. By --- 
19 Jan, 1825. Daniel Sparks to Rachel Curtis By --- 
4 March 1825. Rachel Sparks to James Carlin.  By --- Rockwell
24 April 1828 Elizabeth Sparks to John Patrick. By --- 
9 March 1831. Francis Sparks to Elizabeth Ellen Schrader.  By --- 
7 April 1831. Aaron Sparks to Elizabeth Sparks. By --- 
10 April 1832 Elijah B. Sparks to Elizabeth Anderson By --- Roszell
23 Oct. 1832. Mary Sparks to Matthew Drake. By --- Roszell
5 Jan. 1836. Mary Sparks to John Gross. By --- Morris
4 Sept. 1839. Sarah Sparks to John Mays. By --- 
7 Oct. 1839. Emily Sparks to Austin Woolfolk. By --- White
11 Aug. 1841. Thomas D. Sparks to Mary Ann Rawlings. By --- Riley
23 Nov. 1842. Rachel Arm Sparks to Andrew Warfield. By --- Shriver
12 Jan, 1844. Aaron Sparks to Mary C. Slade By ---
17 Jan, 1844. Arietta Sparks to Francis A. Parkson. By ---
21 April 1845 William Sparks to Sarah Roloson By --- Morris
19 June 1845. Aquila A. Sparks to Mary Jane Halbert By --- Schreiber
7 Oct. 1845. Daniel C. Sparks to Amelia Lemmon. By ---
21 May 1846. Oliver P. Sparks to Mary G. Kemp. By --- Shrigley
29 July 1846. Mary E. Sparks to William Bull.  By ---
26 June 1847. Matthew Sparks to Mary Ann Johnson.  By --- Hancock
3 Nov. 1848. William C. Sparks to Susannah Goover. By --- 
15 March 1849. Trevis Sparks to Margaret Thomas. By --- Thomas
13 April 1849. Josias Alfred Sparks to Sarah Ann Ensor. By ---Young
5 Dec, 1850. Catharine Sparks to James R. Wheatley. By --- Ryan
7 Dec. 1850. Parmelia Sparks to Aquila Chilcoat By --- Coale
29 May 1851. Edward R. Sparks to Rachel Miles. By --- Vinton



(Editors Note: The following record was copied by Paul E. Sparks from a family Bible now in the possession of Mrs. W. W. Bailey, Bellefonte, Kentucky. The Bible was published by The American Bible Society in 1866. It was owned first by Wiley Sparks, born 1808, died 1890, of Lawrence County, Kentucky, and later by his son, Washington Sparks, born 1845. Wiley Sparks was the son of Levi Sparks (1778-1851), who was the son of John Sparks (1753-1840/41). See “The Genealogy of John Sparks,” in The Sparks Quarterly, Vol. III, No. 4, December, 1955, pp. 93-104. Wiley Sparks married Cyntha Holbrook, daughter of John Holbrook, Sr., and his wife, Mary. To this union were born: Nancy, Mary (Polly), Lindsay, Washington, Matilda, John N., and William N.  Washington Sparks married Linnie Grizell. To this union were born:
Laura Bell, Cyntha Ann, Rufus N., Carnola, Matilda, and Pearlie.

    Wiley Sparks was Borned A..,D. March the 3rd 1808.
    Wiley Sparks Deceased this Lif Feb. the 19 day 1890.
    Cyntha H. Sparks Deceased this life A.D. September 16th 1900.
    Nancy Sparks Deceased this life A.D. Dec. 6th 1901.
    Cyntha Holbrook was Born A.D. January the 6th 1814, Was married June the 21st 1832
    Nancy Sparks was born A.D. August the l7th 1833.
    Polly Sparks was born A.D. November the 5th 1834.
    Linza Sparks was born A.D. May the 27th 1839.
    Washington Sparks was born A.D. September the 3 1845.
    Matilda F. Sparks was Born A.D. October the 1st 1849. Deceased Dec. 14, 1921.
    John N. Sparks was Born A.D, March the 10th 1856.
    William N. Sparks was Born A.D. August the 13th 1859.
    John Holbrook, Sr. Deceased A.D. Sept. the 11th 1862.
    Mary Holbrook died A.D. Sept. the 21st 1864.
    John N. Sparks died A.D. May the 8th 1859.
    Laura Bell Sparks was born in the year of our lord March the 24th 1874.
    Cyntha Ann Sparks was born in the year of our lord July the 28 1875.
    Rufus N. Sparks was Born A.D. Feb., the 24th, 1877,
    Carnoley A, Sparks was born A.D. Nov. the 15th 1879.
    Matilda E, Sparks was born A.D. February the 3rd 1883.
    Perley L. Sparks was born A.D. January the 24th, 1885.
    Linnie Grizell Born January 2, 1843.
    Linnie Grizell Sparks Deceased September 30, 1890.
    G. W. Sparks deceased April 26 1938.
    Matilda Sparks Bailey Deceased this life March 20, 1947.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *


Copied by William Perry Johnson

14 Aug 1817.    Hartwell Blalook & Cassey Sparks. Bondsman: Abraham Crabtree.

22 May 1838.    William Dollar & Jane Sparks... Bondsmen: W, McCauley, George Browning.

12 Sept. 1839.    Christopher Lynn & Candis Sparks. Bondsmen: Thomas Christian, A. Cheek.

26 Nov. 1849.     Burrell Robarts & Mary Ann Sparks. Bondsman: Christopher Lynn.



By: Russell B. Bidlack

During the eighteenth century, a rather large number of Sparkses were concentrated in New Jersey. Apparently they were all related. Relatively little research, however, has been conducted by the Association on this branch of the Sparks family, although it is probable that the ancestors of many of our members were of the New Jersey group. It is hoped that this sketch and the New Jersey data which follow will serve as the starting point for further investigation.

According to the Genealogical and Memorial History of the State of New Jersey compiled by Francis Bazley Lee (New York: Lewis Hisorical Pub. Co., 1910), Vol. II, pp. 625-627,  three Sparks brothers, named John, Robert, and Jared, migrated to America between 1735 and 1740. Genealogists frequently encounter the legend of “three brothers” coming to America and are always suspicious of such accounts. Groups of brothers seldom came together unless with their parents. Mr. Lee seems to have had definite knowledge of John Sparks, and his account of his life is probably fairly accurate.

Mr. Lee stated that; John Sparks was born in the north of Ireland in 1717 and was of Scotch extraction. His ancestors, according to Mr. Lee, had found temporary refuge in Ireland from the persecutions visited upon them in Scotland because of their religious convictions. He also stated that John Sparks settled in Gloucester County, New Jersey, one mile from the town of Woodhury, close to the Delaware River. “His farm comprised two hundred acres of land and was considered one of the best in Gloucester County.”

According to Mr. Lee, “John Sparks founded the Presbyterian burial ground at Woodbury and was buried there, He was an elder in the joint session of the churches of Woodbury and Timber Creek (now Blackwood). The date of his election and ordination are not known, but he sat as elder in the session of the synod in Philadelphia in 1768, at the meetings of the Presbytery of Philade1phia, November 3, l773;  April 9, 1791; October 18, 1796; October 7, 1797; and October 20, 1801.” On July 18, 1774, John Sparks was chosen as a member of the Committee of Correspondence from Gloucester County. On December 17, 1774, he was chosen as one of a committee of six to meet with the committees of other New Jersey counties and to choose delegates to serve in the Continental Congress at Philadelphia, (See Dunlap’s Pennsylvania Packet, No. 167, Jan. 2, 1775) John Sparks was thus one of the leaders in New Jersey in the movement toward Independence. He was also a member of the Provincial Congress of New Jersey at Trenton, in May, June, and August, 1775, and at the meeting of the same body at Burlington in June, 1776.

Published records of New Jersey indicate that there was a Henry Sparks living in Gloucester County as early as 1731. Henry Sparks died in 1756, having made his will on July 27, 1748. In his will he mentioned a son John who, with son Simon, were to be executors of his estate. Other records indicate that John Sparks, son of Henry, married Margaret Gerrard, daughter of Robert Gerrard, prior to 1748. It appears that John and Margaret Sparks later lived in Salem County. Henry Sparks also mentioned in his will the children of his daughter Mary Sparks, wife of John Sparks. It is thus apparent that there were two John Sparkses in Gloucester County in 1748, both of whom were married. The John Sparks of this sketch, born in 1717, must have been the one who married Mary Sparks, daughter of Henry Sparks. They were probably cousins.

Mr. Lee stated that John Sparks, born 1717, married twice; that his first wife was named Annie and his second wife was named Mary. He appears to have been in error on these names, for Mary appears to have been the name of his first wife, while his second wife was Ruth, daughter of Alexander Randall.


John Sparks died, according to Mr. Lee, on February 18, 1802. His will, which was dated February 8, 1802, was proved February 24, 1802. In his will, John Sparks referred to his wife as Ruth. The will of Alexander Randall of Greenwich Township, Gloucester County, dated November 11, 1780, referred to a daughter named Ruth and to a son-in-law, John Sparks. The second son of John Sparks was named Alexander Randall Sparks, although he was commonly called Randall. It seems obvious that he was named for his mother’s father, Alexander Randall.  John Sparks’s eldest son, Henry, was probably the son of John’s first wife, Mary Sparks, and was named for Mary’s father, Henry Sparks.

An abstract of the will of John Sparks appears in the Archives of the State of New Jersey, 1st Series, Vol. 39, p. 418. It reads as follows: (Note there is no mention of a son Joseph, although Mr. Lee stated that John Sparks had sons named Isaac, Randall, Joseph, and John.)
1802, Feb. 8.  Sparks, John, of Deptford Twsp., Gloucester Co.; will of. Wife, Ruth, £50 yearly; also necessary furniture for her use, one cow and my negro boy Tom until he is 25 years, when he is to be manumitted and set free. Son, Henry, one dollar besides what I have already given him. Son, Randell, home plantation that I bought of Joseph Reeves; he paying his mother £50 yearly; also a bed, 2 cows, 2 horses, 2 plows, 1 harrow, wagon, pigs, 6 sheep and my negro men, Friday, Mark and Juda, until they are 25 years, when they are to be manumitted and set free. Granddaughter, Sarah Locke, £50. Rest of estate to be sold and residue divided between my sons, John Sparks, Isaac Sparks, Elwell Sparks, Elizabeth Williamson, and Mary Miller.Witnesses: Thomas Low, Maria Fitzpatrick, Thomas Kinsey. Proved Feb. 24, 1802. (Lib. 39, p. 503) Inventory, $5,081.89, made Feb. 25, 1802, by Amos Cooper and Job Brown. (File 2405 H)

Mr. Lee gave the following biographical sketch of Randall Sparks:

Randall Sparks, second son of John, continued to live on the old farm for many years, and his children were born there. In 1815 he went to Woodbury and kept tavern there, at the place once called Rachor’s, at Court House, but in 1817 he removed to the Buck Tavern, at The Buck (now Westville). In 1819 he went to Philadelphia to secure employment with his cousin, Thomas Sparks, shot manufacturer, living in John Street (now Carpenter) next to Shot Tower. Failing to find work with his cousin, Mr. Sparks in the following year removed with his family to Camden to keep ferry for Joseph L. Turner, on the north side of Market Street, and he remained there from 1820 to 1824. Here he became prosperous and acquired large tracts of land. He owned twelve thousand acres in one tract at the Dutch Mills, New Jersey, below Williamson, which was heavily wooded and for which he paid twelve and one-half cents per acre. This he deeded to Samuel Downs and Benjamin Ward. He also owned eight hundred and fifty acres near what is now Wenonah, and out of which several fine farms have been made, the Clark farm, the William C. Sparks farm, the Stephenson farm, and others. Randall Sparks was buried at Bethel. Although known as Randall, his correct name was Alexander Randall Sparks. His will was written by Joseph Saunders. He married twice and had six children. His first wife died March 18 or 19, 1811, aged twenty-five years. His children, born of his first marriage: (1) Ruth, 1805; (2) William, 1805; died young; (3) John C., 1807; (4) Mary, 1808; (5) William C., 1809; (6) Annie, 1810.

William C. Sparks, son of Randall Sparks by his first wife, was born at Woodbury, New Jersey, 1809; died September 16, 1872.  He was a farmer, member of the Methodist Church, and in politics a Republican. He married Mary P. Steen and by her


had four children: (1) William Francis; (2) John Wesley; (3) George W.; and (4) Sarah. William Francis, son of William C. and Mary P. (Steen) Sparks, was born at Dilk’s Mill (now Wenonah), New Jersey, May 4, 1842; died May 27, 1875. During the earlier years of his business life he was a farmer and school teacher and afterwards a railroad baggage master. He was a soldier of the War of 1861-65 and enlisted as William C. Sparks, private, Company I, Ninth New Jersey Volunteer Infantry. In religious preference he was a Methodist and in politics a Republican. He married November 23, 1865, Elizabeth Evans, daughter of Richard Evans, a native of Llanidloes, Wales, and who by wife, Elizabeth (Humphries) Evans, had a son, Richard, and daughters, Aima and Elizabeth Evans. William Francis and Elizabeth (Evans) Sparks had only one child, John W. Sparks.

John Wesley Sparks, son of William Francis and Elizabeth (Evans) Sparks, was born at Cross Keys, Gloucester County, New Jersey, September 22, 1866. . . . Mr. Sparks is (1910) a business man living in Philadelphia. . . . He married, at Turnersville, New Jersey, June 7, 1894, Charlesanna Sickler, who was born at Chew’s Landing, New Jersey, October 11, 1866, daughter and only child of Benjamin Franklin and Mary Elizabeth Sickler.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *



Compiled and Edited by Russell E. Bidlack

The Archives of the State of New Jersey is a large set of volumes containing a wealth of historical data from New Jersey. Ten of these volumes are devoted to abstracts of wills and administrations of estates settled between 1682 and 1805. Each volume is fully indexed. Not only do these records thus provide full information on the Sparks estates settled in New Jersey during this period, but also each time that a Sparks signed a will as a witness or took the inventory of an estate his name appears and is indexed.  A large amount of information on Sparkses of New Jersey during the eighteenth century is thus available. The originals of these wills and probate records are in the custody of the Secretary of State in Trenton. The following compilation gives, in chronological order, the Sparks references in these volumes. The volume and page number of the Archives are given in parentheses following each entry. All towns and counties mentioned were in New Jersey unless otherwise stated, with the exception of large cities like Philadelphia.
1695, April 10.  Roger Sparks, listed as one to whom a payment was made from the estate of Mathias Mount of Middletown. (23:331)
1731, March 24. Henry Sparks. Inventory of estate of John Hugg of Gloucester Township and County mentioned “timber upon Joseph Langley’s land and Henry Spark’s land.” (30:252)
1731, Aug. 17. Henry Sparks, with William Harrison, prepared inventory of estate of John Brown, Sr., “late of Deptford, Gloucester Co., yeoman.” (30:68)
1735, March 29.  Henry Sparks, with James Wilkins and Edward Hughes, witnessed will of John Tuthem, Sr., “of Deptford Township, Gloucester Co., yeoman.” (30:472)


1736, Sept. 13. Henry Sparks, with Wm. Harrison and John Collins, witnessed will of Gabriel Hugg, “of Township and County of Gloucester, bricklayer.” (30:251)
1738, May 17. Edward Sparks, listed in an “account of estate” of John Hart, merchant, of Salem, who died in April, 1726, Edward Sparks owed money to John Hart in 1726. (23:215)
1739, June 3. Simon Sparks, Thomas Sparks, and Richard Sparks, with William Weatherby and Nathaniel Box, witnessed will of John Bradway, “of Alloways Creek Precinct, Salem County, cordwainer." (30:57)
1739, Oct. 15. Simon Sparks, of Salem County, administrator of estate of William McClane, “of Salem Co., wheelwright.” His bondsman was Benjamin Dervall, also of Salem Co. (30:314)
1740, Dec. 4. Henry Sparks. Account of estate of William McClane (see above) lists “monies paid to ... Henry Sparks...” (30:314)
1744, Feb. 5. John Sparks. Inventory of estate of John Wood “of Woodbury Creek, Gloucester Co., yeoman,” lists debt due from John Sparks.
1744, Feb. 25. Henry Sparks, bondsman for Walter Gruffith, of Gloucester Township and County, administrator of estate of Walter Gruffith, Jr., “of Newton, Gloucester Co., cordwainer.” (30:208)
1744, Oct. 22. John Sparks, with Robert Downs, prepared inventory of estate of Timothy Kenny, “of Woodbury, Gloucester Co., school master.” (30:280)
1744, Dec. 21. Henry Sparks, with James Gill, took inventory of estate of Gabriel Newby, “of Newtown, Gloucester Co., yeoman.” (30:354)
1745, March 26. Henry Sparks, with Dan. Mestayer, witnessed bond of Samuel Harrison, who was bondsman for Edward Redolphus Price, Esq, administrator of estate of Richard Valentine, “of Gloucester Co., yeoman.” (30:492)
1747, Dec. 26. Henry Sparks, with William Hugg, signed for moneys received in connection with settlement of estate of Enoch Ellison, “of Gloucester Township and County, innholder.” (30:164)
1748-9, Jan. 20 John Sparks, with John Wilkins, took inventory of estate of William Arrell (Erall), Jr., “of Township of Deptford, Gloucester Co, yeoman.” (30:24)
1748, March 4. Simon Sparks, “of Deptford Township, Gloucester Co.; will of. Wife, Jane, plantation whereon I live until my son, Henry, will be 21. Other sons--John, Richard, Thomas, and Robert (not 21). Daughters--Elizabeth, Agnes, and Mary. Executors--wife Jane, and John Marshall. Witnesses--Henry Sparks, James Hamilton, Joseph Harrison, Affirmed
28 March, 1749. Lib. 6, p. 95. 1749, March 31; Inventory, £l44.0l.06; made by Andrew Sloan, Abr. Chattin, Ju'r.” (30:449)
1748, March 15. John Sparks, listed as a debtor in inventory of estate of Michael Mackaway, “of Gloucester Co., laborer,” (30:319)


1748, July 27. Henry Sparks, “of the Town and County of Gloucester, innholder; will of. Sons--Robert, Henry, and George (all under age), John and Simon. Legacies to ‘relation,’ Joanna Pearson, to children of daughter, Mary Sparks, and to son-in-law, John Sparks. Real and personal estate. Executors--sons, John and Simon, with John Parrock as overseer and quasi-guardian of sons Henry and George. Witnesses--William Edgerton, Thomas Sparks, Joseph Harrison. Proved March 19, 1756. Lib. 8, p. 261.” (32305) (Editor’s Note; From this it would appear that Henry Sparks, whose name appeared in these records as early as 1731, had a son named John Sparks who was of age in 1748, and that he had a daughter, Mary, who was married to a John Sparks, by whom she had children by 1748. This John Sparks and Mary Sparks must have been cousins. Simon Sparks, who died in 1748 or 1749 also had a son named John who was under 21 in 1748.)
1748, Aug. 21. "John Sparks, listed as husband of Margaret Gerrard, in wIll of Robert Gerrard “of Greenwich Township, Gloucester Co.) yeoman.” Following is full abstract:
“1748, 6 mo. (Aug.), 21st day. Gerrard, Robert, of Greenwich Township, Gloucester Co.; yeoman; will of. Real and personal estate to be sold (except two lots in Philadelphia for wife Margret.) Money to be divided into twelve equal parts for the wife (2 parts) and children: William. Sarah (wife of Martain Bickham), Margret (wife of John Sparks), Elizabeth (wife of John Chew), Thomas, Givin (daughter), Miles (not 2l), Jain (not 18), Damsin (not 18), and Hackels (not 18). Executors--wife, son William, and Joshua Lord. Sworn and affirmed, 22 0ct., 1748. Lib. 6, p. 79. Inventory, dated l748, 8 mo. (Oct.), 11, 12 and 13 days; £460.06.10 includes negro man and his bed, £60; Bible, £1; cattle and sheep, £39.05; rye lent to John Sparks, blacksmith; Indian corn to Martain Bickham, Appraisers--Jacob Cozens, Wm. Wilkins.” (30:194-195)
(Editor's note:  It seems apparent from this will that the John Sparks named as having married Margret Gerrard, daughter of Robert and Margret Gerrard, was the same John Sparks named in the preceding will as the son of Henry Sparks. From the will of Miles Gerrard dated 19 Nov. 1754, it is apparent that Simon Sparks, son of Henry Sparks, married Gwin Gerrard (called Given in her fathers will), between 1748 and 1754.)
1749, Oct. 14. John Sparks, of Deptford Township; Gloucester Co., was appointed administrator of estate of Richard Chew, “of Deptford Township, Gloucester Co., house carpenter.” John Sparks's bondsman was John Marshall, blacksmith, of same place. (3C:94)
1749, Oct. 14. John Sparks, yeoman, was appointed administrator of estate of Thomas Sale, “of Deptford, Gloucester Co., laborer.” His bondsman was John Marshall, “of same place, blacksmith.” (30:4l2)
1749, Nov. 29. Henry Sparks, Thos. Sparks. Jno, Sparks. “Account of Anne Patisson, late Ann Gray, admix, of her husband, John Gray, late of Gloucester, merchant. Cash paid to .... Henry Sparks ... Thos. Sparks,  Jno. Sparks.” Ann was appointed adm'x. of estate of John Gray on March 24, 1748. (30:204)
1750, May 7. John Sparks. Inventory of estate of Samuel Paul, “of Gloucester Co., yeoman .. includes bonds and notes of John Sparks . .“ [many other names] (30:371)


1750, Aug. 20. John Sparks, fellow bondsman with James Hamilton, who was admr. of estate of Edward Cull, “of Gloucester Co., laborer.” John Sparks and James Hamilton were both of Gloucester Co. On Aug. 13, 1850, John Sparks aril Jones Coxe took inventory of this estate. In “Account” dated Dec. 6, 1752, John Sparkes and Joseph Marshall are listed as debtors. (30:128)
1750, Sept. 3. Richard Sparks, with Walter Wall and Stephen Warne, witnessed the will of William Story, “of New Brunswick, Middlesex Co., yeoman.” (32:3l2)
1750-1, Mar. 13. Richard Sparks, with Stephen Warne and John Bazley, witnessed the will of James Wall of Middlesex Co. (32:345)
1751, Oct. 30. Henry Sparks, with James Hamilton, made an inventory of the estate of Joseph Marshall, “of Deptford Township, Gloucester Co., tailor.” (32:2l6)
1751, Nov. 1. Richard Sparks, with Henry Weatherby, both “husbandmen of Deptford Township, Gloucester Co.” were fellowbondsmen with Catherine Marshall, widow of and adrn’x. of estate of Joseph Marshall (see above). (32:216)
1752, Feb. 3. Richard Sparks, with Walter Ward, were named executors in will of Benjamin Applegate “of Nottingham Twsp., Burlington Co.” (32:14)
1752, Aug. 14. John Sparks and Henry Sparks. In inventory of estate of Robert Hartshorne “of Burlington, attorney-at-law,” appears a long list entitled “book debts, Doubtful,” apparently being law suits in which Hartshorne had served as a lawyer. In this list appear:
“Henry Sparks v. Abigail Kaighain” and “John Sparks Farmer v. John Patterson and wife Ann.” (32:149)
1752, Sept. 29. Henry Sparks, was fellowbondsman with William Hampton, who was admr. of estate of Edward Hampton of Gloucester, Gloucester Co., yeoman. Both Henry Sparks and William Hampton were “of Gloucester Co., yeomen.” (32:141)
1753, Feb. 14. Henry Sparks, “of Deptford Township, Gloucester Co., yeoman,” was fellowbondsman with Matthew Usher of Philadelphia, merchant, admr. of estate of Mathew Watson “of Gloucester Co., pedlar.” (32:350)
1753, May 25. Jane Sparks, Thomas Sparks, Henry Sparks. In Account of Joshua Ballinger and Gabriel Davis, executors of estate of Amariah Ballinger of Gloucester Co., who died in 1748, moneys were paid to many persons, including Jane Sparks, Thomas Sparks, and Henry Sparks. (30: 34)
1753, Sept. 24. William Weatherby “of Greenwich, Gloucester Co., yeoman,” in his undated will which was probated Sept. 24, 1753, named wife Ann, and children: Benjamin, Daniel, David, Henry, Mary Sielden, Elizabeth Sparks, Cathrine Marshall, and Rachael. (32:35l)
1754, ----- -- John Sparks, with John Wilkins, prepared inventory dated “1754” of estate of John Treadway “of Deptford Township, Gloucester Co., yeoman.” (32:329)


1754, Jan. 12. John Sparks and Simon Sparks, with Mathias Nathermuch and James Wood, prepared inventory of the estate of Margaret Gerrard of Greenwich Twp., Gloucester Co., widow of Robert Gerrard. (John Sparks and Simon Sparks had both married daughters of Robert and Margaret Gerrard.) Following is the full abstract of the will of Margaret Gerrards:
“1749-’5O. Feb. 21. Gerrard. Margret. of ‘Greenwitch’ Township, Gloucester Co., widow; will of, Children--Miles, William, Thomas, and seven daughters, of whom only Hacels (?) is mentioned by name, Granddaughter, Sarah Paull. Lot in Philadelphia. Personal estate. Executors--brother-in-law. Gabriel Rambo, and Joshua Lord, of Deptford Township. Witnesses--John Haines, Ann Cooper, Thomas Robson. Codicil of February 25, ----, tells daughter Hackels (?) being still in her infancy, daughter Elizabeth. wife of John Chew, is to have bed and furniture, and, with her sister, Tamzin, are to be placed in the charge of brother-in-law Gabriel Rambo. Witnesses--Ann Erwen, Joanna Wilkins. Proved Jan. l2,1754. Lib. 8, p. 16. 1754, Jan. 12, Joshua Lord and Gabriel Rambo decline to act as Executors. Same date bond of’ William Gerrard as Admr of the estate with the will annexed Thomas Gerrard fellow bondsman, both of Greenwich Township, yeomen.” (32:l27)
1754. Jan. 12, “Inventory, £479.l2.3 1/2., principally bills and bonds; also a silver watch, £5, a servantlad's time, £15; silver spoons, £6.13; 2 looking glasses, made by William Wilkins and Jacob Cozens. Endorsed: ‘Margaret Gerrard’s Inventory. This Inventory caveated by John Sparks. Mathias Nathermuch (?);. James Wood and Simon Sparks,” (32:128)
1754, March 19. John Sparks, with Alexander Randall, prepared inventory of the estate of Isaac Fowler “of Greenwich Township, Gloucester Co.” (32:120)
1754, Nov. 19. Gwin Sparks, Simon Sparks. Miles Gerrard, “of Town and County of Glouoester, yeoman,” son of Robert and Margaret Gerrard mentioned earlier, named the following sisters in his will Sarah. Elizabeth, Margaret, Gwin Jane Heckles, and Tammazin, also brothers-in-law, Simon Sparks and Isaac Camron. In a codicil dated Nov. 25, 1754, he directed “legacy to sister Gwin Sparks out of bond due by brother William “ He named as executors John Muckle and Joseph Harrison, They declined to act and on Dec 30, l754, “Simon Sparks, innholder of Gloucester Town” was appointed admr.   His fel1owbondsman was Joseph Harrison of Gloucester Town (32:128)
1755, May 13. Thomas Sparks, “of Deptford Township. Gloucester Co ., yeoman,” was fellowbondsman with Henry Weatherby “of Greenwich ‘Twsp. yeoman,” who was admr. of estate of William Weatherby “of Greenwich Twp., Gloucester Co., Cordwainer,.” (32:351)
1755, May 14. Richard Sparks, with Joseph Wilkinson, took inventory of estate of William Weatherby (see above). (32:351)
1755, Sept. 23. Elizabeth Sparks, “of Wiccacoe, Philadelphia Co., widow of Henry; will of., Children--Isaac Barringer, Sarah Davis, Margaret Snowdon. and Elizabeth Barringer. Real and personal estate. Executors-kinsman, Josiah Albertson, and William Wood, both of Gloucester Co. Witnesses--Joseph Bond, Francis Holton, Edward Teaw. Proved June 20, 1760. Lib. 10, p. 104. 24 Apr. 1760, the two Executors


named in the will refuse to act, recommending Isaac Ballenger, the son of dec’d, as Administrator. 9 June 1760, Inventory, £l00.8., incl. book debts, £59.5; made by Samuel Ladd and Jonas Cattell. 20 June 1760, Bond of Isaac Ballinger as Adm’r, with the will annexed, William Snowden fellowbondsman, both of Deptford Township, Gloucester Co. (32:304-305)
1756, Nov. 16. John Sparks, “of Greenwich Township, Gloucester Co., farmer,” fellowbondsman with John Young “of Deptford Township" husbandman,” who was admr. of estate of Caleb Butterworth  “of Deptford Township., Gloucester Co., laborer.” (32~49)
1756, Dec. 6. John Sparks, yeoman, and Mary Currie (Curry), widow, both of Greenwich, Gloucester Co., were administrators of estate of James Currie“of Greenwich, Gloucester Co., yeoman.” (32:83)
1758, Jan. 3-4. Richard Sparks, with Abram Chattin, Jr,, made inventory of estate of Peter Matson “of Deptford Township" Gloucester Co., yeoman.” (32:21)
1758, June 14. Simon Sparks, “innholder, of Gloucester Co.,” was fellowbondsman with Alexander Randall, Esq., who was admr. of estate of Jacob Shoulter, of Gloucester Co. (32:292)
1758, Sept. 4. Richard Sparks, with Joseph Harrison, prepared inventory of estate of James Talman “late of Gloucester. N.J., now of Philadelphia, gentleman.” (His farm was on Oldman’ s Creek, Greenwich, Gloucester Co.) (32:317)
1759, Mar, 26. Henry Sparks, with Jonathan Lorance, both of Fairfield, Cumberland Co., acted as fellowbondsmen with Cathrine Stratton, widow of and adm’x, of estate of Jonathan Stratton of Fairfield. (32:3l4)
1759, April 30. John Sparks, "yeoman, of Deptford Twp., Gloucester Co.,” with Joshua Lord, Jr., prepared inventory of estate of John Reeves of Deptford Twp., Gloucester Co., carpenter. On 21 May 1759, John Sparks also served as bondsman for Thomas Reeves of said Co., who was the admr. of this estate. (32:266)
1760, Jan. 3.  Henry Sparks was appointed admr. of estate of Jonathan Westcote of Deerfield Township, Cumberland Co. Henry Pearson and. Joseph Westcot were his fellowbondsmen. (32:354)
1760. Feb. 7. Thomas Sparks, with Samuel Whitehorne, prepared inventory of estate of Joseph Wood “of Upper Penn’s Neck, Salem Co.., innkeeper,” (32:365)
1763, March 11. Richard Sparks and Joseph Champneys were feliowbondamen with Jehiel Dearwin, all of Pilesgrove, Salem Co, yeomen, Dearwin was admr. of estate of Hannah Maxfield, widow, of Salem Co. (33:279)
1764, March 2. John Sparks of Deptford Twp., Gloucester Co., appointed admr, of estate of Joseph Perce, “of Deptford Twsp., Gloucester Co., cordwinder,” His fellowbondsman was John Perce. (33:325)




The officers of The Sparks Family Association regret to report that the amount received from membership dues thus far in 1957 is inadequate to cover the expenses of editing and publishing the Quarterly. This is partly due to the fact that fewer new members have joined in 1957 than in 1956, with very few back issues of the Quarterly being sold. Also, a distressingly large number of our old members have failed to send their 1957 dues. We are confident that the situation will improve in 1958 with the increase of active membership dues from $1.00 to $2.00, but it is feared that a rather large deficit will have to be carried over from 1957 unless some of our loyal and enthusiastic members come to our aid. Mr. Harry F. Sparks, whose query is printed below, recently sent us a check for $10.00 “for the good of the organization.” Are there others who could afford to make similar donations so that we will not be forced to reduce the size of the Quarterly?

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Does anyone in the Association have information which will assist Mr. Harry P. Sparks of 24 Stedman Street, Wakefield, Mass,, trace his Sparks ancestors? His father was Moses Sparks who died in 1891 when Harry P. Sparks was only three years old. His home was in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Moses Sparks’s wife was Agatha Lavina Sparks, born May 24, 1861, at Brigus, Newfoundland, daughter of James and Mary Ann (Batcliff) Sparks. She died March 18, 1897, at Wakefield, Mass. James Sparks was born Sept. 3, 1829; Mary Ann Batcliff was born in Newfoundland on April 29, 1828; they were married Dec. 6, 1849. Mr. Sparks does not know the names of his paternal grandparents, but he knows that his father, Moses Sparks, had a sister, Martha Sparks, who was born in Newfoundland about 1876. Mr. Sparks states that “the old folks spelled the name Sparkes.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * *


It is a pleasure to report the names of seven Sparks descendants who have joined  The Sparks Family Association since June, 1957:

Bryan, Mrs. Mary Neal Homer, 7-A Vanderbilt Campus, Nashville 5, Tennessee.
Farley, Mrs. Lynn McConnell, 4347 Tenth Ave., South, Birmingham 5, Alabama.
Johnson, Mrs. Marion Sparks, Clarkesville, Georgia.
Porter, Mrs. Ruth 0. Ely, 3112 Wheeler Ave., Houston 4, Texas.
Sparks, Chilton Veach, 44934 Joy Road, Plymouth, Michigan.
Sparks, Miss Grace E., 4 Walnut Street, Boxton 8, Massachusetts.
Sparks, Mrs. Louie, 6234 South Wilton Place, Los Angeles 47, California.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *


Again it has been deemed best to postpone the publication of Major Charles H. Sparks’s account of the Martin P. Sparks and Thomas H. Sparks families of Morgan, Paulding, and Polk Counties, Georgia. New data keeps coming to light as more descendants are contacted and more records searched. Rather than publish an incomplete record, we prefer to wait for a few more months.


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