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  The Authors of this Web Site

Harold E. Sparks, Webmaster
Scanning/Formatting/Site Construction 

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James J. Sparks, Scanning Editor
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Personal Web site:

Personal Web Site:
Harold's Website is his own complete family tree starting with Thomas Sparks (b:ca. 1615 in England) and his son, William (d. 1709) who came to America about 1662.   In addition to his own ancestral line from, 1615 to the present, he has explored many side branches from this line. 
Jim's Website is his own complete family tree starting with Thomas Sparks (b:ca. 1615 in England) and his son, William (d. 1709) who came to America about 1662.   Jim has researched many lines in addition to his own and his very extensive data base contains over 25,000 names. 

Both of the above personal web sites along with the information contained on this site from the Sparks Quarterlies, compliment each other to build a powerful trio of tools for the serious Sparks Genealogy Researcher.


It took over two and one half years of work  to place the contents of this site on the internet.  In November or December of 1999 the authors of this Web Site undertook the tremendous task of scanning 5600+ pages of the Sparks Quarterly to be placed on the Internet.  The work included not only the scanning, but also running each page through an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) program to prepare it for editing.  After that, each page had to be converted to HTML language for the Internet, followed by re-formatting the page (original formatting was lost in the OCR step). This included correcting errors introduced by the OCR program such as incorrectly recognized characters,  mis-spelled words, paragraph and line spacing, indentation etc.  It was necessary to completely re-type every one of the many hundreds of census records in the process.

All photographs were scanned separately and linked to the HTML pages to allow the pages to download from the internet faster.  A final edit was done to assure that all issues conformed to a set of standards set up by the Editor.  This included attempting to be as true to the original printed issues as possible.

With only two exceptions all scanning was done by the two of us, and we re-formatted and edited those two issues.  The reader will recognize that we put many hours into this project, but both Jim and I agree that it was a "Labor of Love", and had we not both been retired it would not have been feasible to undertake the task.  The Project was finally completed, with the exception of a few pictures, on June 12, 2002.


THE SPARKS QUARTERLY, published by the Sparks Family Association

The Sparks Family Association was founded in March 1953 as a non-profit organization devoted to assembling and preserving genealogical and historical materials pertaining to the Sparks Family In America.  It was exempt from federal tax under the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code, Section 503(c)(7).   The first issue of the Quarterly was published in March 1953.

The fifty years of the Quarterly (1953-2003) comprise a total of 5780 pages of Sparks Family history.


Dr. Paul Emerson Sparks
(Photo taken about 1953)

Dr. Russell E. Bidlack
(Photo taken about 1958)

Co-founder and President of the Sparks Family Association from its beginning in 1953 until his death in 1999. Co-founder and Secretary-Treasurer of the Sparks Family Association, and Editor of the Sparks Quarterly, 1953 - 2003



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